I Have a BBL Date with Dr. Hasan :) Yaaassss!!!! MARCH 2017 - Miami, FL

Ok RS I have been thinking of doing liposculpture...

Ok RS I have been thinking of doing liposculpture for about 2 years now. I had a breast reduction and was left with a great deal of back fat. Through exercise and strength training it minimized it a bit but not enough that it does'nt annoy me in sundresses or bathing suits. I recently had a 12lb weight gain and now the bra roll has friends. This led me to realself and as I started reading reviews about liposuction with good results, I stumbled across Dr Hasan's work.
So now, I want the rolls removed, a sculpted waist, and while your at it, pad the bum please. A little cushion for the lady please :)
I paid my deposit and my date is set for March 22, 2017. I am hoping to move the date up to coordinate things at home.
Nonetheless, so many reviews have helped me out tremedously, I decided to document my journey as well.

Looking to switch my date with Hassan in March 2017

Hi RS Sistahs. I am scheduled for surgery with Dr. Hassan on March 22nd 2017!!!! I am super excited and looking forward to sharing my journey because Lord knows I have read sooo many wonderful posts from other Hasan Dolls.

If anyone is flexible with their SX date in March, I am very interested in switching. I am hoping for March 10th, March 13th or 14th.
Even though I paid my deposit and booked my date, I prefer an earlier date because my son will be on spring break during the week of March 5th - March 20th. Otherwise, I have to reschedule for June during Summer break. We are flying out from CA and will be going to Disneyworld for a few days and driving to Miami so I can have my procedure before flying back home.

From the time I spoke with Eres and put my deposit down, the dates of February and March were flying like it was a black Friday sale. so I was stuck with a date I really can't use but refused to loose.. lol...lol.. but in all honestly I really need the earlier part of March.

Any dolls interested, please let me know via private message if you can help a sistah out,I am willing to show my love and appreciation with a token of thanks xoxo I need help!!!

Happy journaling muahh :)


I woke up this morning and realized I have leas than 90 days until my date. This is so exciting and nerve wrecking. I am so addicted to RS and the IG sx community.

Less than 90 days to go. . .

Miami Physician

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