Breast Lift (lollypop incision) without implants

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I'm fine with the size of my breasts, but they are...

I'm fine with the size of my breasts, but they are so saggy and I have one of the largest areolas I've ever seen. Very hard to look at and very uncomfortable when I'm not wearing a bra. This procedure will be done one month after my tummy tuck. Dr says this procedure will be much faster and easier with recovery. They'll do this one in office vs in a surgery center. I need to clarify what kind of incisions he will make

Pre Op

Had my 10 day follow up for my Tummy Tuck, and combined that with my lift pre -op. He was originally going to only make the incision around the areola , but from previous reviews I got nervous it wouldn't be as effective. I told him if he needs to cut under the breast to help give more lift, then that's totally fine with me. I'll take extra scars for more lift. I've hated these things since I was 15. Been saggy from puberty. Pictures soon to come. Bought my post surgery bra today. Its getting real:)

Almost here

So it's Friday night, and I'm pretty excited for Monday to be here. I'm a little weirded about that this will be an in-office procedure, and that I'll be awake for it. The nurse said I'll be extremely groggy and won't remember much about it, but it's still a little weird to me. I dunno. I'll see how it goes. I bought my close-front bra at Wal-Mart. I guess it's not like my boobs can look much worse than they do now, so what have I got to lose? I'm not getting implants though, so I'm having a hard time imagining what they will look like, but my Surgeon assured me my areolas will be at least half the diameter they are now, so I'm relieved. I was so self conscious about them since I starting growing them.

So far so good

I can't believe I forgot to post before pics. Now I have nothing to go off of for progress pics. I guess for now I can just talk about my experience. I had my surgery 5 days ago. I was awake for it. It was an in office lift. I basically took my Xantax an hour before I got there, didn't feel much different so they gave me more when I got there to relax a bit. I felt like I was about to go into the dentist office for a cleaning. I sat in the chair, got some local anesthetic, and basically chatted with the surgeon and nurse while they worked on me. I think the pills kicked in at the end of the surgery because of I don't remember much after that. I spent most of the day in bed after falling asleep sitting up in my living room. Woke up the next morning sore, but fine. I'm still sore and very much bruised, but so far I think I'll like the results. It's hard to tell what they could look like in the next few months. First post op will be in 4 days, so hoping they tell me it looks good at this point.
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