Full lift 325 cc 9 months ago/ revision 450 cc correction 9 days post op

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I'm 5foot 3 inches and weigh 139, I'm going in for...

I'm 5foot 3 inches and weigh 139, I'm going in for a Breast Lift and 325 ccs silicon moderate profile. The dr recommended a lollipop lift, i'm ok with but I'm terrified that I wont like them or get sick. Although I like the weight of my current breasts, I HATE the look. I'm 38 and have one child which I breast fed for a month. Everytime I sit down I feel my floopy breasts sit on my belly --YUCK!!! I also have large areolas and am stressing that I want them reduced.

300 or 325 cc's?

I rode my horse yesterday and felt my old boobs flopping around with a normal bra on, I thought should I go smaller? but I think I will like the fullness a 325 gives me. the 350's made me look heavy. any thoughts? I know everyone's different.

Surgery the 22nd, moved up two days/Pre Op

I had my pre-op, feeling more confident and excited. I dropped off my perscriptions-
percoset, valium, celebrex, and antibiotic. I'm supposed to sleep in a "recliner like" position. I tried on 300 cc liked the size and the nurse said they would go with a 325 mentor* moderate profile implant b/c that is what will look like what I want. If I went with a 300cc it would look like the 285 cc implant I tried. I'm a little nervous about that but she also mentioned that they would look great. I paid the balance and am totally commited, here I go!

last weekend before Boobs

lets just say, I have never seen my hubby so excited to help while I recover, I think he is just excited. Every night and everytime I wake up, I'm thinking about them. I just hope that recovery goes well. I also wish I went a liitle bigger but we will see.
The next time I update I will have my implants, I hope the pain is worth it!! Inside in I know it will. I just cant take the sag anymore! I also have been trying to get out and run, I don't know what i'm going to do for 4-6 weeks, walk I guess.

ok, they are here!

This was easy, I knew I was being silly, I'm on pain meds so we will see as time passes. I should have gone bigger. I'm excited to see my nips, as the dr reduced them but all bandaged up. I ate some lunch and am watching tv.
EASY IN AND OUT. Don't worry ladies

1 day after and I want to see them!

I have a post op today, the pain is still about a 1-2, I think i'm going to like the size, I was dopey yesterday and the drugs do make your emotions go from one end to another. I do not regret this in anyway.. I was scared I was going to think, what did I do? but NO WAY! its nice to know that under my bandages these guys are high and tight! Just the way I wanted them. It is just all the freaky stories about women getting huge ones and then regretting them or the nipples are pointing two different directions. I have a feeling Dr Murphy is a perfectionist and cant wait to post results.

2nd day post op

I woke up really GRUMPY, The new boobs hurt a little but its just pressure and sensitivity around the nipples. Also I'm itchy from the meds and pretty foggy. I'm drinking coconut water and trying to not to think about how long it is going to be until my normal activity resumes. I just keep telling myself 6 weeks is not that long. We need to find pain meds without side effects.

3 Day Post Op Appointment, off came the bandages, then gave me a white bra

I went to my dr's and met with the nurse who took off my bandages and at last I saw them, big (to me) perky and small nips-YEH!!!! I took a shower when I arrived home, cleaned them,put gauze on, and then the white post op bra. I have decided no more pain pills, they are too much for me. I can live with the pain here on out. I will continue the muscle relaxers and Celebrex. I love my size and I don't even fell the weight. I'm VERY HAPPY!

4 days post op, hello scars, no tape, just stitches

Scars are not great, but I heal well so I'm guessing these will get much better in time! I'm happy with size and shape. Beware of pic, its not pretty-plus my implants have not even started to drop. Swelling is down a little. I still love them all marked up anything was better than the before

7 days post op, feeling better

I freaked out 5 days post op b/c of a little bleeding...so I didn't move too much for two days. Today I took a shower and , put on a clean bra, and just felt human again. My boobs are great, my left implant is slowly starting to drop, but right is still high but not as high as it was 3-4 days post op. My right chest muscle is much stronger than my left b/c I handle the horses with my right arm, lunging and leading them. It will drop slowly and I'm not worried. I really like the size although I do have a little boob greed, I know though that going bigger would not be suitable for riding or running. So I'm very happy with my boobies. My chest feels good.

one more pic of the 7 day post op scars for lollipop lift, Stiches still in

did you other ladies get Celebrex as one of your medications? just curious?

8 days post op

Feeling better everyday.I have attached a pic of generic scar cream (I cant use this for awhile since I still have stitches in!) I had a huge scar on my head and used it. It has the same ingredients as Mederma but costs almost nothing. I think it is silly when Dr's say scar creams don't work, then sell you some expensive face cream, that never works.
I even use it on my face, bye, bye discoloration and acne! its amazing. I have suffered for years, but no more. Its cheap $2-4 dollars for 1 oz tube. I even used it on itchy scalp, (I was desperate), it worked.

9 days and still laying around not doing much, MUCH Better Everyday- Stitches out tomorrow!

soreness and swelling down and implants are slowly dropping, my right has come down. the bruising is down, stitches out tomorrow!! I will post pics. I cringe at my 4day post op pic, the scarring, wrinkling is so bad, but it improves so much each day!

10 days post op Stitches out

right boob, is still about 2-3 days behind the left on healing but my right nipple is getting less bruised everday. I feel achey in both boobs if I do too much. I did some laundry, but really I feel like I need a few more days. I almost gasped for air when ps pushed them together yesterday at my post op. I had not really touched them yet except for neosporin and changing gauze. He said I need to start massage everyday. My hubby has left for hunting for the next two weeks so I have to start feeding horses on my own and I don't want to overdue it. I have a good friend coming to help. My hubby loves them but I'm glad he is gone, b/c I have to keep fighting him away ;)

If I wore an push up bra with these things, they would be on my forehead

ok, I thought my boobs were going to pop out of my chest, they were so tight, achy, pins, needls, felt tender on the sides. I went to buy a gift and then to a kids b-day party for 2 hours. I started massaging, like every 5 minutes as soon as I could, felt a little better.
Today I feel about 5 times better.

