Almost 34 Y.o. Getting a Mommy Makeover

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I will be 34 in less than 2 weeks and I am about...

I will be 34 in less than 2 weeks and I am about to undergo a breast reduction and a tummy tuck with lipo along with a little bit of lipo to a previous area on my low back. I am extremely nervous this time. My previous surgeries were not this invasive. 5 months ago I was a 36DDD but I seem to no longer fit my bras. I have always been plagued with large breasts. Besides the unwanted attention I have always gotten I have chronic headaches and back pain. Luckily, my insurance will be paying for my reduction! It was required by my insurance that at least 600 grams be removed from each side. My physician is shooting for me to be a C cup at the end.
My abdominal muscles are extremely stretched from 3 pregnancies 10+ years ago. I have also recently gained some weight. I have always had huge indent in my lower abdomen from wear my pants sit that has bothered me forever. So I figured since I was getting my breasts done I would do my tummy too. I will also be getting rid of a majority of a hideous tattoo I have wanted to laser off. I have rented a hospital bed to be more comfortable at home. I am having surgery on the 11th and attempting to go back to work on the 21st. Bit I don't know if that will be doable. I guess we will see what happens. The toughest part is that I live a little over an hour away from the surgery center. I am a little concerned about the ride home. It was tough with much easier surgeries. Wish me luck!

3 days post-op

I have to say I am very surprised by how well iam recovering. They joked at the surgery center that I should be their poster child because how well I was able to love around soon after.
After surgery may pain was very manageable with burning in my lower incision. The nausea was a huge problem but they gave me multiple meds until they got it under control. A trick they told me about that worked for me was sniffing an alcohol swab. Seems silly but totally worked! My hour drive home went well and I got myself out of the car (2014 Mazda 6). Renting the hospital bed was the best decision I made. I don't know how anyone survives this surgery without it.
On Sunday I sat in my shower chair wrapped in a towel and my husband helped wash me up with out removable shower head.
Peeing was a little hard. I braced myself on the toilet and hovered. After surgery I ordered a shewee but but the time it gets here I won't need it. I'm already able to get on and off the toilet. But might be good advice for the next person. I am still not able to have a bowel movement. Today was the first day I even had a slight feeling that go. I am taking stool softness.
I have no appetite which is making me weak. I'm literally always eating and can only get 2 or 3 bites of something.
I ended up with 5 drains. 2 in chest and 3 in stomach. I have to call Dr tomorrow with drainage results. They are a little weird. I'm worried about getting them out.
Overall, this has gone so well. My breasts are tiny like I wanted. Haven't seen my stomach. Hoping most of an ugly tattoo is gone! Will post pics at a later date

4 days post op

I can finally eat again! But still no bowel movements. Going Thursday to start getting some drains out. Can't wait!

1 week post op

I have made a lot of progress in the last few days. My mobility has drastically increased but I may still hunched over some. My biggest problem now is my endurance and energy level. I can do very little without taking a break.
All 5 drains were removed yesterday and it was very unpleasant. The 2nd one was so painful I almost started screaming. I basically started having a panic attack. I was nauseous for the rest of the night. It is nice to not be lugging them around and having them pull. I took my first real shower today and didn't need any help besides my shower chair.
My appetite is back to normal except the binder keeps me from eating a lot at 1 time. I've had headaches the last 3 days. I think it's the uncomfortable mattress on my hospital bed. I discovered I can get into my bed so I think I'm gonna try sleeping in it tonight.
My breasts are slowly starting to look more normal but I was pretty shocked after my shower today. I got the first glimpse of my new body and it was kinda weird. It was like my head had been transplanted to someone else. strange to get used to! I posted some before pics. Pretty soon I will take some after pics

Before pics

17 days post op

The complications continue but here are before/after at 17 days post op. Belly button looks a little weird with stitches still in. Developed a small necrotic area on my stomach

19 days post op

Still have a lot of swelling in my stomach but it's getting better. This week I finally am able to make it the whole day at work. I was too sick last week. I went back after 10 days. Had to it not been for my complications it would not have been an issue. I have found my self coming home and getting naked and just laying down to give myself a break from the binders and sports bras. The sports bra is starting to irritate certain areas and I'm tired of wearing it. I saw the Dr yesterday and the necrotic area is healing. On the "T" on both sides of my breasts were small areas of dead skin he removed. I have a very small hole under the left that already looks better in a day since he removed the dead skin. Showering still wears me out because I have hair that goes past my chest. Last night I figured out it was easier to shower and then take a break and wash my hair in the sink later. I'm gonna make an attempt to shave my legs this weekend! Should be
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