30 Years Old and 70 Pound Weight Loss. Erie, PA

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I was very thankful to have found this site...

I was very thankful to have found this site because I recently watched the show Skin Tight on TLC and u till watching that show I just tonight my lower abdomen was fat that I just couldn't get rid of. After watching it I realized that it was excess skin and went with the support of my husband to see a plastic surgeon. After meeting with him he told me that I needed to document my rashes for 6 months with pictures and then come back and see him in 3 months to check on my documentation. A my heaviest I was 315 pounds and I have lost and maintained 70 pounds for 2 years. I would still like to loose 50 more pounds to get to my goal weight of 195, but even with exercise and eating healthy I haven't been able to loose that extra 50 pounds. I feel like this excess skin is holding me back. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that my insurance will approve the surgery and I will be able to move forward with living a heather lifestyle.

3 month update

Went to see my PS yesterday and he is submitting the authorization request to my insurance so keeping my fingers crossed that it will be approved!


Got the phone call today and my insurance approved my panniculectomy!!!! I have not got to schedule it yet but hoping to have it done the beginning of June.

Before pictures

After 91 pounds lost

Surgery Is Tomorrow

Went and seen my PS today. Got my markings for surgery and I have to be at the hospital at 9:00AM tomorrow. Can't wait!!!

Some more before pics

Before pictures and my surgery markings

Post Op Day 1

Got home from the hospital today. Not feeling too bad sore but not in too much pain. The worst part is that I had a migraine all night due to not being able to get comfy and having a lot of tension in my neck. Feels better relaxing on my couch at home. My drains are draining well, not going to lie, they are annoying but it's part of the process. I have to be on Lovenox injections daily because I have the Factor V Leiduen gene and those make u very sore at the injection site. I will post pictures later just not feeling too up to it today.

Post Op Day 3

Feeling even better today. Slept much better last night and was even able to sleep on my side a little, still propped up of course but it felt so good. My drainage is getting clearer vs. so much blood. Just counting down the days till I can hopefully get the tubes removed. Those are the worst part only because it feels like they are pulling out from time to time, which I know they aren't because they are stitched in. Other than that the actual surgery site doesn't hurt, feels tight, but doesn't hurt which is nice. No pain meds throughout the day only Tylenol and that is for my headache I keep getting due to having to sleep sitting up and standing slouched over.

Day 5 Post Op

Pretty sore today, but only where my drain tubes come out of. The incision is black and blue and I am still very swollen, but here are a couple post op pictures.

Operative Photo

Here is the operative picture my PS took of the akin removed. It was 6.5 pounds.

Problem with JP Drain Tube

This past Sunday I was sitting in church and noticed a wet spot on my pants my husband said "you need to go check it out". When I went to the bathroom I noticed my drain tube had quite draining and the fluid was draining out of the site where the tube went into my body. I soaked through pads all day and was very swollen and my entire body hurt, but I sucked it up until Monday morning. I called my PS and thy put him on the phone with me. He wanted to see me and said that he would try to fix it but if he could not get it draining properly then I would have to get it removed and a new one put in. So after seeing him, he was able to get the drain unclogged. Thank god! It was like the flood gates opened up! The tube kept draining and draining! Today it is still working properly draining around 100cc's still and I will be 2 weeks post op tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can get the tube out Thursday or Friday because I am scheduled to go back to work on Monday and I still have to take sponge baths. I really don't want to have to worry about taking sponge baths when I am working. Feeling sore today, and honestly on Sunday and Monday I felt the worst I have felt my entire post op time. I am so swollen and I know it will get worse before it gets better, but I am hoping I am getting over the worst part. Here is to hoping that my drainage decreases very soon!!!

3 Week Post Op

Tomorrow I will be 3 weeks post op. Feeling better today than yesterday. Finally it my 2nd drain tube removed. I was still draining around 150cc's daily but due to having the drain tube in for almost 3 weeks he had to remove it because the risk of infection was to high. My PS said that if we needed to we would put a new drain tube in, but we are going to try and see how my body does without it in. I'm wearing my binder all the time and noticed a little seepage but not too bad. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that my incision doesn't open up because of it. I go back next week for another follow up so we will see how that goes. Keeping my fingers crossed. I will post a few updates pictures in the next day or so.


So yesterday morning I woke up and a part of my incision had stated leaking overnight. I called my PS and he put me on Augmwentin. The area that was leaking is very swollen, red, warm to touch, and hard. In the afternoon before even starting the antioniotic it stopped leaking thank goodness because I was terrified that my incision would open up or they would have to put another drain tube back in. Just keeping my fingers crossed that the meds take over and this will just be a little hiccup in my road to recovery. On a positive note this was my first week back to work and it wasn't bad at all. I was tired, walked slower than normal, but all in all not bad! I am going out with my husband and some friends tonight to listen to our favorite local band and it should be a blast!
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