Implant removal and lift - England

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Hello ladies, first I would like to thank you all...

Hello ladies, first I would like to thank you all for sharing your stories, I can't believe how much time I have spent looking and reading about breasts lately :)
14 years ago I decided to get implants and now really want them out. Looking back I can't believe I done this to my body although I was quite small they were a good shape and in proportion to my body. I had 400 on one side and 450 on the other and after filling out other the last few years I've gone up to an E cup (was originally B before my surgery) and I find them large and cumbersome.
Last week I went with my husband to see a local ps, was feeling nervous but quite excited. After explaining I wanted them out with no replacement but an anchor lift at the same time he said he wouldn't be able to do it without putting new implants in as I would be left with no breast tissue at all just a lot of scarring and his advice was to leave them as they are as I would be very unhappy with the outcome. I left the clinic feeling very upset however after talking to my husband I wonder if he just doesn't have a lot of experience in uplifts and taking them out. I think they do a lot more implants there then anything else.
I have another appointment this Wednesday with beaucare clinic, their consultation is in London however you get the surgery in Brussels which is another really scary thought however I have been reading on the Internet a lot about them and they seem to have really good reviews, it is also nearly half the price which is a Magor consideration as well...
Feeling very scared about how my breasts are going to look after , I have seen some great pictures on here however I'm worried about how thin and stretched my breast tissue is going to be because of the implant size and the length of time they have been in also can't stop thinking about the shape I know that sometimes they don't go as expected and some people have been so unhappy with the results, spending so much time not being able to sleep with worry, why did I do this to myself??
Looking forward to Wednesday hopefully hear a more positive outcome.

pre removal, looking forward to seeing what os has to say on Wednesday.

Explant and lift, finally out after nearly 14 years.

Had my implants removed 2 days ago, finally found a surgeon who I thought was fantastic, was realistic and supportive of my decision to explant and didn't once try to sway me into replacing my implants. Feeling pretty good atm, bit tired bout pain is definitely better than I thought it was going to be, more a discomfort. I will post some pics in the morning.

5 days post op pictures

Took pics last night. Very happy with the size and shape, right breast is definitely more swollen and tender then left but had a larger implant in that side so think that might be the reason why. Was so nervous on the morning of the op wanted to cry but had my husband with me who was great as always bless him and the Mr Pacifico and the staff at the Nuffield hospital were really lovely and very attentive. Did have drains that night and spent most of the night watching TV or playing sudoko. Think it might have been a nerve thing of seeing them for the first time. Was so relieved that night when I had my first look I think I will be so much more comfortable without them. Have not been loads of pain find it more of a discomfort and the bra is driving me crazy, have my first check up on Thursday and will ask about the right breast being a lot more hard and swollen then however it's not red or hot so not to concerned at the moment. Also my stomach is very swollen and I look about 5 months pregnant hopefully that will settle down soon to. Hope everyone is having a great day :)
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