48 Year Old Mum of 4 Grown Kids. Badly Needing an Uplift - Essex, UK

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I have my surgery booked now for 23rd Dec and I am...

I have my surgery booked now for 23rd Dec and I am so excited. I have read so many of the stories on here and feel so much better with knowing what I am likely to go through. I have Fibromyalgia and Chostochondritis so pain management is the worrying part for me. But I have an appointment with the anaesthetist to have a chat about pain relief after the op. I have put pics up of what I call "my chestickles". It took me a lot to do that as I hate them so much.

Seen the Consultant today

I saw my Consultant again today. I feel so lucky as my sister, who is a nurse, recommended this guy Mr Mathew Griffin. He is not just a cosmetic surgeon, he does reconstruction after a mastectomy, surgery on serious injuries such as burns and specialises in a few other research areas too. My sister also found my anaesthetist she has worked with many times. Even after the surgery, my sister is taking a bank shift so she can be my nurse. I feel like I have my own special team.
Mr Griffiths took me through everything in tiny detail and answered all my questions I had. He did a lot of measuring and explained each one as he did it and took pics. I have considerable pitosis and my skin is so stretched due to smoking. I now smoke the E cig and working my way down to 0% nicotine, I am on 3ml at the moment and will be down to 0% by the end of the month.
He is going to do a uplift using all the extra tissue. He is going to do the anchor/unpside down T cut but around the nipple he is making the insision from nipple at an angle. He showed me how this way he can get a better lift and will anchor it to the muscle so I won't get any droopiness after it all settles down. I am so excited now and can't wait for my surgery.
I should Meet my anaesthetist soon too as I want to go over pain relief due to my conditions. Mr Griffiths will be talking to him today with my concerns and make an appointment to see him. I am a bit concerned due to where they are operating. I know after having my gall bladder out I was in a lot of pain so I want to make sure I get sufficient pain relief.

2 days to go

I have had my pre-op appointment which went well. Thank goodness I only have to take off one of my acrylic nails, this makes me a happy bunny as I would hate to have no nails over Christmas. Going to try and carefully take it off so I can stick it back on after surgery. I know so sad ???? she also told me something that I wasn't expecting, she said that after surgery I may get an itch, but when I scratch it, it won't be the place my brain says it is. My brain needs to catch up with the new place my boobs are .
I talked to the anaesthetist as I wanted to know that he was aware of my Fibrmyalgia and Chostochondritis. There are still many health care staff that don't believe in Fibromyalgia. He has reassured me on my pain relief and after the surgery he is going to put in extra anaesthetic block under my boobs.
Can't believe it's only 2 days away. So excited but a little nervous as I should be going under General Anaetesia. Got everything ready for Christmas, my OH is my hero doing all the cooking over Christmas and the Kids will all be taking care of the housework. I got a new V shaped pillow as my old one was warn out lol, and I've packs. It's been so valuable to me to read so many other stories and experiences on here, giving me valuable information and tips.

Today's the day

I'm here and all marked up ready to go to surgery. So excited

All done

All done now, feeling good. A bit stingy but apart from that all is good, can't wait to take a peak properly tomorrow. Had a little peak tonight as they checked my nipples.

Home now

Well had a sleepless night but only because I have insomnia. Boobs are really tender. I would describe it as a stinging pain more than anything. I wish they would stay this firm lol but I know they won't. All the staff that looked after me were great. Can't thank them enough. I am home now on Co-Codamol and ibuprofen. So far it's not as painful as I expected but let's keep that open until I have moved about a bit. 2 pics for u, one from the ward last night and one this morning when I got home. I bruise really easily so I knew there would be a lot of bruising. So so so worth it, I can't help smiling lol and looking at them.

Sorry trouble loading other photo

Day 2 post op

Had an ok sleep. Glad I got a new V pillow to sit semi recumbent. One thing I wasn't expecting was my OH putting his arm across them in his sleep, yes I yelped and he begged forgiveness lol.
This morning I had my first bath, was too scared yesterday lol. Keeping up on the pain killers which is helping loads. Not as much pain as I thought there would be and I have to remind myself to stand straight and not slouch.
I think the bruising is better today and I shall add a couple more pics.

Day 5 post op

Wow feeling loads better and this morning I was able to lay on my side, cuddling my v shaped pillow. I feel the need to go out so we went shopping. I didn't carry any of the bags or did any of the driving. I was Uber aware of my boobs and protected them the best I could lol. I am now on my regular medication and don't need anything stronger. I think they look good and I am so happy. Oh and the itching has began aaarrgggg lol but at least I know it's healing X
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