Numbness After Removal of Fibroadenoma

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Pros - Lumps removedCons - numbness, scarring,...

Pros - Lumps removed

Cons - numbness, scarring, lumpiness (small craters where lumps were).

Why I did it - My doctor advised me to have them removed incase of fibroadenoma becoming larger, causing permenant damage to breast tissue. They had already increased in size within a couple of years and the lumps were already visibal without the need to feel.

I am 21, and have recently had 4 fibroadenoma removed just over 3 weeks ago - 2 from each breast ( both around the top part, going towards the shoulder.) But the area where the lumps were in the right breast is still numb, I can hardly feel anything- and its been 3 weeks, I'm scared that this is permenant? / How long will it take for the sensation to come back?
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