29 Years Old, 5'8'', 68kg, 325cc, Dual Plane - Brisbane, AU

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Hi all, So I’m a bit late to post but better l...

Hi all,

So I’m a bit late to post but better later than never. I had my breast augmentation yesterday so currently am at Day 2 post op.

Some background… I have always wanted this surgery however never had the courage to research, schedule a consult etc.. and to be honest I cared too much about what others would think. Anyway, one month ago, with support from my fiancé, I finally booked my consult in. The time from my consult to my surgery was two weeks. I’m the type of person that once I have made up my mind I like to just get it done. The last two weeks have been kind of torturous as I was experiencing doubt, anxiety, waking up at 3am and researching, looking at before and after photos, boob jobs gone wrong stories etc etc. Torturous… However, I know this is how I am which is why I booked the surgery in straight away.

When I went to my consult with Dr. Jorge Lopez in Brisbane I told him my goals:
- I wanted a very natural look – basically I wanted to fill out what I currently had
- I didn’t want to buy new clothes
- Wanted my body to be proportionate

From here, I tried on the implants. Dr. Lopez was very pedantic in reiterating the fact that I shouldn’t look at the size of the implants and should instead focus on how they look. He said a lot of the time people freak out over the sizes and from doing their own research think they will be too big for their own body. I was one of these people… When I tried the sizing on Dr. Lopez and my fiancé liked the 325cc’s however I felt more comfortable with the 300cc’s. Dr Lopez didn’t think that the 300’s were going to be big enough for my body shape. He told me ultimately the decision was up to me and I could think about it over the next few weeks and that he would order both sizes. I was still really confused as to what size to go with 4 days prior to surgery so I rang them and they were so nice to let me come in before their surgery opened to retry the sizes and asked me to bring some everyday shirts that I wear so that I could compare against that. When I tried the 325cc’s with my everday clothes they looked really good so I decided to go with the doctors recommendation (they know best right?) and go for the bigger size. He also said I would lose a bit of the size once they were put in also. As soon as I had retried the sizing all of my anxiety left me straight away and I started feeling excited!

On the day of the surgery (yesterday) I was surprisingly calm. They called me early in the morning and asked me to come in two hours earlier than originally scheduled which was really good as I was on a cleaning spree (to calm my nerves). When I got to the hospital, everything went really smoothly and quick (not much waiting around). The last thing I remember is my aneathasist telling me he was sending me to my psychedelic state.

When I woke up I was groggy and had a quick peep at my boobs however they didn’t look very big. I was too groggy to really care. When I came to, the nurse gave me another look and helped me put my bra on. This was when I felt the wideness of them (the side boob bit) – was a pretty bizarre feeling. My fiancé picked me up at 2.30 and took me home. I had a pain killer as soon as I got home which made me a bit tired and then I decided to take my bra off and have a look at them. They looked huge out of the bra however I think that’s because I’m not used to them. My best friend and fiancé were there and told me they looked proportionate to my size so it was good to hear that.

So far I am very happy with them. I expected them to be really high on my chest for the first few weeks but they look surprisingly good for the first day. They are still swollen and need to drop however if they never did drop (for some reason) I would be happy with them even now. Overall, I love them.

Today is Day 2 – I woke up this morning and was a little sore when I sat up – I think because my implant shifted down and sat on the incisions. I took a painkiller and went for a walk and they felt fine. I am working from home today and find that when they are stationary for long periods of time that they are a bit sore when I get up and move around but that is to be expected. Anyway I will let you know how tomorrow goes

Before photos

Day of surgery

Photos from day of the surgery

Day 2 update

I woke up on day 2 (yesterday) feeling surpringly good. I went for a short walk however soon noticed I was short of breath and decided to go home.

Yesterday was my boobie blues day. I wasn't in pain but I was sore. All around my rib cage is sore. Whenever I sit up (after laying down) I can feel the weight of the implants pressing on my incisions. And I feel very on edge as soon as someone/my dog come near me as my whole stomach and boobs area is so sensitive at the moment.

I was probably stupid and logged in to work emails too which didn't help as instead of resting I was working for about 5 hours yesterday.

I think it's almost time to start weening myself off the drugs to see what type of pain they are masking me from. I don't like how they mess with my head emotionally.
Dr Jorge Lopez

Dr. Lopez was amazing. The surgeon knows best and in my case he nailed exactly what I was after.

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