32a Having 300cc High Profile From England Aged 22/22 Hoping for a D Cup - England

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Hey guys and girls! Great news I'm all booked up...

Hey guys and girls! Great news I'm all booked up for the 4th of July, most you are American so happy Independence Day for the 4th!! ???????? I'm English, and I'm currently 22 (I've put 22/23 not because I don't no my age haha but as I turn 23 just weeks after my surgery)
Was wondering if there are any hairdressers on here who could tell me how long it was before you felt able to return to work? I've booked two weeks off and I'm PRAYING this will be enough I'm not self employed so can't take anymore or pick or choose what I do after, what work I have in I HAVE to do so really really hope it's enough!
I heard a lot about London clinics and even going abroad but I've decided to use a local private hospital in my town instead as if anything goes wrong it's just a short drive away and it has a good reputation.
The doctor I saw was very straight forward and told me something I hadn't noticed... MY BREATS ARE WONKEY haha I guess as they were small it hadn't been noticeable but this put my plan of tear drop implants in the bin and he said my rip cage is larger on one side and if I had tear drops the right one would fall over the side ???? Tragic!! He said high profile would not make the problem better but it certainly wouldn't make them worse like a tear drop would so hey ho high profile it is.
In my first consultation we talked about a C cup so we're on 250cc but having been on this site (which is so so helpful!) I've decided to do to a D as soooo many people say they wished they had gone bigger!
Has any one else had 300cc high profile from a 32a? Where did you end up?
Also I'm having mentor implants :)
Thanks ladies and gents I will keep this updated after the op but please don't hesitate to ask me any questions and please try awnser mine if you think you can :) thanks again!!

Tomorrow is the big day! Panicking if 300cc will be enough!

Hello again everyone! Can't wait tomorrow is the big day!
I'm still nervous about 300cc being enough to take me to a Dcup I have all my fingers and toes crossed, I'm going over the muscle.
Everywhere I look online girls have such different outcomes some say they ended up with DD cup (which I wouldn't mind at all!) others with a C (and I'm sure I wouldn't be upset as it's still a lot bigger than I am now but for £4000 I really hope I get the size I want)
Just a reminder I'm having 300cc high profile over the muscle mentor implants
Would any of you lovely people be able to let me no what sizes you were before and after?

I'm also getting prepared for the big day as I have no stay in over night so I'm packing fizzy drink for when I wake up (I've heard this is good!) and baggy clothes for comfort also gonna take my sisters laptop which has plenty to keep me entertained
I can't eat or drink anything from 12pm tonight until the op which could be any time between 10.30am and 1.30pm so I'm praying that it will be earlier as I do love my food lol!!
Any advice for things to bring on the day?
Many thanks everyone!!!

Just had the op!

Whoop whoop!
I'm feeling really good haven't seen my doc yet but think we went with the 300 overs
Pain is very manageable so far I would say like a 2 if I'm moving and 0 if not! Feeling very blessed by this but I am quite drugged up so I might feel worse later on x

Dat 1 post how come your guys don't get drains??

Hey everyone! It's day one post op and as expected I'm in a bit more pain today but nothing to bad while I'm in bed! Nurses think getting my drains out will help me feel better as the pain is in that area
Which got me wondering... How come a lot of you ladies don't have drains? And most seem to be home within an hour of their op? I had to stay the night with these tubes one out of each breast which is draining out blood and fluid (groosssssss) but they are almost unnoticeable if I don't look and I can't feel them.
So yeh pain wise feeling very blessed so far and if any of your lovely are awaiting surgery I hope your blessed with recovery as I am been so far! I can't take really deep breaths, yawn and cough with no pain it's just under by Breasts and armpits are sore (I had under the breast incisions and over the muscle 300cc implants high profile)
I would love you speak to you ladies about size but honestly I can hardly seem them as they are in a sergical bra but when I can my sports bra on I will upload some pics xx

Different cc and profile in each breast worried

Hey everyone! I had my op Monday morning and it's now Friday and feeling so much better
Had to come of all the meds as they upset my stomach pretty bad so only on paracetamol but not much pain at all so that's good
Found out today I had 200cc mod profile in one breast and 300cc high profile in the other! Sounds pretty scary and really different in shape and size but my sergion seemed pretty pleased with himself and I get to take the bandages of tomorrow so only time will tell I suppose! They dont look very even but I trust he did the right thing with the dodgy rib cage he was provided with!! And as they are such different implants it could be just that they are swelling differently god I can't wait to take of these bandages and have a look but at the same time I'm scared of what I might see
Has any one else had such different implants in each breast?
Many thanks everyone X

