Upper and Lower Braces with an Upper Jaw Stretcher - United Kingdom, GB

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Well, I've had braces on for just under 6 months...

Well, I've had braces on for just under 6 months now and they're doing a LOT of of help to my teeth. I've also got an upper jaw stretcher that is super annoying, but it seems to be doing the trick. I've had 2 check ups, the first time I had my bands changed, I had blue, and the last time I went I was cheeky and got green and purple for Halloween :D so yeah, that's my story so far!

Just went to my 3rd appointment!

I've had the coil taken off from the bottom, and had two put on the top on my two incisers. I can see that my arch at the bottom is starting to take a nice shape, but ny top one hasnt started to yet and theyre still trying to tyrn the teeth around so they face the right way :P At the moment my mouth REALLY kills, including my jaw, and my face :/ but it was only put on about 4 hours ago. I've had my bands changed to dark turquoise and red :D

Quick update!

My teeth are all over the place, due to the stretcher doing its thaaaang. I should be getting it out on my next appointment, and then my teeth can actually begin to be straightened :D

4th Appointment!

Hi all! Urgh, turns out the stretcher wasn't ready to be taken out this time, but my orthodontist booked the head orthodontist to have it taken out next appointment (roughly 6 weeks) so there is a very good chance it will be taken out then! Yay! I've also had to two coils on my incisors taken out and had brackets put on them, and my wire has been tightened, oh joy.
I've had my colours changed to yellow and pink! They aren't that noticable, but oh we'll :/ I'll go bold next time!!

5th appointment

Helloo all!
I've come back from my appointment, and I again didn't have the stretcher out :/ I've had chains put on my bottom and upper teeth to close gaps. I've had my wire changed to the thickest one there is, and I've had vertical bands put in.. Yay. So I've got a quadruple whammy of pain, stretcher, thickest wire, chain bands, and vertical bands. I've gone for bright green, I have to say, it very noticeable, and AWESOME! :D
The vertical bands are very easy to put in, and I have to wear them 24/7, apart from eating big meals, and brushing.

Photos from my 5th appointment

For some reason, the photos didn't save..
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