21 Years Old, No Kids, Boobs Were EU 75A, Now 75C, 174cm and 67kg

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Why I did this? I wanted my body to look...

Why I did this?
I wanted my body to look proportionate (I got the booty, but no boobs) and so I finally decided to do it this year. Because I was finally so ashamed of my body that I didn't even went to the beach this year.

Consultant (that same mad snapping lady who is doctor's assistant) advised to put 375cc Motiva Ergonomix HP implants to my body, these were also the biggest they could put in. Loved them from a first second.

How did I got money for it?
I own my own small business, did some overhours for 2 months, saved this money and there I got it. ;)

How long time you took a vacation for recovery?
I'm off from work for 2 weeks, thats enough time I guess. I want to start driving my car next week.

What were your emotions before operation?
Months and week(s) before operation I was calm as hell, but on operation day I only cried hysterically - I don't know even why. I got strange fears that I'm gonna die; wake up from anesthesia, wake up with horrible pain, I'm gonna feel implants in my body strongly etc. Nurses scared me on the hospital that if I don't calm down they will cancel operation. UGH?

How was staff?
Cold as a turkey, didn't like doctor's and his assistant's behaviour at all. Loved the anethist and food ladies who brought me food. :D Maybe because I like food and I like sleeping, haha.

First feelings when woke up?
Very light muscle pressure at chest. I was sober right away. NO NAUSEA. No blurry vision. Got no similar feeling that elephant is sitting on my chest or etc. Didn't mumble anything stupid. Stayed 30min on waking ward, got bored and rolled my eyes secretly there haha (oh take me to my private ward already). When they asked me to go to the toilet for a pee, then I felt like a piece of crap for a little, but nothing horrible.

After that: Then they offered me a wheelchair ride to my private ward. Then I waited a hour for food there, was delicious for a hospital (chocolate, yogurth, banana, crisp bread with cheese and cucumber, water and juice). At 11pm took a sleeping pill, what didn't work. I'm a born night animal. They also gave me painkiller, but I didn't had no pain at all. Finally I got some sleep, woke up finally somewhere between 6-7am. I constantly woke up whole night, but not because of pain. I think I woke up because I cannot sleep at strange places. I love my home and MY BED. :D Then I waited for my morning food and then after eating I went to the room where they put on me surgical bra and gave after care instructions. And then I packed my things and got a ride to home from my family member.

What now? Well today is second day, Im nicely at home, petting my dog. Listening euphoric cheering up hardstyle, feeling like a million bucks, watching tv, eating chocolate cookies and drinking coffee. Took 500mg of paracetamol, just in case haha. But I only got muscle soreness, nothing unbearable. I was ready for very bad pains etc. From hospital they gave me antibiotics for 3 days and some stronger painkillers just in case. Little bit hurts to got up from bed, but big girls dont cry. :D Im feeling more like moving around than laying on bed. Miss driving my Audi :( Going to get a shower on friday, then Im allowed to raise my hands up.

I was afraid that implants are going to sit up very high, but suprisingly they dont. They look perfect already. Gonna post naked pics on friday. Im loving them already. And I got no strange object feeling - I DONT FEEL THEM OMG! I was so afraid that Im gonna feel them and not gonna take them as a part of my body. My original boobs look hideous :D I dont have to massage or oil them. :) Going to check their recovery process after 3 weeks.

7th Nov:
9am - woke up, ate bread and cheese, drank 3 cups coffee
10am - not allowed to eat anymore
12pm- not allowed to drink anymore
13pm - hairdresser braiding my hair, im starting to cry hysterically :D
14pm - saying good bye to relatives
15pm - arrived to clinic
16.30pm operation starts
19pm woke up
20pm eating
23pm took sleeping pill

8th Nov

6-7am woke up
8am eating
9am putting surgical bra on
10am packing things
11am going home
15pm feeeeling fine as hell ;)

Hoping that this good feeling will last and I'm recovering fast. :) If u got questions - ASK :)

More details about new boobies :)

Forgot to mention that they are submuscular (under muscle) and I got inframammary incisions. :)

All good.. but I've been always a good whiner

I'm feeling, sleeping and healing extremely great.. the only thing what gets on my nerves and makes me whiny are these sharp burning electric pain shoots on my incisions (more of pain occurs on the left incision). And 2-3 times a day muscle contractions.