2 weeks post op

I freaked out yesterday, I took a shower and when I got out and looked the rt breast vertical incision, it was pussy, red, and it still hurt really bad, so I called the dr and am on more antibiotics. I was afraid the implant wasn't too happy and causing infection. I went back to the Dr on Monday, he was very reassuring. I was scared. I want everything to go well. The nurses were very sweet and also reassured me. I did pick the Right Dr, that is for sure! I mean I called him on Sunday and he returned my message immedietly, and called in a prescription. Please excuse all my typos, I have to go get my nails, they are long, its hard to type.

one more pic, I'm sitting

Infection getting better, healing slowly, still laying around

pics are the same, I know I' going to have bad scaring on vertical line. my rt boob still hurts and is high.
I will post pics if and when there is improvement. Beware ladies, you can get infections. Mine is similar to a lot of the pics seen on this site with infections.

Lost 7lbs of muscle sitting around

ok, I really need to get my butt off the couch but still have pain and my infected incision is still not great but getting better. I'm a couple of days behind on pics but here is one taken 14 days after surgery. Rt nipple and incision are struggling but might heal ok.

18 days post op

feeling better, but still very sore. I'm going to attempt to get out of recliner and go to kids b-day party again. My left side feels great, still waiting on rt side. These 18 days seem like the longest of my life but I know its temporary. I have not been wearing a bra or anything since incision infection. It seems to want to heal. I just remember when I was younger, I would heal in days...not so any more. Still drinking coconut water, taking immune vitamins, finished the last of the anitbiotics today.

Freaky Faint

ok, last night, I almost passed out. I felt weakness, then vision started going. I went to sit down, felt sick to my stomach. I was so scared. I gave my daughter the address on a piece of paper and told her if mom passes out to not panic and call 911. Inside I was scared but didn't want to panic her. I started sweating like crazy (dripping sweat). I layed down and started drinking glass after glass of water.
Well, I felt better and fell asleep. When I woke up this am, I felt even better- Hardly any pain. I hope never to go through that again. Dehydration or side effects of antibiotics, not sure. I'm thinking it was my body saying good buy to all the drugs.

Very scary PICS and very Scary trip to the Emergency Room

I need to be honest about experience, I have tried hard to keep this infection to myself, but I ended up in the ER. I never want talk bad about anyone and I wanted this experience to be a positive one. Although when I look at the photos of the women who had lifts the same day as I (about the same stats, age, height weight etc) I realize my Dr did a sloppy job sewing me up and I have had an experience in the ER, I hope no women has to go through. Don't get me wrong, I still love my boobs and hope they heal without revision. I just don't recommend this Dr. Its really too bad b/c I liked him until I started to get infection and realized that I really didn't get any follow up care. The ER nurse had a few things to say after they had me stabilized. I knew then, that I had to be honest with myself and about this DR. IT IS HIS JOB TO FOLLOW UP WITH YOU especially when a patient gets an infection. Dr Murphy didn't even believe me when I told him what was going on so I had to have the busy ER Doctor call him. I never heard anything back. Just Disgusting!!

MY Infection was cause by the Nurse not removing stiches in my right breast

to my horror, I took a shower today and looked at my still red wide incision and noticed two crisscross stiches in my right breast. I removed them myself and hope that the worst is behind me. What a horror story about this dr and his nurse.
I cant believe she did that, how bad a nurse can you be. These DO NOT Dissolve.

I went in b/c the office manager called me and lets face I was still scared more of these stiches would show up

I went in and saw the nurse and the dr after I had a conversation with the office manager, I mean, I needed help, lets just face it. The nurse took out the remaining stiches and secured me that the stiches were dissolvable. Although I did have a reaction to the stiches and they were not dissolving in my body. Who knew?
I'm happy that they called me and that I was able to get a good follow up, and a little understanding on what was happening. I will update with pics soon.
Good luck to you in your journey, What a journey it has been but seeing the light.

ok, still not right-10 weeks later

I have pus and blackness at my incision site, after going back to the DR, he reassured me that the blue stitches were the ones that did not dissolve, well here they come out of my incision. What a mess. I was right, they had not removed my stitches properly. I hate when Dr's don't listen and blow u off.

I do hope they heal, I think I will really enjoy them

I have a love- hate relationship with these. I love them but with this new set back I get upset.
One moment I think everything is on the mend and them a pus blister on the incision. It has oozed and is now just red. The hole is about a quarter of an inch in diameter. I hope it heals and no more show up.

I started using the silvadene cream 1 percent-it helped!

This cream really helped with my incisions healing! if you have any kind of incision issues, this silver sulfadiazine cream is great. Another Dr recommended it. I'm finally feeling better, my incision is still very lumpy so I'm still careful, I like them but dread going in for a scar revision, I'm pretty much done with plastic surgery. This was a very scary ordeal and I know they don't last forever so I will have to get them re-done down the road.

Another 3 month post op photo

love the shape, not so happy with incision

Revision done 9 days ago went with 450 cc

I decided that I wanted a revision done. It has been 9 days ago. My healing has gone better this time. The surgery was not painful. I had implants exchanged for 450 cc. The dr knew a better way to stich me up since my last experience with him. Im happy to have chosen the same surgereon.

3weeks post op Revision

Healing well

good size

Englewood Plastic Surgeon

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