Fleur-de-lis Extended Abdominoplasty and Brachioplasty. Erie, PA

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Hello! I wanted to write a review of my procedures...

Hello! I wanted to write a review of my procedures because everyone's reviews have been helpful in my decision-making process. I have lost 251 lbs in 4 years through dietary changes and exercise. To my surgeon's surprise, I did not have any type of weight loss surgery. I started researching skin removal procedures over a year ago. I had a medically-covered plastic surgery procedure (large lipoma removal) last year and was really happy with my plastic surgeon and the results. So I knew I wanted to use Dr. Kang and had two consultations about possible procedures. The most bothersome areas of extra skin on my body were my belly, thighs, breasts, arms and back. Basically, I needed a whole body makeover. But surgery, for me, is more about performance and comfort, rather than aesthetic concerns. I weight train and do cardio daily. The extra skin makes it difficult for me to perform certain exercises. My body was holding me back. Also, the skin caused a number of medical issues and made it difficult to find appropriate clothing, especially exercise clothing. Leggings are the only thing you can find in athletic wear these days!

I knew I was going to have the extra skin on my abdomen removed. My insurance approved a panniculectomy. My surgeon recommended additional surgeries to address some of the back skin and upper abdominal skin. I did my research and agreed. Although I was scared of fleur de lis, I knew it was the best approach. I really wanted a thigh lift too, but I knew that was too much surgery at once. My surgeon agreed and we decided to do a brachioplasty as well. I'm not sure how much my insurance covered, but I had to pay 6,250 to the surgeon and 2,200 to the hospital. The procedures took approximately 4 hours. I spent one day in the hospital. I was on dilaudid in the hospital. The pain was tolerable, but I do have an extremely high tolerance for pain. My surgeon prescribed oxycodone 4 times a day and valium twice a day for pain and muscle spasms. He also prescribed lovenox shots to prevent blood clots and an antibiotic. I used the oxycodone for about a week approximately twice a day and the valium approximately once a day. I had my loving sister and boyfriend staying with me for 1.5 weeks. My sister lives in VA and my boyfriend lives in NY, so I was extremely grateful to have them with me. I should have let them done more, because during my follow-up on 6/3 my surgeon was not pleased. I had been too active and it was reflected in the swelling. I have a very hard time relaxing, because I spent so much of my life sitting before losing the weight, and because I am so used to be being active. I should have been prescribed a heavier narcotic so I would have just slept for the week! But I am taking his advice and taking it easy. I have a lot of swelling still. My arms actually bother me the most. The stitches hurt and rub against each other in the armpit. The tummy tuck is what is to be expected. Tight and spasms. I did not need any liposuction but I did have muscle tightening. I was able to walk upright pretty shortly after the surgery but stoop as the day progresses. My surgeon advised me to remain bent over to put less tension on the stitched. The drains from the pubic area are annoying and one was particularly painful. I still have one drain remaining.

I will continue to post updates. Looking forward to feeling better and getting back to exercising. I am attaching before and after photos. I do not have any before photos of my arms but I will get these at my next follow-up, Hope this helps someone!

4 month Update

Hello! It's been 4 months since my 2 procedures and I am all healed up and feeling great! These procedures have made such a difference in my life! Things are so much easier and I feel more comfortable. I can walker easier. I feel lighter. I can kill it in the gym now that I don't have so much skin moving around. It's easier to take a shower, get dressed and just get going in general. I didn't realized how much of a hindrance the extra skin was until it was gone. The biggest difference was that I can actually "feel it" when I tighten my abs. I never thought that would change. Actually, I never knew that feeling actually existed!

It was a tough recovery but very manageable. My abdominal incision had a slow healing spot at the t-junction, which is common in Fleur-de-Lis procedures. I dealt with wound separation and seepage for several weeks. I was afraid of getting necrosis, but that never happened. It healed on it's own just with antibiotics and bandages. I had no issues with any other areas of the abdominal incisions. They all healed nicely.

My arms have healed well. They were very painful; more painful than my abdomen. I had the stitches in for about 6 weeks. The scar is very long and tough. I have to massage it regularly. They feel good unless I am working on my biceps and triceps.

I had 12 lbs of skin removed and the most I lost on the scale was 8 lbs. I gained back 6 lbs so I am almost where I started. Not sure why I gained the weight because I didn't change my eating habits. It was bothering me for several months, then I realized that I need to be grateful for how much better I feel, rather than worry about a number on a scale. And I feel absolutely wonderful!

One of the best decisions I ever made!

Will be posting pics when I get a chance!
Erie Plastic Surgeon

I will be updating some sections as my recovery progresses. Dr. Kang is extremely knowledgeable and competent.

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