385cc full projection silicone

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Hi im from the uk and wanted to see if anyone was...

hi im from the uk and wanted to see if anyone was similar to me.
im 28, 5ft 10inch, 116lbs and empty 32b after feeding my 3 children I would love to be a 32d my surgeon has suggested 365cc allergan inspira full projection round implant under the muscle do you think ill achieve the d I want thanks again

2nd consultation

hi all well went for my 2nd and final consultation tonight. ive decided on 365cc not sure what this will take me cup size after but I trust my surgeon. im booked in for the 12th nov feels along time but 10 weeks new boobs before xmas! wanted sooner but need to sort my children out got a few apps for them first well im quite excited now and feels real. hope everyone ok xx


sorry im just so excited been wanting this since I was 16 ill be 29 in oct I feel best to have now I have my 3 wonderful children and a wonderful suporting husband.

before pics

some before pics and one in a bra I wear now

its official

postman has just been and received my letters for admission got to be there at 7am to start for 8:30am feels so real now! im hopefully be home later than evening.
still hung up about size I wear a 32b but haven't been measured so could be smaller! hope all ok x

seeing surgeon again

well im seeing my surgeon again because im worried about size and have emailed him with a lot of questions so hes going to see me Monday to talk through everything.

seen surgeon

hi thought id update and say I went and seen my surgeon and I feel alot better.
we decided to do 385cc so extra 20cc prob wont be any difference but im happy! just got to wait now just under 7 weeks!
what sort of tops did you wear after surgery? xx

not a good week!

hi all thought id give you a little up date well
my ps I have to quit smoking 6 weeks before op so last sun I started my challenge.
it was going really well til yest I felt very poorly felt sick, irritable and my appetite is non exsitant! but I kept going so today I have been smoke free for a week! my 3 children are very proud of me so must be doing something right!
5 weeks tues til the big day wish it would hurry up! im still battling with size I think im going with 385cc full projection inspira allergan unders or ive been given a choice if 375cc extra full projection any advice? I would love to be 32d! I have brought a 32d post surgery bra as my ps suggests I just hope I dont loose to much swelling. hope all ok xx


booked for my arm pits to be waxed and legs and eye brows 8th nov my sons and hubbys birthday so least ill be hair free lol.
when did you manage to wash your hair after im dreading that I will wash my hair mon night so its clean but I will need to do it weds

rice sizers

well just made rice sizers 385cc size and put them in a 34d sports bra my friend whose just had hers done gave it to me it fill that right out n still needed more bra ha my ps said to get 2 cup sizes bigger than bra I wear now so thats 32d Im worried bra will be too small now and also how many cc do you lose behind muscle? thanks xx

rice sizers

heres what 385cc looks like in my post op bra.
love the size but prob shrink after the swelling goes down
how close are rice sizers to the real thing x

less than two weeks

well two weeks yest it will be all done!
I think im ready got all the stuff I need just got to have pre op 8th nov.
cant wait now.
I have been smoke free for 4 weeks now so thats good.
hope all ok x

all paid!

hi all well a week tom ill be all done getting a bit nervous about it now not knowing what to expect and worried ill be in pain.
paid everything today so no going back now.
I think I have everything now if I haven't its tough got my support bra which is most important thing.
I wasn't going to tell my sister coz I no what she's like and we dont don't always get on which upsets me but I have told her wish I never bothered got the responses that I knew I would get.
but most important my mum and dad know and course the hubbie. im not going to tell the kids they wont understand they are 9, 6, 4 hope all ok.
got my pre op fri!
ill post a bit nearer the time now xx

sorry question

how long are you under for when you have operation xx

pre op done 4 days to go

well had my pre op today all sorted for next week.
4 days to go getting more nervous now seen consultant yest for swabs hes going to get there for 7am now to start at 7:30 not 8:30 so hour early cant wait

2 days to go!

wow can't believe im nearly there nerves are starting to kick in im worried how ill look after I dont want to be to big or too small, how ill feel after n days after that. haven't slept properly because of the worries need to sleep tonight coz I no I wont sleep tom night due to excitement. I have cleaned house top to bottom just need to keep it topped up tom, packed my bag im a day case but told to take over night bag just in case. roll on tues 7am ill be going down about 7:30am. ill try n post on day if not ill update when im on the other side feels weird saying that because ive been following loads of peoples reviews n now I can actually say its nearly my turn to join you all

one more day

well this time tomorrow it should be all done its scary! didn't sleep well again!
need to sleep tonight . keep thinking of my children and thinking what if something goes wrong :-/
going to the shops in a min to get last few essentials then makin sure my house is spotless.
I got a feeling I got a cold coming so need to make sure that stays away typical. hope all ok ill try and post after its done.
last day with small tatas woohoo bit sad too lol

last before pics

last day with small boobies!

ahhh so nervous

I am so nervous I feel sick
i got a stuffy nose so have dosed myself up I hope its not a cold.
I have had a shower so all ready.
got til midnight to eat and clear fluids til 6:30am
never thought it would get here.
thanks for my wishes ill try and get on before I go tom

todays the day!

well its 2:40am I cant sleep!
feeling very anixious and nervous
leaving here ar 6:15am.
ill update soon

all done!

hi all well im all done had 385cc full projection.
woke in recovery with pain and felt very sick and faint so they gave me iv sickness and oxygen still got oxygen now.
on ward now had a peek n I feel a lil small
:-/ I hope they get bigger.
managing to drink water.
ill update when I can better.


