34B - Over Muscle 295cc Nagor’s CoGel Anatomical Moderate - England, GB

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Hi, I had my op 12 hours ago. My goal was very...

Hi, I had my op 12 hours ago. My goal was very natural slopped breasts, not too big, just filled back up. I wanted to keep a slight fold to keep them natural looking. I have breast fed 3 children. It's very early but right now they are very solid and fake looking. I have no food and they stick right out like cones. I'm really hoping they settle over time :( ? ?xx

Day 2

Still sore and swollen and numb to touch.

My implants

Day 2

Feeling very sore today. More painful than the previous 2 days.
Like a stabbing aching pain under my arm pits

Day 4 update

Starting to feel better today. Not taking as much pain killers and no longer feel sick or tired. Bloating is bad. I haven't been to the loo for 5 days. I'm also taking laxatives :( Swelling is going down slightly but my boobs still feel very hard and high with a noticeable bump on the top which I hope goes

Day 5

Feeling better each day. I have more energy and I'm getting by with no pain relief. I'm going into town today to invest is some good sports bras and I'm even going to attempt to wash my hair this evening! Breasts are still tingly and swollen and painful to touch. Still feel fair too big and the bump on the top is worrying me. I'm just praying they soften and that bump disappears. I hope it's just swelling and not the top of the implant ????

Day 6

my breasts are ultra sensitive but also numb if that makes sense?
I feel today like I have for the past 3-4 days. Doesn't seem to be getting better day by day? Still can't raise my hands above my head. I'm surprised how I'm feeling considering I went over he muscle??
To be fair though i have stopped most of my pain meds because constipation is a nightmare ????

Day 7

I had a really rough night last night. Felt like my chest was on fire and the sensitivity was horrible.
Feel better today, best I have done so far. Boobs are also ill very hard but I'm starting to like them more.
My dressing comes off in the morning so I get to see my scars

Day 7 pics

Day 8 update

Feeling good today.
Still swollen and sensitive but able to move about better.
I drove today and had my dressing changed. Scar is heeling very well!
Il starting to like the size. I hope they don't shrink too much!

Day 9

Today is the first time that I have started to feel almost normal!!
Still sore to touch but swelling has reduced loads.
I have put a tighter bra on today and it's helped me loads! I think the sports bra I was wearing before was too loose and I was in agony every time I moved because they were moving.
First day back at work too no wore a baggy top and kept it discreet.
My boobs still feel very stretched and look veiny. I'm looking forward to that dying down a bit

Day 12

Feeling really good and the pain has really subsided now.
Boobs are very tingly but still numb to touch.
Seen my PS she is very happy with everything.
I've been too sore to play about with bikinis etc but felt OK tonight. Im pleased with my results x

Before and after comparison

Do veins settle?

My boobs are still very veiny (they weren't like this before)
Do they disappear? I'm 2 and a half weeks post op x

20 days post op

Still swollen and boobs still feel hard. I can feel the implant pretty vivid at the top of my breast. Still hoping this settles.
My scars are bigger than I expected?
You can almost see them when I stand normal side on.

Day 21

Still numb and uncomfortable at night.

3 weeks post op. Having a down day!

Today I've been regretting the implant I've gone for
My boobs are rock solid and don't move what so ever! I like the size and shape when I'm dressed but when I'm naked I can see the start of the implant and it's so noticeable to feel.
Wishing I had gone for smooth round implants with duel plane under the muscle.

Just praying they still settle but I have read it's unlikely with shaped cogel implants that they will settle and soften much more :(
If they stay like this forever I will have them removed

Week 3 pic

Week 3 pic

4 weeks post op

Breast are still very hard and the implant is very noticeable to feel at the top.
I still feel like there is too much volume in the top of my breasts which gives the fake look.
I went for tear drop because I really wanted the top to have a natural slope. Still hoping they drop/soften a bit more.
Still painful at night and no sea satin in my breasts atal. I do hope it comes back

5 weeks post op

My breasts have really soften this past week.
I'm also pain free now, even at night.
I was told to wait until 6 weeks post op to sleep on my side but I did last night and had a great sleep!!
I also went out last night and didn't wear a bra. I did get a few of my friends ask me if I had a boob job and I told them I did.
My implants are very noticeable when you touch them. I think with my implants being shaped and textured hasn't helped. I was warned that going over he muscle would mean I could possible feel them. But to be honest, I prefer that than the thought of going under the muscle.
My boobs are very veiny now. I was hoping that would have settled by now but looks like they will always be like this. My friend has the same problem and uses concealer on hers. X

Bikini and Bra shopping :-)

Off to Lanzorote next week! No more wearing thick padded bikinis!! X

6 weeks post op!!

Yay finally 6 weeks post op. I can now wear normal bras, sleep on my side, wear no bra, and exercise!!
My breasts much softer and I'm more pleased with them.

This site has been a godsend to me and helped me through my ups and downs xx

Will these veins ever go???

My breasts are soooo veiny and it ruins them. Will they fade? X

7 week update

Just got back from a week in sunny lanzorote. I must say having my breasts done has changed me. I felt confident in my bikini. I'm about half a stone over my normal weight at the moment too but having breasts has made my weight gain look fine. I feel more proportioned and my belly no longer sticks out more than my tummy!!
I wore dresses with no bras and I even caught a few men having a Peak!! Down thing I've never had before!
I do have massive nipple problems though lol. So have invested in some nipple covers.

Happy 1st Birthday to my booooobies!!! ????1??????

Best decision I ever made and I'm happy they have dropped as I really wanted them to be as naturally as possible.

These implants definitely take a while to settle at first they were solid and I was so gutted but now they are so soft and jiggly
Dr. Joanna Silkman

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