BBL, 26 Years, NO Kids, Miami

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Im 26 years old, 130lb, 5'4" with a huge gaps on...

Im 26 years old, 130lb, 5'4" with a huge gaps on my hips so I decided to do a BBL to get a perfect shape and a round booty. I scheduled it to this Saturday with Dr. Calva at Eres Surgery (before Vanity Cosmetics). I have to admit Im scared, but cant wait to see my results. I will keep you updated. Any words will be appreciated! :)

2 days Post Op

Sorry that I have not written before...
So far, I can tell you is that the pain is horrible!!! Even taking the percocet I get up every hour to either urinate or because I'm so thirsty. I have not been able to eat much hard food, but I am taking a lot of gatorade, water and ensure. I try to walk every time I get up because it makes me feel better.
I do not have photos of front because I am extremely swollen (sorry!)
Dr. Calva is AMAZING, he is always aware of me and is always available to respond 24/7.
Getting up from bed is a pain in the ass (literally) ... Although today I started my first section of massage that make me feel less tight ... they recommend 10 massages and my package only includes 5 ... I will see if I need to Another 5 more in the meantime.
Let me know if you have any questions.

No more doble chin!!!!

Also I went to a chin liposuction with him the same day... and Im in love with the results....
You need to see this!! <3

5 days post Op

Too early to say I haven't symmetry at all...
Im too swollen, but so far I love what I see...

Feeling better!!!

Although I get tired so fast and sleep on my stomach is quite uncomfortable, every day I woke up feeling a little better ...
My current concern is that my mom returns to her country tomorrow and I dont have anyone else that can help me to put on the garment ... everything else I feel able to do alone (cooking, bathing, etc.)

Just to keep you posted...

I feel better!!! I can walk straight!!
Im still using arnica in gel, but at the beginning I was using it in pills...
I bought the buddy pillow from Dr. Miami and honestly I dont think its worth it...
Its about $100 and a foiled towell can do the same work... however in the instructions said you can't be seated for more than 30mnts! So' i waste my money!
Key Biscayne General Surgeon

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