37 and Two C Section Later - South Africa, ZA

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I saw Dr Dumas on Monday and scheduled a mini...

I saw Dr Dumas on Monday and scheduled a mini tummy tuck and BA for the 7th Feb 2014!!!

So I am feeling super excited as my tummy has literally bothered me my whole life and cant wait to get it sorted out! The BA is due to me breast feeding my youngest until he was 2.5years old, so now it looks like I have two pancakes instead of boobs! Not really nervous about the ba, more about the TT!

Theatre date might change from the 7th - the 12th of Feb but I will keep you posted!

Look forward to hearing from you.

Date change

So my date has moved to the 12th Feb now as my hubby has to go away on business the weekend of the 7th and couldn't get out of it! So my pre op is now the Mon 10th feb followed by surgery date Wed 12th! Sooo excited but nervous too!

2 weeks to go....

So tomorrow will be 2 weeks until my surgery and I can't wait for it to be done! The nerves are still there and some days I question whether I have made the right decision but then I remind myself that its something I have always wanted and then I get excited all over again!
I started taking folic acid and extra vitamin C from Mon, as well as making sure to remember my multi vitamin daily! Any further suggestions or ideas?

I decided to be brave and post my 2 weeks pre op pics for you all! Yuck, they're not pretty but I guess we all in the same boat .....

Confusing but bear with me here

So i mentioned my original op date was the 7th Feb, then had to change it to the 12th. Anyways, my hubby managed to get out of his weekend commitment so we changed it back to the 7th. The only problem is my surgeon is only back from overseas tomorrow and I really wanted a preop before surgery. I have left it in the hands of his receptionist and told her to let me know asap tomorrow whether I can a) have a preop wed or thurs and b) have my op on Friday.

Soooo long story short, I either have 3 or 8 sleeps to go and either way I just can't wait and want to be on the flat side already ;)

Will keep you posted as soon as I hear!

Pre op appt and date set..........

Hi all,
Just to keep you posted, I had my pre op appointment today where doc managed to answer all my questions and put my mind at ease.
We also booked the final date - 11th Feb 2014 which means i have 5 sleeps to go! So sorry to have messed you all around with the dates, but we have now finalised tues day as "the day"
I am so so so excited but feel like I have loads of things to do before then!

Chat soon

1 day post op

Hi RSers!

Well I survived my abdominoplasty with muscle repair and BA! The day of surgery kind of went past in a haze as i was well drugged!
This morning my breast drains were removed and I got a surgery bra to wear home! I have been very dizzy but other than that the pain isn't really bad at all!
My tummy is very gassy/swollen already, didn't expect it so soon so hope its ok? Got post op at ps on Friday, where he will remove my tummy drain too.
Will post pics as soon as I can.

One week Post op

Hi all.
So yesterday was my first week post op done and dusted! I must say I am pleasantly surprised that it was easier than I thought it would be! The worst part in the first week has been swell hell and back pain. I got muscle relaxers from the ps for the back pain and that seems to be working well but make me super tired! I am still swollen but I am sure that will go down with time!
I am walking 95% straight and so far feeling much better!
These pics are from yesterday which mark the one week point!
Thanks for reading and happy healing! x x

4 Weeks post op

So sorry that I haven't been on line much, but the usual rush of life is back to normal and finding time is impossible!
But that being said, today marks the 4 weeks post op mark so I thought i would update my journey so far!
I found that the second week after surgery I was more uncomfortable than in pain and managed to stop all meds in the second week too!
The third week I was back to life as normal! I was given the all clear to drive so started driving at the end of week two and by week three I was doing the school run! Week three was tiring yet I managed to do everything I needed to do with my children and coped fine! I was walking straight in week three and other than swelling and a strange pain in/over my rib cage I was ok! Oh and constipation is still bothering me but I am upping my fibre intake to try help that!
Yesterday I had another post op with my ps and he is very please with my progress! He gave me the green light to swim again and said I could have a much needed massage too! I told him about the pain i had in the rib cage area and he knew straight away what it is! It is caused by inflammation of the gland that runs down the sides of your body. He said it isn't an infection but if you can imagine it is like an elastic band that goes rigid when inflamed. So he massaged it which was soooo painful I nearly shot through the roof but he said it should feel better afterwards. True to his word, a few hours later it was no where near as sore as it has been and by this morning I have no more pain other than if I touch the area, I feel slightly bruised! What a big difference that made! Recovery wise I feel like I am back to normal however the swelling still persists! I asked the ps about the swelling and he said it can take 3 - 6 months to subside so I must just be patient!
Well that is my essay done for now, here are some pics taken this morn:
Dr Leon Dumas

Specialist plastic surgeon

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