Also my dog fell off from bed at night yesterday, so I basically jumped up from deep sleep and hurt my boob muscles little bit. Ugh! But I think all is good (with me and my dog also, poor thing) checked my boobs and incisions. Contacted with clinic also. They advised to give rest to my boobs and but cold pad on them.

Tomorrow I'm going to showeeeer myself! Thank god. I feel so itchy, smelly and dirty. Also I got strange red pimples on my boobs.. I think it's because of sweat. My left hand also doesn't want to function fully, bit weak. But Im sure it will be only question of time when its back to normal again! Right now I'm icing my left breast, incision gives me sharp burning pain, but right boobie doesnt do nothing ????

Wondering here about showering...

Feeling pretty good. Incisions hurt less than yesterday. I think my next week will be even more easier. Also it's easier to get up from laying position. Before when I got up from bed, my muscles hurt and incisions started to burn.

Soooo.. Today I can start showering again and try lying/sleeping on my side also. How exciting! :) I'm just here wondering that because I'm such a shower freak (got to smell like a flower and shower every day), is it OK to shower every day? Has anyone done it with fresh incisions? They told me that it's perfect when I wash myself twice a week or over a day. I won't handle such washing plan.. I need to shower everyday, because I got these strange zits on my body from not washing daily. I know it's not good for incisions.. but if I take good care of them and don't SOAK them in water, its ok I guess? I try to wet them as less as possible. Also.. Sorry for poor english, Im trying my best :)

Smelling like a flower and got a nice rack :D

So showering today was easier than I thought, I just did everything more carefully than I've done usually..then when I was boobless. :D Incisions look very good, they are in right place (cant be seen at first sight). Going to shower now everyday. :)

Feeling like a human again. Went out for a car ride with my friend today (ofc he was driving). We were also walking around a little bit in a mall. And all the time I got this silly smile on my face haha, that: I got big boobs now hahah! :D I got a feeling that I want to expose them to everyone. LOOK AT MY BOOBS :D

Started to worry..

No pain, no other discomfortable side effects.. but now I've had slight nausea, headache for a few days. Also my eyes hurt, are tired. Today I woke up, my joints are in pain and stiff. I wrote an e-mail to my clinic, they told me that I need to make urine test and CRP from blood. Okay... But no other advice from them. So today Im heading to national hospital to check my health. Also I got light fever yesterday (37C). But it went down in 30-45minutes (to 36,5C). Yesterday I had the worst toughts ever, that my body is rejecting implants, they are leaking or whatever. I can be such a panicker.

Also Im wondering here that should I extend my Motiva implants warranty. They got implants breaking warranty for 10 years, but 1 year warranty for capsular contracture and when implants turns in body. Im interested in extending this capsular contracture and turning warranty. But should I?

My nipples are so sore from this surgical bra. Also they told me that I dont need to put cream on oil on my breasts, but I still do, because skin is getting dry under this bra. I bought natural jojoba oil and it's so gooood! Also I bought wound pads for the insides of my bra, because this bra makes my boobs so itchy.

Boobs are dropping and fluffing good and getting softer everyday. Today I slept on my side with no problem. :) But they do make this funny and srange gurgling sound. :D I've read it's okay.
Ants Viiklepp

Doctor wasn't much a chatter. Looked serious and bored. Only draw lines and mark ups to my body and that was all from him. He even didn't visit me on the second day to ask how I'm feeling. And his assistant (older woman) was also very mad looking when I dared to re-ask about the size (375cc). I was worried that wouldn't this size look too big on me? Then she snapped to my question that wasn't the 45min consultation (had it on 15th of August this year) enough for me to make things clear? I had cried and worried all day before operation and 5min before going to operation such behaviour from doctor and his assistant is too brutal for me. Also when I asked what size 375 would give me, she again snapped that 2 times bigger than now. I told her that I don't even really know what size I am, because I've always bought different sized bras. She AGAIN snapped: you are A cup, you got no breasts at all! UGH! At this point I felt like I'm gonna cry again and cancel operation. But I loved the anesthetist, talking with him calmed be down (I cried whole day before operation, I was freaking out, lol I don't know why). Talking with him was like talking to a father like figure. Very nice older man. Nurses were also kinda tired and bored looking. Asked me to stand up 30min after waking up from anesthesia (then I was in the waking room) and go to the toilet for a pee. It was kinda scary for me and I don't think it's right. These ladies who brought me dinne and lunch, they were also nice. :)

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