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I'm a 36 B right now and really hoping to be at...

I'm a 36 B right now and really hoping to be at least a DDD. I'll be getting 700ccs high profile under the muscle with silicone in the crease. I'm about 3 1/2 weeks out and I can't wait!!!! Still trying to gather everything for my recovery and get organized. I'm ready to have it done and be totally healed.

Two weeks pre op

I'm BA is in two weeks, I'm getting nervous and excited!!! Not sure how I should prepare my house for it. Any of you ladies have any advice other than clean it?

If only you could edit!

I meant to say my BA is in two weeks

Had my last preop appt with my amazing doctor and staff!!!!

So because they are putting my implant under the muscle we are doing an 800cc instead of 700cc. I wanted to scream at the appt because I'm so excited. Bring on the big cans!!!!

One week

This time next week I'll be home with Boobs!!!!!! I'm getting nervous!!!!!

Day of surgery

So I had my BA this morning and I feel great! My doctor and his staff are amazing and made it very relaxing!!! I only had tough pain for a few hours. This has been a million times easier than I thought it would be. I'm able to lift my arms up with no pain and pull up my pants without pain either.

One day post op

I'm loving my results!!!!

Four days out

I've hit the point where I'm over the recovery and just want the pain gone. It's not horrible just annoying. The thought of eating grosses me out but you have to eat to take pills. I stopped taking my pain killers because I hate that I did nothing but sleep. Been using extra strength Tylenol which helps but not as much. I feel like this has been a bitchy post but I'm tired and I'm a bitch. Lol

Day four

Week out

I'm a week out from my BA. So right now I'm measuring between a DD/DDD, is this my size or will I get bigger?

One week

Englewood Plastic Surgeon

I've only had one consultation but I think he's awesome. Awesome staff as well.

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