330 Cc Mentor round cohesive Implants - United Kingdom

I recently had my consultation after building up...

I recently had my consultation after building up the courage for 10 years! My surgeon has recommended 350cc teardrop mentor implants (I'm a small b breast feed 2 children) . Just wondered if anyone has had similar implants? I do want a natural look bigger & fuller and would also like some full ness at the top. Would this be achieved with the tear drops? Just wanna make sure I get what I want right

Eeeeek booked in an op date ????

I've gone and done it ????Booked in for me new boobies to be done on the 19th September eeeeek can't believe it. Have another consultation tomorrow to run through size and implant choice again. Here is a couple of before pics currently a small b wanting to get a full d

19 days till op

19 days & counting! Made me first post op purchases of Macom bras and scar stick. Feeling real now ????

Less than a week to go ????????

This time next week I shall have new boobies! It's flying by

Goodbye itty bitty ????

Having a clear out before Monday ????goodbye little buddies ????

Op done yay

Well up back in my room pains fine slight soreness and I look Madonna with cones at the moment ????can't believe how good I feel ????

Drains out

Just had drains removed. Such a relief that wasn't bad at all ????hopefully be allowed home soon. Bandage bra surgeon made has to stay on till sat/Sunday before I can have a proper look????

Day two post op

Feeling good ????no pain/discomfort apart from the tape that's on. Had a good nights sleep with the use of my kids extra pillows ???? just can't wait to see them

4 day post op ????

Still happy so far ????some discomfort when I lie day and get up tingling/electric like feeling. Be so glad to get tape off tomorrow as I can now see some tape blisters nasty buggers irritating me. No pain no gain ????

Unwrapping of the bobbies ????

It felt like Christmas & my birthday all in one lol as today I finally got to meet my boobs. Very pleased with them. Scars aren't to bad Left is looking slightly worse than right but we are only 5 days in so pretty good I think. looking forward to seeing them settle. One happy boobie lady right here ????????

Cleavage ????

6 days post op in a support bra yay
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