UK PicoSure Removal 2 Small Black Tattoos - Esher, GB

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I have 2 tattoos that I regret getting done, I had...

I have 2 tattoos that I regret getting done, I had the one on my wrist done when I was 18 and the one on my back when I was about 21. Now I'm 27 and I don't feel they are feminine or professional so have embarked on getting them removed.

After much research I went for PicoSure, it's incredibly expensive, and my nearest clinic that offers it is 80 miles away, but the results seemed to be much faster.

So far I've had 2 treatments done on both tattoos. Originally I wasn't going to document it on here, so I don't have any before pictures, but as you can imagine they were just solid black tattoos. The first two pictures are healed after my first session, the black didn't break down as much as I expected from seeing it on the tv, I think they make out that the white frosting is the tattoo faded which is totally misleading!! Also I must say the laser is incredibly painful, it's almost unbearably painful, I had to ask her to stop and give me a minute when she did my wrist! Anyone whose had it done will understand, it's another level of pain, so if you are sensitive this may not be for you!

The second two photos are immediately after my second treatment on both, 6 weeks after my first. This time I used Emla numbing cream which was about £6 odd from Boots, for this tiny little tube. The pharmacist grilled me on what it was for! You have to put a thick layer on 30mins before the treatment, and I would highly recommend it, as after my first treatment I was dreading going back. This time she said she turned the power up, it was still very very painful don't get me wrong, but the cream took the edge off, so instead of being excruciating it was just very painful!

I will shortly upload some healed photos, this time I have to wait 10 weeks between treatments because she turned the laser up, so my 3rd treatment is next Saturday and I'm hoping to see a lot more breaking down of the black as I'm currently quite pleased!

8 weeks after 2nd laser session

Before photos & 8 weeks after 2nd treatment

2 weeks after 3rd treatment

10 weeks after 4th treatment

Here's my before and after so far, we are 10 weeks after the 4th Picosure session on both tattoos.

16 weeks after 8th treatment

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