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So, at the ripe old age of 36 I have finally taken...

So, at the ripe old age of 36 I have finally taken the plunge to fix my crooked front teeth! I have always been very conscious of my crooked front teeth (not that anyone ever mentions it!)
I heard a jingle on the radio and went for a free consultation, having not heard of Invisalign before! But I really liked the sound of the invisible braces and found myself signing up!
My trays were in within 14 days of having the 3d scan. I was VERY nervous about having them fitted, but actually it was ok. I think I have over 20 attachments to come. I am also due to have elastics but I said no. They wanted to put them on my '2's', and i could barely open my mouth or speak, and they were SO visible, I declined. At my next appointment I will see what this means for my treatment plan.
I am also going to purchase the VPro5 to speed up the treatment and be done in 6 months or so!

Photos added!

Photos added, both with my first aligner 4 days in.
It's actually been surprisingly ok! Lisp gets worse in the evening when I am tired, and I have a sore on my gum above a back molar, but some dental wax has helped. Sleeping has been no problem.
Been averaging 22 hours. 1/2 for breakfast and lunch and an hour for dinner (and I've been soaking them in retainer brite)

Attachments tomorrow!

Eek! Think it's about to get real now. The first trays have been so fine, much better than I expected. I am impatient for the next step but scared as I am having so many (28), and also that I will struggle to get them in and out.
Also going to buy the VPro5 to speed up so I can change trays weekly. I will update tomorrow!

Attachments are on! (Tray 2)

So, firstly, I have 17 attachments and 28 trays. I didn't mind the attachments going on, it was a little uncomfortable with my mouth stretched but it was ok. Having Tray 2 fitted was like going back to the start, tongue feels sore and it is more difficult to get the tray out, but I can manage, I keep thinking I will take the attachments off by pulling it.

I have purchased the VPro5 and it was £450, from my orthodontist. I use it for 5 minutes a day and can change trays weekly. I've just used it for the first time and it was abit bizarre (I dribbled alot!!) but no pain!

The only issue I can see for me is that I have two attachment on the back of my '2's, and I can't bite anything as all I can feel is the attachments. The 15 front ones are fine to eat with, but I tried to bite a sandwich at lunch and I struggled! Had a soft potato and yogurt for dinner. I hope this is just teething problems as it could be a long six months otherwise!

Photos attachments and tray 2!

Tray 3!

Excited to put tray 3 in tonight. Taken all the great advice and put it in at night before bed. Also used the acceldent to help settle it in. It feels tight, but in a good way, I like that it will be moving the teeth again. I know it's far too early but I am sure the really crooked tooth has moved a little.
Anyway, I am going on holiday so should be interesting, planning to wear this tray for an extra two days as I expect it will be out for longer than 22 hours while I am away!

Tray 4!

Not much to report, the holiday was fine with the retainers. I can take them out in public comfortably, (just cover my mouth with the other hand) and my family are used to it now.
The only issue was that one of my attachments on the back tooth fell off but the Ortho said its fine and they will put another one on next time I go.
Tray 4 feels tight and I have a headache but it will all be worth it. Can't see much movement but to floss between the top two teeth is very very easy so something is moving there!

Tray 6....small progress?

Nothing much to report, so pleased that I am doing Invisalign. It's no hassle at all.
So tray 6 is in, and I feel like the crooked tooth might have moved?? The top two are sore when I take them out so there is something happening. Seeing my ortho on Friday for next set of trays ????

Tray 9!

Nothing to report, so excited that I am nearly in double figures. New tray last night and teeth abit tender this morning but I can clearly see movement! So happy!

Nearly half way!

Just back from orthodontist, tray 12 has gone in! I can see real movement in the front tooth now. Very excited as they have given me the next 12 trays to number 23 and made an appointment for January- when most of my attachments will come off!!! I'll need to keep the top ones on for at least another two weeks, to tray 25, and then it's just closing gaps etc.
I asked about refinements and she said its individual- if I am happy then I won't need them but we can discuss at the time. Should be done by February with the first round ????????????????

Tray 15

Over half way! I can see huge movement in the front. I do have a gap when the trays are out between the top two teeth but I believe this will close in due course.

To anyone considering the process. - do it! I am so pleased, the time is flying by and it's easy.
Dr Monica Reinach

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