Eyelid Bleph, Lower Eye Area Fat Grafting & Obagi Blue Chemical Peel -Escondido, CA

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Today/Fri August 30, 2013 is day #3 post...

Today/Fri August 30, 2013 is day #3 post operation. So far my healing appears very promising. Prior to surgery, my upper eye lids had numerous folds, under eyes were hollow, my appearance tended to convey chronic tiredness, heaviness and advanced aging. One bothersome area was my right eyelid, it had a tendency to droop excessively, more so than my left eyelid. During surgery Dr. Qaqish discovered my right eye lid muscle was defective (he stated the correct muscle term/condition but I don't remember ), and in need of repair which he performed. The stitches are the type that dissolves, hopefully they will leave minimal scaring. Though I look swollen, red, and blue from the Obagi Chemical Peel. I'm very pleased so far with my improvement. The skin on my face is starting to harden and turn brown from the Obagi peel, it feels like I have one of those clay- base masks applied to my face, however, I can't wash this one off!! I'm keeping my facial expression to a minimum to prevent any cracking on the peel. I'm hoping the chemical peel will address my fine lines, skin discoloration, and pigmentation, especially on the "driver's" side of my face! On day two I was given cleanser and moisturizer to use twice daily which removed the blue dye, and brought relief to the dryness i felt around the corners of my mouth. My lower eye lid area where Dr. Q injected fat cells( harvested from my stomach) is swollen. I recall from my consultation, about half of the units of fat injected will actually graft into my face, so I'm loving the fullness under my eyes!!
I'm taking the following medications
Cephelexin 3 times a day (antibiotic)
Acyclovir 4 times a day (anti viral ) to prevent herpes blisters during the peel. The doc prescribes as a precautionary measure, as the peel can aggravate and cause fever blisters .
Pain medicine was prescribed but so far I haven't needed it.

Before Picture / Front

Shows poor skin tone, sun damage, hollowness and dark under eye area, and droopy upper eyelids.

4 days Post Operation : peeling!! getting better and better!!

Sunday, Sept 1, 2013 I'm going into my 4th day post op. The Obagi Blue Peel is starting to peel, especially around my mouth. The new skin revealed is just that , NEW!, it's amazing. from what I can see, the skin tone is clear, a little pink, and it feels extremely smooth and soft. I will be a horrible person if I expose this new skin to the sun.. that's how nice and perfect it looks. My cheeks and forehead have not began to peel, but it feels like its ready...the skin on my cheeks is stiff, brown, and a little itchy at times.. It's so tempting to scratch, pick at it .. but I wont!!! Pics: I tried to get a close up to post for you all to see. As for my eye lids, the swelling is still there, but reduced, I'm getting excited about my eye lid result.. my eye shape/lids/under eye are beginning to resemble my eyes 15 years ago!! which is so exciting...I'm rarely using my moisturizing eye drops... I do need a few drops when I wake up, and after my shower. So far so HAPPY with my progress!! Though I'm getting a little bored being at home, especially during this beach weather!! but heck, I can not subject myself, new face to this crazy sunshine!! it's evil lol!! .. I should have planned better for my down time.. bought a few extra books, movies, etc..

5 Days Post Op : MY FIRST DAY OUT!! THE Peeling is my life's function and obsession right now!!

Woke up this morning feeling like my former self..the skin has peeled away from around my mouth, freeing me to eat and talk normally.., my eyes open and close with ease, I'm ready to take on the world! My refrigerator was empty, it was 6am, it was now or wait another day for my first trip out of the house. I'm keeping vampire hours now lol! It was rather funny, mostly seniors shopping at the crack of dawn. I received double takes, a stare or two or three lol!, but mostly smiles of warm concern for me which I gladly returned. I was assisted and offered help in every aisle, a lady my mom's age wanted to help me load my bags into my car, she was so sweet. I explained I had a cosmetic procedure done, and I was fine, it was purely superficial. She found my explanation shocking, she thought I was recovering from a burn on my face..she firmly stated I looked way too young for fixin'. Bless her sweet heart.. Attached are my latest pics from this morning. Im so ready for the peel to be over with, though its a small price to pay considering the results I'm seeing. I'm so happy with the way my new skin is presenting, the skin around my mouth thus far is coming in sooo smooth, and even toned, lacking the fine lines I had prior to the peel!! talk about real results!! fingers crossed it stays that way.
Ongoing Challenge : Sleeping on my back NOT on my FACE.

