BBL with Dr. Hasan and his magic wand

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Ok RS I have been thinking of doing liposculpture...

Ok RS I have been thinking of doing liposculpture for about 2 years now. I had a breast reduction and was left with a great deal of back fat. Through exercise and strength training it minimized it a bit but not enough that it does'nt annoy me in sundresses or bathing suits. I recently had a 12lb weight gain and now the bra roll has friends. This led me to realself and as I started reading reviews about liposuction with good results, I stumbled across Dr Hasan's work.
So now, I want the rolls removed, a sculpted waist, and while your at it, pad the bum please. A little cushion for the lady please :)
I paid my deposit and my date is set for March 22, 2017. I am hoping to move the date up to coordinate things at home.
Nonetheless, so many reviews have helped me out tremedously, I decided to document my journey as well.

Looking to switch my date with Hassan in March 2017

Hi RS Sistahs. I am scheduled for surgery with Dr. Hassan on March 22nd 2017!!!! I am super excited and looking forward to sharing my journey because Lord knows I have read sooo many wonderful posts from other Hasan Dolls.

If anyone is flexible with their SX date in March, I am very interested in switching. I am hoping for March 10th, March 13th or 14th.
Even though I paid my deposit and booked my date, I prefer an earlier date because my son will be on spring break during the week of March 5th - March 20th. Otherwise, I have to reschedule for June during Summer break. We are flying out from CA and will be going to Disneyworld for a few days and driving to Miami so I can have my procedure before flying back home.

From the time I spoke with Eres and put my deposit down, the dates of February and March were flying like it was a black Friday sale. so I was stuck with a date I really can't use but refused to loose.. but in all honestly I really need the earlier part of March.

Any dolls interested, please let me know via private message if you can help a sistah out,I am willing to show my love and appreciation with a token of thanks xoxo I need help!!!

Happy journaling muahh :)


I woke up this morning and realized I have leas than 90 days until my date. This is so exciting and nerve wrecking. I am so addicted to RS and the IG sx community.

Less than 90 days to go. . .


Why I chose Dr. Hasan? I initially wanted my body contoured by the liposculpture technique. Lipo to the back fat, abs and flanks. After stumbling on RS and seeing what liposculpture can achieve I was sold on the idea. I live in California so I also consulted with Dr. Dass. When I tell you that he is brilliant with some fat. I mean he knows where to put it and how to shape it. After I left his office, I thought oh my! I can have a butt too!…so the idea of the butt lift was born. I reviewed before and after pictures of several doctors including Dr. Blinksi, Dr. Hazani, and Dr Hasan with Eres (previously Vanity Plastic Surgery) happens to be the dermatologist of my choice. (bka the doc with a magic wand in his hand)

When I think about why I originally started this journey, my heart still chooses Dr. Hasan to help me achieve my goals of liposcultpting my torso. Okay so what I wanted was 1)BACK FAT REMOVED: Dr. Hasan has more than enough experience and pics to show he eliminates the rolls. I was very impressed with @ Snatched4theGAWDS results. Take a look at her profile. I mean beautifully done.

2) FLATTER TUMMY: Keep in mind I had a mommy makeover around 3 years ago. I was not very happy with the final cosmetic results but it was combined with 2 other surgeries that were health related. This procedure tightened my abs in the interim and muscle repair from my last pregnancy. My mommy makeover doctor was partially paid for by my insurance which included lipo but the doctor never did it. After seeing his lipo results, I’m glad he didn’t and neither did I consider him for lipo afterwards. So anyhow that’s another story. But Hasan totally blasts and removes all fat out of the tummy. So I am good with him on that. I like the results of @ Fakeisthenewreal her tummy after lipo retracted beautifully.

Contour Waist. Oh my gosh, there are so many wonderful results of Dr. Hasan snatching a waist. There are too many to name them all but I must name a few of my favorites in no particular order:
@Chenemonique – she also shares an indepth Youtube video documenting her experience and results.
@Tawana4372 – love this woman!!! and don’t even know her. She shares extensive knowledge and is big on encouraging so many in the sx community on RS and IG.
@415hasandoll – Her immediate results were astonishing!
@AssAssAss – this girls physique has led to business venture for her. I mean very small waist and all of the junk she requested right in her trunk. She carries it well. lol
So basically, I am super excited and nervous but overall feel that I will not regret my decision and that Dr. Anthony Hasan can deliver the results I would and add some fat to my glutes! Lol.

