New Boobs Arrived! 300cc over the Muscle - Estonia

Spending my second day after surgery. So far...

Spending my second day after surgery. So far everything have went better than expected.

I have dreamed about bigger boobs since I was 13. I ate really strong menstrual pills for years, which gave me tits, but took away my libido. I noticed that soon, but I still ate them for years. If I decide my boobs over my libido, it must be important thing for me to have them, right? Well this summer I decided to finally quit my menstrual pills, and take implants.

I travelled yeasterday by my self to from Finland Estonia (Fertilitas hospital) to do my breast augmentation. Doctor Siim Simmo operated my breasts. I got 300cc nagor round implands over the muscle. Everyone were nice at the hospital. I was quite nervous, but everything went well and soon I woke up with tits! I barely had any pain, and I felt really good. Here is pictures about my breasts before the surgery, and next day after the surgery. I will keep photos going, so that I can see how boobs are developing. I hope they will heal with no problems. So far everything is going well. :)

Before photos

Taken a day before the surgery

Surgery day

300cc implants on their way to my body!

1. Day

First day after surgery. My belly and boobs are swelling . Boobs are looking really good, I hope they are not getting too much smaller when swelling gets off. Feeling really good. Got implants in front of muscle, not feeling any pain.

2. Day

My belly is still really swelling. Looks like im pregnant! Implants are quite high but I am not worried. I am sure they will drop and look awesome. It is only second day. My boobs are also very hard and I am not feeling them. But I am sure that will change also. I chose nagor implants, which are very soft in a hand.

Scars, 2. Day

3. Day

I am not standing straight. My boobs are more symmetrical than it looks in a picture.

3. Day scars

New bra

Found this "post surgery bra", and its much prettier than sport bras! Also got measured, I am 70D! I hope I will stay 70D and dont get smaller when swelling goes off.

4. Day

4. Day more pics

5. Day

6. Day

7. Day

Day 2 compared to day 7

Switched today my tapes to my other scar. That scar looks amazing! I can barely see thin line in the middle of the bruises (which will come of for sure). My surgeon has done really good job closing that insection.

I will change other tape tomorrow since there was blood tip today so I am giving it one or two days more time to heal.

Day 9. Left boob dropping faster than right

I switched tapes for my left boob. Scar looks good. Right scar looks a litle better.

Noticed that my left boob has dropped and softened faster. I know this is normal... but cant help thinkig if it has dropped too fast...what if the implant wont stick at all? And just keep dropping... huh. I hope I am just overeakting .

Day 10

Day 13

Day 14

2 week post op video

2 week post op video

2,5 weeks post up

Boobs have softened really much, and dropped. They look also bigger. I am very happy with the result. Size is perfect. I can hide them but I can also show nicely also. Scars are looking awesome. Sig thank you for my surgeon, Simmo!

Pictures 2,5weeks

1 month

Went running yesterday. Had really good bra and no problem! No pain, no movement etc... breasts have softened and dropped. Have alrrady small nice crease under boobs which is good. Looks natural. Now that the boobs have dropped, i am very happy with the size and placement. First I thought I took too small implants but now that they dropped they look bigger and the size is perfect for me. I can still hide them if I need to, but I can also show them nicely if I wan. Best part is that even tho I would lose weight, I will not loose my boobs. I am also happy that my surgeon decided to put the implan on top of the muscle since I barely had any pain and can do work out very freely. They feel soft and move naturally. Happy happy! Scars have got more reddish but that might be because skin has started to grow in the middle of the scar. Maybe? But soon I will start using silicone tapes for scars . They are anyway hidden in my boob- crease and look normal. :)
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