7 Days Post Operation: Doctor Visit!!

Sept 4,
My doctor and his wonderful, super awesome staff seemed pleased and satisfied with my healing and result to-date. I almost lost it when I walked in the exam room this afternoon and found a beautiful gift basket waiting for me, a thank you / get well card attached from Dr. Q and his practice. It was filled with beautiful and thoughtful gifts to bring me comfort while recovering. I was emotional to begin with over my result, and to be acknowledged and cared for in such a fashion, as if I was not only their patient, but a friend.... well..I had to work very hard to stop the water works. I'm sure my doctor thought I was suffering from post surgical emotional, sappiness, excessive happiness, syndrome as I propelled myself at him for a hug instead of our customary hand shake when he walks in. I'm sure this happens to him all the time with his surgery patients, he is phenomenal at his craft.

I'm very, very surprised with the Obagi peel result. ( I thought this was some minor companion procedure...its not! its truly remarkable on its own merits!!) My brown spots have faded away, i do see a few areas of mild, hardly noticeable discoloration. Its not brown, nor is it a spot, its more like a dash one shade pinker than my regular skin tone, Im hoping its merely a section of skin still in the healing process. This peel , is remarkable! I'll keep up on my review and post a final review in a month , or earlier if anything changes. With that said, I'm very happy with my new complexion. Prior to this peel I was a laser , IPL, Matrix RF user which cost about $1,000 a session and I would usually get 2 a year.. I have never received results like this from the laser!! My skin hasn't looked this clear and felt so soft, smooth and youthful since I was in my mid 20's, a HUGE result and well worth the inconvenience of downtime and peeling. My girlfriends are spouting admissions of jealousy at me, they want an Obagi Peel too!! My doctor indicated I could have another treatment in 6 months if I felt I needed it. I can wear make up in two weeks, but the way I look now, I don't even want to use foundation.
In the pictures I plan to post to this review my face looks shiny, the shininess is due to the hydrating creme I'm applying twice a day.. the residual redness is due to the treatment, my doctor expected me to be redder. I'm still bruised and swollen from the fat grafting and eyelid surgery, but overall the actual skin tone is near perfect. Another pleasant benefit of the Obagi Peel; my face skin tone now matches my chest skin tone. I always felt like I had a "farmers" tan, brown splotchy face, white chest.. With the Obagi peel I'm pretty seamless. I also noticed the slew of broken capillaries around my nose are 75% gone, definitely diminished. Prior to the peel my nose and outer nose crease were like a busy city road map of red veins.. I ALWAYS wore concealer, now, none is needed.

Dr. Q mentioned he injected a teaspoon of fat under each eye.. I noticed when I smile the wrinkles under my eyes are missing!.. I pray it stays that way, and its not due to the swollen tissue. For the first time in my life I'm a fan of my resistant stomach fat:)hopefully it behaves the same way in my face!! My eyelid stitches were sewn individually across the incision..and have mostly dissolved, i have two sutures left on each eye.. My girlfriend who`s a physician (not cosmetic) was very impressed that my doctor did the sutures this way. According to her, it takes a significant amount of time to do, and this type of stitch lessons the possibly of scarring compared to the single pull through stitch (this was her opinion). btw, I'm using my own lingo referencing the pull out stitch. I know I'm not out of the woods regarding scarring, and the possibility of getting bumps along the incision, but I'm very hopeful, and honestly I'm not too concerned if it happens. beats out having droopy eyelids!

I'm ecstatic with my doctor's eye work, just everything about it I love, each day it gets better and better. I know I keep repeating myself.. but I'm still OVER THE MOON about my result.. My eyes resemble my eyes 15+ years ago!!!.. truly, I couldn't be luckier. I couldn't find a close up picture of my eyes from years ago..digital didn't exist back in my day lol!..so I attached a picture of my 9 year old son's eyes, my family and old friends mention all the time he has my eyes..Now I believe his eyes do resemble my eyes, we finally look related.. I'm tired of being referred to as "your friend", or nanny! I wouldn't mind being referred to as "sister" hehehe!! in my dreams..in my dreams.

