Taking a Lot More Sessions Than I'd Anticipated or Budgeted For! - Esher, GB

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I had a new tattoo done in 2011 which I instantly...

I had a new tattoo done in 2011 which I instantly regretted - it was a huge forget me not on my stomach in bright blue with some white/yellow and white in it. I also had a very old tattoo that I had done in 1997 which is all dark blue. I'd already had laser treatment x 2 sessions on the one on my back. Also, I'd had a small butterfly which had had x2 laser treatments about 4 years ago and foolishly I had the forget me not tattooed over the top !! I am having treatment at MediSpa in Esher Surrey. I started in September about 3 weeks post C Section as I am desperate to have them gone before the Summer starts. The one on my stomach has really faded and after each treatment is blisters up a lot. It is so itchy and sore/tender but that is because we are using a high setting. It literally feels like my skin is burnt off. I apply Emla Cream (can't remember if that's correct spelling!) which numbs the area. I apply this in a thick layer before treatment (about 30 mins) and It seriously helps. The stomach is not so painful but at the bottom of my back on spine it is beyond tolerable. I have to stuff a pillow in my mouth - talk about Chinese torture ! Fortunately it is all over very quickly and we use the cooling air (a must!) which takes the edge off it (marginally). I wish I had some photos to show you after 1st/2nd/3rd treatment but unfortunately I only just thought of taking some! In actual fact, I wish I'd had all my treatments on the highest setting as it's only since the highest setting has been used I've had the blisters. In my opinion the more you blister the better the results. I don't blister at all on my back and whilst it is fading it is very visible and considering I've had 4 treatments. I'm going to speak to my therapist at my next appointment about agreeing a set price now for subsequent treatments as this is costing me a fortune! I actually wonder if I'd stuck to the cheaper laser method on my back whether it would have been as effective. I do recommend Picosure for new tattoos as I certainly have seen results on my stomach but I'm concerned it'll take a lot longer and cost a lot more than I was originally led to believe (we're talking 3 treatments and all gone!) I'm also worried about being left with scars. take a look at these pics and see what you think !!!

1 Week After Treatment 5

These photos were taken just over a week after my fifth Picosure Treatment. I wish I had before photos but I don't, however you can see some further fading, and I know as the weeks go by there will be even more fading. They both look quite raised and red/scabby but I'll send some further updates in 4 weeks time. I'm still regretting starting this whole process as I honestly can't imagine the tattoos ever completely gone (especially the one on my back!) The one on my back doesn't bother me so much so I could just stop the treatments and focus on the revolting flower on my stomach !! I too have Edita at Trueskin in Esher who is lovely - she is very pleased with the progress and always really encouraging. I was so disappointed with the fading that they agreed to give me my last treatment for free which was really kind of them. It's taking a lot longer than I ever imagined and I'm off to France next week but will be in a swim suit as cannot expose them to the sun. Infact I'm wondering if I'll ever be able to wear a bikini again! I'll save up for the next treatments which I thinking I'll do after the Summer months but will see how much fading I get this time around.


I can honestly say picosure is the most painful experience of my life!!! I use Elma cream first to try and numb the area and also have the cooling air. The one on my back is far more painful than the one on my stomach (nerve endings/bone etc). I have to shove a cotton wool pad in my mouth to bite on it's that bad and I've got a very high pain threshold. Having them put on was painfree in comparison !! That said it is over so quickly you just learn to tolerate it. I'm sure different parts of bodies dictate how painful it will be. Think of someone putting a cigarette onto your skin... !!! I read all these articles saying picosure is pain free and I'm thinking - really, have the people who wrote these actually had it!??? clearly not !

4 weeks Post 6th Picosure Treatment - really losing the will to carry on as it's just not shifting !

Esher Medispa gave me a free treatment for treatment number 6 - I feel so disheartened as STILL very visible. I am yet to actually see anyone on here post a before and after where their tattoo has completely gone using Picosure. I am sure all those images of before and after used to market Picosure are fakes. I really hope I'm proven wrong but I'm getting down about the fact I've now got two really ugly ink splodges on my tummy and lower back. I've had to buy a swimsuit to see me through the Summer, having worked so hard to get back in shape after my second son I will stay covered up. I am going to continue as what I'm left with now is worse than the original tattoos... Has anyone got a real success story - before and after where you can see genuine photos of a tattoo that has totally gone from Picosure? Cannot show pictures from my back as noone available to take them at the moment but will post soon. The front is making more progress than my back tattoo but even so neither are what I expected at this stage....

After 6 Treatments this is what I'm left with....

The pictures sum it up! I'm not happy. The fading is there but look at the hideous marks I'm left with. I have lost all faith in this method of tattoo removal. I was told when I went for the initial consultation that some tattoos lift after just 3 treatments, but more likely 5 treatments would do it. I've just had my 7th treatment and will eagerly await the results but I don't hold out much hope. I have left around 6-8 weeks between treatments and see comments about the continued fading after this time. I am determined to get rid of these things but when I asked the technician at Trueskin to show me some before and after photos of someone who had actually successfully removed their entire tattoo, I was told they couldn't show me due to data protection! I don't believe anyone has properly lifted a tattoo off their skin from Picosure. I really hope to prove myself wrong! I've heard great things about Wayne in Soho - so I'll continue the treatment process through him and see if he can work his magic on getting rid of these hideous things!!!!!
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Very informative and friendly girl who treats me. I have same person each visit which helps.

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