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Hello everybody, i am new to all this but came...

Hello everybody, i am new to all this but came across the site when googling various questions on breast reduction! I am 25 years old and have had big boobs for as long as i can remember. Currently a size 30G and never been much smaller. One of my earliest memories being at school aged about 9/10 and another girl saying 'pull your top tight, it looks like you have boobs' which left me hating them from the get go. No other girls had them then! Anyways, i have spent years despising the size, shape, stretch marks, back pain, shoulder pain, expensive bras..the list is endless. Only now have i had the confidence to take the plunge and show anybody them in order to get a breast reduction. My husband bearly sees them let alone a doctor!
So firstly i was wondering..Has anyone recently had this operation on the NHS?
What should i be doing to prepare myself for the surgery any special advice other than the general stuff im planning?
I think im just looking for a place to talk this through since nobody has the understanding of this other than people suffering with the same!
My husband is supportive of the surgery, but worries i will hate the scars. I currently dont have these ugly big boobs on show so cant see myself why scars would bother me?
I feel as though i am so focused on the outcome of the surgery and so happy to be getting it that i am maybe overlooking the inbetween part. I have no fears of getting the surgery, not worrying about pain or scars. All i want is to be rid of these things! Is this normal?!
Sorry for the huge post, feel a bit silly as i dont even know what im rambling on about. But hoping you ladies will understand my nonsense!

Too scared for topless yet!

Im not quite confident enough yet to put up my naked boobs!! So this is for myself more than anything as a little bit of progress. Had my husband take pics of them topless, they are even worse than how i see them normally!!

First dressing change

A picture of me 7 days in. Had just travelled an hour each way to have my dressings changed. I had a big sticky support bandage underneath my boobs until this felt amazing to have it removed! I still feel like they look huge on pictures, only in clothes do I really see the difference.

2 week dressing change

I forgot to take a picture with all my steris completely removed as I was so excited to see my nipples! The lines are so fine - for some reason I expected much worse. You can see some 'puckering' under my boobs as I dont have a long line incision underneath. The surgeon said to expect this and that when things settle he will fix it. To be honest it doesnt bother me in the slightest!


I've been avoiding putting this on, still cant bear to look at them! But I figure if you dont see the befores you cant compare. And if these pics can help others then its worth it. I have better pictures on my ipad but this will do for now..

3 weeks post

Only changed one side of my dressings at a time as I felt a bit sick..Think I can do without them but to be honest I dont feel ready. I keep cleaning my wounds, but too scared to be rough or poke about them too much. Feel like i've put on a bit of weight from not doing much..nothing drastic and I expected to but I feel like I will see my full new boob potential once I am back to myself.

New Bras

Had a bra fitting at the weekend - the lady did say they wont fit for long as I was only 6 weeks post op but I desperately needed some proper support and my surgeon said to get in wires during the day. 30FF is the size of this Freya bra. Dont quite know how I feel!

9 Weeks

Nine weeks post op. Feeling fine, excuse the picture its last thing at night after being at work all day and ive remembered I needed to take a recent picture! On my left breast I have a little bit of excess skin underneath so the end of the scar doesnt sit in the natural crease..This is going to be fixed once everything settles down so hoping they will look more even then. Also my left nipple has never really got its colour back on the top, but in all honesty I never really notice so doesnt bother me at all. Im curious to know what people think of them now? Im still feeling big but when I look back at my old pictures I see the difference.
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