I'll update on my next appointment in 4 weeks!! I will share earlier if anything else comes up! take care : Leilalei

7 day post op pics (2nd attempt to load)

14 days Post Operation: I've inconspicuously integrated back into society :))))

2 weeks post operation:
Obagi Chemical Peel: Still in process of healing, my skin is still so smooth, and soft. I notice tinges of very minor color, not brown , nor pink, almost like a super light stain from where some of the original darker brown spots and discoloration were, still a massive improvement. I tried to capture it on the pics..this phone cam is substandard. In a week or two I will post some detailed pics from a REAL camera.

Under Eyes Fat Grafting: My favorite so far! After 2 weeks my right under eye fat graft appears almost smoothed into my face matching my natural cheek line. My left under eye fat graft still has a little bulge to it. Overall I'm very happy with the fuller look I've been sporting under my eyes and above my cheeks, I appear so much more youthful and rested.. as of now my under eye wrinkles (crowsfeet) are gone !! keeping fingers crossed it stays this way.
Eyelid Bleph: My other favorite! I'm very happy with my result, I'm so thankful my doctor was conservative, I'm loving the look he achieved I'm healing up so FAST! I try to pull my surgery card to get out of doing things, but I'm not coming across as believable. I have to close my eyes and point to where my sutures were to give them proof!

Challenges: weight gain, rubbing my eyes, and sleeping on my back!!!

7 weeks post op!

Using eye make up for the first time! Skin from Obagi Peel continues to improve.. I do notice I have a little scar from where the fat was injected, however the benefit of the under eye area fat grafting far exceeds these tiny scars. Fat seems to have settled in perfectly. Due to fat, crows feet are still gone from right side , and mostly diminished on left side . Eyelid almost completely healed up! (suture line is fading) !
San Diego Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Clement Qaqish of San Diego Surgical Arts his new practice , commencing summer 2014 10672 Wexford St., San Diego , CA (858) 263-1800 www.sdsurgicalarts.com October 20th 2013 : 7 Weeks Post OP! I couldn't be more pleased with my results! Dr. Clement Qaqish restored my eyelids and lower eye area to their former youthful state. Please review my pictures and Real Self story, this was SMOOTH SAILING FROM 1 HOUR POST OP THROUGH TODAY!! Dr. Q actually turned back the hands of time on my face by years! It's miraculous to me. My family and friends swear he took 10+ years off my face, and eyes! I highly and enthusiastically recommend Dr. Qaqish. He's unlike the stereotypical in a hurry, diva /god -complex - cosmetic surgeon doctors I've consulted with during my extensive search for a trusted, highly trained , cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Q was everything I was searching for plus more. One thing for certain, Dr. Q's consults are patient centered, you are driving the boat so to speak, you are never rushed, or pressured into surgery, which I found refreshing. He took his time with me answering all my questions in layman terminology, even drawing pictures for me so I could fully understand his communication. He provided all the pros and cons of options discussed. I noticed he shared real examples, and got into the details of the procedure. Dr. Q is committed to keeping you healthy while simultaneously achieving your cosmetic surgery goal(s). Being a control freak, I was not an easy patient to deal with, however, Dr. Q always left his door open for me. I know.... Eyelid Surgery, you would of thought I was going through a face transplant with my numerous consults with him! He consistently exhibited professionalism, and sincere patience while addressing each of my concerns. Dr. Qaqish genuinely cares and wants you to be happy with or without his intervention. Dr. Qaqish performs his surgeries in-house, the surgery center is certified at a hospital level. This faculty is safe, new, and state of the art. You save a little money I'm sure as there is no hospital or out-patient surgery center charges, plus the address isn't Beverly Hills or La Jolla.. (no offense , but I noticed rates were much higher due to location, and this alone did not insure a competent doctor!) Thanks to Dr. Q's expert surgical team, I came out of my surgery with flying colors, my usual nauseous, vomit episode didn't happen. I experienced no pain , no anxiety, and I wasn't cold! something about surgery , I always come out of it freezing cold..this was the first pre and post surgery where I was all warm, comfortable (painless) and toasty. I encourage you to meet Dr. Qaqish, come armed with your goals, and all your questions, you will be happy you did.

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