45 Years Old, BA and lift with 325cc HP Mentor silicone gel, Over the muscle GB

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Extremely impressed with this site so thought I...

Extremely impressed with this site so thought I would start my own little story although I haven't had my procedure yet. I am a twin and my twin sister has always had great boobs and always wanted hers. I do not have any children but have been into my fitness all my life and the first place for my weight to go is my boobs and guess what, the first place for weight to gain is my boobs.

Anyway, I have been to 3 different surgeons around the South of the UK and London and they have all confirmed I need a lift. I was told I didn't need implants but me being me, wants the fullness that I have never had. I am usually a 34C/D cup.

My last surgeon I saw was absolutely amazing, had a great sense of humour and we clicked right away, my partner was also with me and he thought the same thing. He explained everything about the procedure, size, pros and cons, aftercare, scarring etc and I felt very confident that this is the one to do the procedure. We have decided on 325 implants. I am unable to upload a before pic as yet, so will do that shortly. I am hoping to have this done in October, just waiting for this to be confirmed.

I am so excited - so I will stay in touch.

Getting closer and getting nervous

Just had my pre op so thought I would start to share my journey with you. I can't lie that I'm so nervous but also so excited and hope all will go well. My PS is just lovely, although direct he knows what look I'm looking for and has put me at ease about the whole thing. I'm due to have 325 cc over the muscle with an uplift too. Scarring is a worry but I am determined to look after them and limit any more scar than there should be. I will update you all again soon.

Trouble updating pics

So, I'm totally embarrassed putting these pics on but all you ladies are sharing the same journey...

One week to go!

Just finishing preparing for the big day. Any suggestions to help with the scarring would be really helpful. I have seen silicone strips on the web, are these any good or is there an alternative for healing? I will post some more pics nearer the time.

Today is the day, new boobies on there way!

Well nervous is an understatement, just arrived at the hospital after getting soaking wet. My room is lovely and the staff are so friendly. Just waiting for PS to come and see me. I will load up some pre op pics and upload the new ladies later. Wish me luck xxxx

Woo hoo, they are here!

Wow! Not sure what else to say. ... I'm on the other side with my amazing new boobies. I had 325cc high profile Mentor implants overs and although a little tired I'm feeling great. I thank you Dr Solomos x

Let them out for 5 mins!

Feeling so much better and more with it today. I feel like I've been hit by a truck but it's all good and I'm loving them so far. I undid the bra which is amazing by the way and highly recommend it, MACOM post surgery bra. Needed to let them breathe for 5 mins, still hardly any sensation in my nipples but it's so early days yet and not too worried. My boyfriend has been absolutely amazing and helped me have a wash today bless him. Only taken one painkiller today as I'm more bruised than anything else.

Post Surgery bra

I was recommended to use the MACOM Post surgery bra by a friend so ordered a couple before I had my op. I am now 5 days post surgery and these bras and amazing, so so comfortable and all you need to do is order your chest width size as the cups actually stretch to your new breast size with no wires or seems. They aren't the prettiest of bras but fantastic to wear. X

Half human again!

Have now finished the antibiotics which is good and feeling really good today. My Bf has been my rock these last few days, he gave me a wash without getting the front of me wet bless him. I am so surprised that I've had no bruising at all, maybe it's due to taking Arnica tabs 2 weeks prior to surgery and a week now. Can't wait to my first check up in a few days time xxx

A little bit of fun!

Feeling good today, just feeling a few zingers, apparantly this is where the nerves are trying to connect. So had a little fun with a few bits of underwear and sent it to my Bf, he loved it xxx

In love!

Had my first week post op check up today. Nurse was so pleased with my healing and vary minimal bruising. I was a little scared to see my scars at first and went to the mirror with my eyes closed hahah, I was actually really surprised and am so so pleased with how they look, and absolutely loving them xx

Sorry, forgot to add pics!

Changed into sports bra

Well it's time to come out of the compression bra, it was becoming uncomfortable as I was am healing and things are changing shape a little now so thought I'd try one of my sports bras........ I feel so much better and looks great. I'm finding it hard that I can't train and run but hopefully it won't be too long x

2 week check up!

I am so pleased with how I am healing and the nurse has given the all clear for a shower, OMG a shower, that is the most beautiful word I've heard for a long time! I can start massage next week as they are still a little swollen but all in all, thank you so much Mr Solomos xxxx

3 weeks post op!

It's been 3 weeks since my surgery and so pleased with the healing process. I started to use scar tape and came up in a rash so now know I'm allergic so what would any of you recommend for scar treatment as I have such sensitive skin.... Went Xma shopping yesterday and couldn't resist going to get my measured up so went into Victoria Secrets, OMG, I am 34DDD which is great which I think is an E cup in other UK shops, I'm so pleased with that xxx

Just want to cry!

I haven't put any recent pics on here as I'm really upset. I have paid 6300 British pounds to have bigger, perkier breasts and I am now back into my old bras. I can't actually believe it. I told the surgeon I wanted to be bigger because what's the point in having this procedure and paying so much money for this to be the end result. .... Don't get me wrong the scarring is amazing and cannot fault that but I'm so upset and didn't ever expect for this. Don't know what to do next.

A review may be on the cards

Had my BA and lift November 2015 and although my last review was a little negative I just wanted to update that by saying my Surgeon was amazing, the scars are so good you can hardly see them and that was my main worry out of this whole procedure. Had a review with my Surgeon who is also very happy so far but we have discussed going bigger in a years time as I have now gone down 3 bra sizes since the swelling has gone down and I am back in my normal bras which I was really sad about but all good and hopeful for a review next year....

Spent so much money only 8 months ago and want a review asap

It's been 8 months since my BA and uplift and I saved for years to have the boobs of my dreams. I feel I a little down in the dumps and let down that they are not the shape I wanted at all, they have dropped a lot too and I really wanted them up there and they aren't, why pay all that money for them to look normal. I still don't like going without a bra as they don't look that great. I am wandering if I should go back to my surgeon and request a review. If you brought a new car and it went rusty in a few months, would you demand a new one? Any advice would be so appreciated. The only positive have is that the scarring is pretty amazing.

REVIEW - No help whatsoever!!!

So after not being happy with my results since the beginning, Dr Solomos advised me to come back after a year from surgery to enable me to get used to them and for them to settle......

A year has passed and I'm still upset with the result. Went back to see Dr Solomos and he made all these excuses why I shouldn't have a review. He said they looked great but he would, they aren't his..... I talked through how I still can't go with out a bra, they aren't the right shape and that I wanted ultra high profile as the projection isn't there either. He had an answer for everything and I walked away feeling so disappointed and upset. The nurses are also trained well too as they can also talk the talk.

Can anyone recommend anything as I paid a lot of money for being completely unhappy with my results and I can't afford to get another opinion.

NOT HAPPY with 2nd review consultation

I've never been entirely happy with my results so went back after a year has requested by my surgeon. Once I explained my reasons why I was unhappy, Dr Solomos did everything he could to talk me out of having a review saying they looked great. That to me was him not listening to me and making every excuse to not go ahead with review and taking up one of his slots in theatre. I have paid and saved so much money for this and unhappy.

Advice for anyone - Id you are NOT happy, ensure you really put your point across and don't let them fob you off as they have me.

I had heard a few negatives about Solomos but made my own judgement. I know wish I hadn't gone to someone else. His aftercare manners were disgusting.
Dr Mark Solomos

Dr Solomos is direct and straight to the point but very professional and also has a funny side to him which I liked. My partner liked him too so we knew he was the right one to carry out the procedure. I would highly recommend him to anyone xx

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