His results speaks for itself. The prices of elective sx in California vs Florida are a huge price point. The tummy without a tuck and putting the fat where it truly belongs. The proof is in the pudding. I mean c’mon what girl doesn’t want fat where it belongs.

Although I have not had a bad experience with Eres formely Vanity, many of their patients have. Up until this part of my journey, my surgery coordinator, Fabrizia has been awesome. The pre-op ladies, Yohania and Claudia (mgr) have all been great and what one would expect when scheduling a doctors appointment. However, there are countless reviews of frustration that are outright inconsiderate to out-of-state consumers, date swapping, doctor switching, you name it. But for me, I have not dealt with any of the sort.
Deaths. Yes, let’s talk about it. It’s real, it has happened on more than one occasion and to more than one doctor. I’m talking about Eres plastic surgery alone. My doctor of choice. Dr. Hasan (the unlicensed and uncertified dermatologist) that many refer to him as. He has a death on his record as well. You know the truth is that this surgery like any other comes with possible complications up to and including death. Unfortunately, Maribel Cordona died. You can google the story or use this link to read about it for yourself.
I have also read about her very sad and untimely death. This womans death reminds myself and I’m sure others of the risks that we are taking with this sx. This is an elective surgery so obviously I am not getting it to improve my health just to enhance my appearance. There I said, it!!!! It took me a while to get to that point without feeling vain. I am a mom of 2 boys and been married to the love of my life for 18 years. I have battled with the thoughts of a guilty mom and wife. I have fought the fear of going under and finally conquered it.

Although I have not read about any dolls who have publicly posted (doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist) but I repeat I have not read of any dolls who had a sx with Dr. Hasan who was not happy with their overall results. I have read reviews about more than a handful of dolls who experienced the painful and emotional recovery of lipo burns. The recovery for patients traveling from out of state. No aftercare. You are pretty much on your own after leaving the state and must allocate funds for any possible complications or very good aftercare through your private care insurance. I am prepared for that mentally and financially. So with that, I have made an informed decision and countless hours researching and am ready to move forward on a positive note and share my journey and experience with all of you ladies here on RS. I feel that so many of your reviews have helped me and given me the courage and confidence to secure my sx date. I now will add myself to the ranks of those who will gladly document as I move closer to March 21st. I welcome and appreciate ALL feedback!

Wish Pics. . . Nahh

You know gurlz I really don’t have any wish pics for myself.
However I have seen so many women butts (lol…lol) it’s almost second nature to look.
It’s crazy, I can be out in public and catch myself tracking the women with the smooth back and nice physique I mean for the past few months I have seen first-hand some jaw dropping amazing transformations!!!

So I am going to post photos of some of those that I would be completely satisfied with.

My ultimate desire is to have the bra roll removed off my back, underarms and a contoured waistline.

The size of my butt is not that big of a deal to me as is the shape of my overall figure. I hope that make sense.

Inspirational Photos

Sorry about that here are the pics I attempted to upload with my last post. I am so excited!!!!


With a heavy heart, I decided on another doctor. Dr. Hasan took a leave of absence and all of his patients were cancelled from March-June.

My sx was scheduled for March 21st so I was cancelled as well. I was given the option of another doctor or reschedule with Hasan when he returns.

Although I admire Hasans work I just did not have the flexibility of time to go in late summer as our family vacation was already planned. I would need to reschedule for next spring and again we had prior engagement that would cause a conflict in scheduling.

So, I consulted with a local doctor and chose to proceed with my sx during spring break in California. I decided on Dr. Dass in Beverly Hills, CA.

My sx was March 7th. My husband was more comfortable with this arrangement as well as it meant recovering at home and being more prepared for post op care should any complications arise. I am posting before and after pics.

3 weeks post-op

My results. I am still swelling at 3 weeks. I am happy with my results. I hope that this back fat would be gone.
Miami Physician

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