28, Very Tall and Skinny: 6'0, 135-140 Lbs, Hardly Any Natural Breast Tissue at 34AA...finally Ready! - Englewood, CO

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Had my consultation last week with a PS that came...

Had my consultation last week with a PS that came highly recommended from several friends, all of whom had great results! I am getting so excited but having a lot of anxiety and fears worrying that my results will be closer to what I dread than what I love due to my own body "eccentricities".

I have extremely small breasts and very little natural breast tissue. I almost feel like I never went through puberty and have always hated my boyish, curveless body. On top of the lack of breast tissue, I also have a slightly deformed chest with pectus carinatum (my sternum sticks out a little, also known as "pigeon chest" colloquially). So my already tiny boobs look even smaller and point slightly outward.

After my consultation, I'm feeling pretty bummed out. Not because of the doctor or experience--he was extremely supportive and engaging and I definitely want to schedule with him. I'm just looking at my body and the results I want and thinking it's not going to be possible for me. They did warn me that one of my nipples might be further outward facing than the other. Some of the results I've seen of women with pectus carinatum are so outward facing and super far apart and that scares the s*** out of me. I love the look of cleavage without a bra--not super intense cleavage, but breasts that are fairly close together--and I'm just getting discouraged that these results may not be possible for me. Another fear out of the pectus carinatum is that they will start to migrate outward with time. I didn't even know this was a possibility until I looked into this type of chest wall deformity in more depth...never thought my sternum would limit my possibilities. This is probably what scares me the most. I don't think I'll be happy if I have saggy armpit boobs in a few years, or if I don't have something even close to cleavage afterwards due to them being far apart.

Size wise, I said I wanted a full c/small d but am definitely leaning more toward d at this point. I'd be happier with too large of breasts than too small--I'm over being too small!! :) We tried on sizers and I liked the look of both the 415 (approx? can't remember) and the 485, so we talked about a range around 450 cc silicon implants. Now, I'm leaning more toward 485, the more I think about it. A decision this big is causing me huge anxiety! I want to look like a bombshell for the first time in my life and have gorgeous boobs that look great braless and in bathing suits--the 2 things I look forward to the most!

I also feel like I didn't completely voice these concerns during my consultation and I'm not sure the PS actually knows what I want or what is possible for me. I kind of froze when he asked what questions I have, but I don't think I realized how much variability there is in BA results. I'm feeling overwhelmed by my "research"!

Just feeling discouraged and have seen how supportive this community is. Has anyone else experienced this type of anxiety?

Posting some wish boobs--many from the lovely ladies on here!

Before pics and first try on of sizers!

VS add 2 cups bras have been my friend! Hoping to not rely on push up bras after the surgery!

Apologies for some of the blur/weird lines on my body. I just wanted to cover my tattoos for anonymity and did a horrible job of blurring them out, hah! :)

Side note--so weird to post such revealing pics of my body!

Second (and third and fourth) opinions

I have made a few more consultation appointments with some highly recommended and reviewed doctors. As much as I love the results the first PS described to me, I am a little uncertain about his methodology. It sounds like he only does one type of method which sounds a little bizarre to me. Different methods and implants are good for different girls' needs. Maybe I am just misunderstanding and he was telling me what he would do in my case but it sounded a lot like "here's the way I approach an implant with all my patients"...

Anyway, second opinions can't hurt. It's a big decision! I'm trying to reconcile the fact that I will have tiny boobs for swimsuit season again and feeling a little disappointed with the lack of foresight in planning this. But oh well, next summer I'll be dropped, fluffed, and have plenty of time to acquire new bathing suits in post summer sales, haha!!

I want to hear what other doctors recommend and am already leaning most toward my last consult that I will have on June 14th, just with what I have seen this doctor produce on other women.

Does anyone have recommendations for rice versus water sizers and how closely these resemble what you ended up with? I want to try them on at home and get used to the look and feel to aid my decision making. I wish the doctors would just lend me a few pairs, haha!

Hope all you lovelies are well! I'm stoked to see some of you that were recently operated on and already loving your results! This is a great community.

Feeling down...

Just had my 3rd consult and just feeling down. I keep expressing what I want in terms of results and I just think I'm doomed to have widely spaced boobs because of my rib cage. To top it off, I have a friend getting implants soon and the way her body is structured you can pretty much tell they will look great bc she already has cleavage with fairly small breasts. I have the opposite because of my rib cage. I've wanted to do this since I went through puberty and I'm feeling really disappointed. I can't even find other girls with similar bone deformities to me and I'm feeling really alone in my frustrations.

I hate to admit this, but this process is making me hate my body even more because of the things I can't change impacting what I have always wanted to change. It sucks to think about spending so much money to have a certain look and thinking I'll never be able to have the braless look I have wanted and still be dependent on bras.

Sorry to be such a downer today.

On a side note, did anyone notice different doctors giving different measurements? My last appointment had my bwd at 12.3 and the one today measured between 13 and 14.
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