Tummy Tuck - Here We Go (Diabetic, 5'4")

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Ok so I am diabetic, 5'4 and had a 9lb baby. I...

Ok so I am diabetic, 5'4 and had a 9lb baby. I have always had a belly before baby and probably as a baby it does not go away. I am headed to the Dr tomorrow for a consult and to schedule. the soonest I can get in is is the 3rd of June. I am very nervous and oh so excited !!!!! I will post before and after photos and keep you updated.

As of right now I am going stir crazy. My care...

As of right now I am going stir crazy. My care taker has dropped me back at home and full mommy duties have been reinstated. However without trips to the park and such we both have energy to burn. I feel like I still have a bit of muffin top. My love handles are split in half. The results are still amazing but just curious if this will even out ever. I will Try to take pics to show my concern better. I am still draining a ton of fluid so my temporary testicles will be with me for a bit longer.

I can stand up straight and move about for the...

I can stand up straight and move about for the most part. The drains are the only thing that keeps me taking the pain pills. I only need them about every eight hours. They gave me so many different pills I would be in heaven if I like the damn things. I got into trouble because the first two day I taking 2 pills every three hours. The label said take 1 to 2 pills every 3 or 4 hours. Needless to say I was using them up quickly and ran out. when I called the nurse she flipped out on my step mom who was taking care of me. So one may want to watch that. The one thing that I have noticed is my blood sugar has come under better control after surgery and less insulin is needed.

I chose my provider based on the recommendation...

I chose my provider based on the recommendation that he was an expert on different body types and sizes of all ethnic backgrounds. When I went for the consultation they were so kind and ensured that I would be taken care of and that I would be fitted with the perfect garment. I chose Dr. L, who is a bit more expensive to be pampered.

After surgery the first binder was fine as there was gauze and padding. When they took that off and sent me home with a smaller binder it DID NOT fit. I have a very large booty which I happen to love and it starts high. The binder would flip up in the back and jut into my drains. I called my after care nurse and informed her of the situation and was told to add gauze around each drain. This did not help as the elastic pushed it away. I then went in again and they were going to take out the drains or at least one. The nurse decided that they were not ready. She then put me in a garment that was horribly painful to put on and pushed the drains into my skin in a horrible way. The zipper got stuck and the garment had to be cut off. The torture was repeated as she put me into a new garment. It was looser however still very very tight on the drains. She then put on the same binder that jutted into my drains. I left in tears as each movement felt as if I was getting stabbed. By the time I was at home my drain area was stuck to the garment. I called her and she told to me just to wear the binder with padding. For the next few days I was covered in leakage from the drain site. The binder continued to add pressure to the drains and make it almost unbearable. The nurse told me it was just part of the process abruptly.The drains hurt at the site and all the way up to my rib. Every time I put the binder on it was excruciating. By the second week I was waking up to foul smell. As I got into the shower to head to the Dr. my right drain slid out. The left was on its way as the binder had sawed the stitches off.

I got to office and the nurse acted surprised that I was in pain. She yanked the second drain and it felt horrid. I was then put into a different garment that was way to big except on the crotch. the elastic around the crotch was insanely tight, however the rest of the garment was way loose. I have to wrap a sheet around my torso to get the compression needed followed by my c section band then the compression garment. The last bit is the rx she told me she would take care of it twice and never called.

In conclusion all of this is not acceptable because of how it was dealt with. If all the pain was normal explain to me kindly that it was. Instead the after care nurse was very dismissive and sounded annoyed on every call. As far as the garment they took my measurements and saw how curvy I was and should have planned accordingly. I should not have to call and complain, if I did have something that need to be addressed it should have been handled with care and up most concern. I felt like I was being told to conform to their idea of what should fit me. Somehow that was so emotionally hurtful. If I could return my belly based on the customer service I would. I don't like having to fight for what I paid for after such a taxing surgery.

I made a call to the Dr.'s office because I...

I made a call to the Dr.'s office because I really like the surgeon and his people should reflect his work. I told the office manager my woes and she listened which helped me release my frustration. She assured me that they would provide me with the correct garments. I talked to the after care nurse and she apologized for not explaining that they would eventually get me into the correct garment. She thought that she had done a bang up job. We spoke back and forth about the situation and they were having trouble with the protocol with tummy tuck after care. I feel better that we spoke. However I am still leery about recommending them with out the for warning. I will see how it continues I have another appointment next week and I will save my opinion till the end. As far as my healing it is going really well. The results are amazing. It's so unreal to me still. Somehow it is just not connecting that it really happened. M body looks so different with a flat tummy.

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I am not sure but I will let you know.

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