1 week ago today progress

Hi everyone! So had my operation a week ago today and feeling so much better! I can see why they say some ladies can go back to non lifting jobs in a week as I feel like I could handle that (but I have two weeks off hehe)
The 24/7 tight feeling has gone and I can almost sleep comfortably on my side again thank god! So glad I went with over the muscle as I think my quick recovery is to do with that! I'm gonna try and not take any paracetamol today aswell so fingers crossed! I have a dull ach in my left armpit but it's better each day so can't complain
As for my size worries I'm slightly less panicked now as the left does seem to be dropping a little more each day and evening out with the right one I'm hoping they don't get any smaller as I'm already thinking they are small :( but I think we all get that! And being in a sports bra doesn't help as it flatters them so much I'm sure once I get a push up bra I will be very pleased :) :)
Things I would have done differently if I could:
Not take the pain medication I was given as it made me have bad cramps
Brought some dry shampoo beforehand
Brought more than 2 sports bra
Things I'm glad I did do:
Saved all my fav tv programs so I could binge watch them during the first and most painful couple days
Cleaned my bedroom and bedsheets
Stocked up on sweets and fizzy drinks etc...
Borrowed my sisters laptop
Brought a v shapes pillow (I owe every nights sleep to this pillow and it was only £10 on Amazon!)

Hate to say it but... I'm not happy :(

It's not just the size difference which I no could be down to swelling it's the fact that they are a different shape due to having the different implant profiles (300cc high profile on the left and 200cc mod profile on the right) I also feel the right one is way to small I think it's about a B cup where as we discussed a D cup.
I had my post op appointment with him today and he said he was really happy with them and I explained my worries and he said to wait 3 months and I they still weren't right to come back and chat about having the profiles changed.
I'm upset because before the op we talked about having hp 300cc in both sides for a D but while I was having the op done he decided to put the 200cc mod in the right side to fix my chest cavity which is something I never even knew I had let alone something that bothers me, now what bothers me is my different sized and shaped breast which is TO SMALL my left one is perfect and I'm sure it's going to cost me more money to have fixed
I'm so so so upset
Has anyone else been upset with their results and had to have another op to fix it? Did you have to pay?

Still very unsure

Hi everyone! First up thank you for speeding so much love support and positivity your are all amazing!
Okay so I'm about 2 and a half months post op now and as for recovery they feel great still numb at the bottom but in a much smaller area and it doesn't bother me at all, nipples no longer super sensitive and they are so so soft and bouncy! I'm wearing a 32C bra!
As for my little problem there has been some improvement but I'm still not convinced :( in a bra you wouldn't no they were different sizes and shapes but not in a bra it's clear to me that they are and I didn't get my boobs done for other people I had them done for me so seems sad that others like them and I'm not sure :( also they are not the size I asked for which was a D so I'm still wearing really padded bras which sucks as I wanted to be able to wear pretty dresses without a bra
I'm hoping to see my sergion again at the begging of September, his receptionist has already Emailed me to say that he is fully insured so their would be no charge for further sergiory which is great new though I'm not sure if I will have to pay for other things such as the hospital room (I live in UK so things like anaesthetic and pain killers are free) but I have a BMI card which can pay for he room monthly so not to worried
My real worry is taking another 2 weeks of works I have no more holiday left after the first sergiory so will have to take it as sick pay which isn't gonna go down well with my boss
All in all I'm not depressed about it just dissapointed I've seen some girls on here feel like their whole life is crumbling but I think I'm lucky that my sergion is being cooperative with me and talking to me about ways to move forward, I've heard some girls day their sergions won't even offer a reduced cost to help get things right!
Here are some pics and will comment again in early September HOPEFULLY with a date for round two!
P.s been asked if I'm afraid of having them done again and honestly I don't think I'm afraid as my recovery was really good with minimum pain and by two weeks I felt ready to go back to work as a busy hairdresser and six weeks later I was back at the gym with no problems. He first four days are the worst but it's not crazy pain it's just uncomfortable or it was for me any ways!! I gym a lot and I'm sure that helped the recovery

Got a consultation booked!

I have to wait till the 5th of October as he sooo busy which kinda sucks but not to worried as I have no holiday left at work till January unless I'm allowed to take it unpaid BUT this all of course depends on weather or not he says he will re do them for free (his secretery did say his insurance will pay for it) just hoping he doesn't go back on this during the consolation as they have improved and the difference is not as major as it was but I still feel really aware of it and as I said before he never mentioned about do different profiles to me but just decided to do it while o was fast asleep (ahh still annoys me just thinking about it) also they are deffo not the D cup I asked for! Will put some pics up soon :) :)
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