Semi Permanent Make Up/Micro Pigmentation - Eyebrows - England, UK

Had the procedure done today after considering for...

Had the procedure done today after considering for the past couple of months.

Found somebody local who comes to your house - she was very professional and didn't do anything without consent.

Picture is 50% darker than the overall look - colour chosen was golden brown. The tattoo will also shrink so they won't be this thick!

Treatment needs to be repeated after a few weeks once ink had peeled to fill in any gaps.

Holy moly be prepared for the pain!!! It felt like a normal tattoo but a lot more sensitive. My eyes were streaming. If you can deal with tattoos you will be fine.

She suggested putting a thin film of vaseline on all the time for the first week or until the tattoo had peeled.
Photos are prior ( left brows to grow so she could do shape ) and second photo is immediately after treatment

Really Chuffed!

My tattoos are almost all peeled and the colour underneath is a subtle, natural, light brown. All I would say is if you have just had it done and your freaking out cos you look like you have two slugs on your face - do not panic! It does get better. Vaseline allllll the time, do not pick the scabs and be careful when washing your face/washing your hair. Grin and Bare it because it does get better!!!
Hodevah Make Up

Lovely lady and very professional.

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