Contemplating on Whether I Should Do It with Esteworld 'Turkey'

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I want butt implants and lipo from arms and also...

i want butt implants and lipo from arms and also fat removed from love handles lower back and stomach. I want some fat to be placed above and around the butt to give it a natural look and feel. I was wondering how do butt implants feel afterwards are they really hard?? i dont want people thinking i have a rock bottom.

Leaving in 3 days

I have changed my mind i want to have a bbl instead , Really worried they wont give me the body i want ????


Scaredddd they wont be able to give me the results i want but excited for my new body. The pain isn't a big concern to me i've felt alot of pain before from breaking bones etc. It will all be worth it hopefully. Flying tomorrowww!!! ESTEWORLD ! Hopefully they give me my dream body

Very annoyed

if i'm honest im not happy , dr murat topolan did remove my love handles but i still think overall more could have been done??. He put 500cc in each cheek after i made it clear that i wanted a Big / dramatic change to the size of my butt especially as i want to return to gym in 3-4 months and i have to start running as my fat on my face is growing. Doctors are capable of extracting atleast 1000 from a slim pt but this doctor actually took ONLY 500 cc ? i'm honestly unhappy i really wanted the nice and full butt . Even at the consultation when i showed him the 'wish pics' he laughed and said that it was all just a dream and i could never have that ? honestly i know slim straight bodies may have a less chance of achieving a nicki minaj type of body but my body is far from it . I highlighted the complications that may arise after surgery and he hadn't heard of it?? i mean ?? come on ?? honestly my anxiety and the pressure i was put under made me go forward with this. I feel that even the London Rep Seldas attitude wasn't how it was before i put a deposit down. I'm not going to act as if the results are the worst because no they are far from it So far from what i can see Over the garment my waist is slimmer my love handles are gone and my arms are slimmer im honestly grateful. I just think in comparison to doctors in the USA its nothing to compared to them. The only thing is there is No Significant change to my butt size . I am 3 days post opp will see him on monday and express my thoughts. I honestly hope he can find a solution i really put my trust into this hospital. Infact the hospital is nice and the nurses are beautiful and honestly soooo helpful. I loved the room and the taxi drivers that work for esteworld.

Hopefully everythings perfect in 3 months

Went for a review with dr murat topalan today , i did explain my butt size wasn't what i wanted however he took of my bandages and everything and honestly i see a BIG change in my back and butt shape and love handles overall i'm happy i've achieved everything however the butt once again could have just been a bit bigger. He is very careful about his work doesn't try to over exceed anything and put you or himself in a risky position so majority of the changes he will make to your body won't be as dramatic as you pictured.
Dr Murat Topolan

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