hi all well im home at last been a very long day.
I went down to surgery at 8am took 1hr 45mins to do and I was in recovery for a while got back on ward at 12.
had a funny fainty thing on the ward but mansged to eat toast.
I was worried about the size but I was looking down on and im pleased.
got home at 7:30pm glad to see hubby and kids.
just hubby to take some pics so ill post them now.
starting to feel more pain now.
very tired but pleased.
ill see my surgeon next mon.

pen markings

sorry that is pen markings not brusing

up again

well set my alarm for 2am to take meds in a bit of pain but its tolerable.
has anyone had popping or can hear fluid on top of implant?
im just lying on the sofa so tired.

ouch pain not feeling good

not feeling good at all and what I thought was pen is in fact brusing so much for arnica!
Every where is so sore my stomach is tender
feel very stiff and my ribs hurt pain killers arent helping.
sorry for the moan, feeling very nausea.
I had to go out and buy a bigger size bra because the bra I got was to tight and small.
Hopefully ill sleep better n feel better sorry everyone x

feel a lil better

well I think so much better today than yesterday I started to regret what id done but today seems good.
slept better, managed to wash my hair that was painful. still very sore but bearable.
the brusing still looks nasty, nipples and underneath very numb. the sides of my boob feels quite soft.
but feel alot better. just taking anti b and paracetamol.

day 3

well im on day 3 still cant up load pics not sure why!
feeling ok pain is bearable just my back and neck hurt alot from sleeping awkward.
I emailed surgeon last night with a pic of bruise to see if it was normal he replied straight away saying its superficial bruising from my wound and will clear up in a couple of weeks so all good its not painful still numb the top of my chest is painful to touch. the sides of boob are getting soft and they have dropped a little. so pleased with them just wish I could put pictures up to show you all.

yay pics

these were taken day 2

day 3 pics

latest pics

getting there

day 4 wow don't no where time is going.
loving the size hope they don't shrink their softer but need more softening n dropping.
pain minimal taking meds as and when just taking anti b.
getting morning boob and still can't get comfy to sleep back hurts.

getting better

well its nearly been a week dont know where time is going. on my own now with my children hubbie gone back to work.
felt ok havent taken any pain killers and morning boob wasn't as bad today.
had a down day yest and feel a bit small but today not feeling bad.
when does swelling go down? I don't feel swollen but I dont know.
ill post some pics.

few pics

few pics in bikini one was too small :-) and a strapless top

and more

you will be fed up of pics

one week

cant believe its been one week!
pain is ok just niggly now and I managed to drive reversing is a mission.
they seem alot softer but needs more and to drop more I hope I don't lose size because I like the size as it is.
hope all ok

few new pics

thought id put some more pics up was messing about in my friends bra
wish my bruise will go :-(

dressings gone

hi all well 10 days today feel ok.
I emailed surgeon to see if I could take dressings off and put clean ones on til I see him mon and he said thats fine.
boobs are getting softer feel like im small again :-/ pics of scars not great pics.

seen ps today

as title says I seen my ps today and hes very happy I dont need to see him for 4 months unless I need too.
well Im allowed to wear any bra now :-), sleep on back and side if comfy but im a lil worried it will hurt.
pain is non existent few bits of shooting now and again but nothing I cant handle, driving alot better, bruise is starting to go so thats good.
surgeon said size wont change the breasts will change shape when they are completely soft they are softer and jiggle a bit yay he said I could possibly go a little bigger so thats good but im happy for what I got felt a bit down about size but not worrying that I will go smaller coz I no I wont.
went bra shopping but didnt see anything I like typical to use to padding.
nipples are very sensitive :-/ .
hubbie loves them a lot and I have alot more confidence ;-)
hope all ok

feel weird today

feel so small right now its starting to drive me insane one min im happy next im not.
my nipples are still diff sizes which I knew they would be but they look odd, I just feel ones alot bigger than the other still. I tried to sleep on side but it was horrible maybe its the lack of sleep im having because I haven't slept great since I had it done.
they are changing shape I think and definitely softer. sorry for the moan.
I did get measured as a 32dd but I feel I dont look it

few pics

some new pics


wow my boobs feel sunburnt thats the only pain I got can't touch them ouchy very sensitive been using a massager to de sensitise them. my nipples very sensitive too when does this all settle?
boobs getting softer bra driving me mad too tight apart from that going ok.
any other tips to de sensitise?

nearly been 4 weeks

sorry I haven't updated in a while not sure if anyone reads mine anymore but hey ho ill update anyway.
well its 4 weeks tom its gone so fast.
they are getting alot softer now, wearing normal bras now so thats good and sleeping on my side still a little tender to do it.
my nipples are still very sensitive, and parts of my boobs. bruise is nearly gone just one little stubborn bit to go. im really happy with size I went on a mums night out Saturday and wore a revealing dress with a bra with no padding I felt so confident and had lots of compliments blush! didn't have to worry my chicken fillets would fall out.
went bra shopping last week and got some gorgeous bras!
hope everyone else doing well.

4 weeks pics

here are some of my 4 weeks pics they look better in real life than on camera im just no good at pics as you can see scars healing well and bruise better than it was.
left is dropping slightly quicker and a lil smaller as it was but I knew that and in a bra you can't notice.

few pics in clothes

thought id post some pics in clothes I always seem to be naked lol
these pics are with a normal bra no padding yay

me in bra hubby brought me ;-)


nearly 6 weeks!

wow time flies ill be 6 weeks post op on xmas eve.
doing really well the hyper sensitive has gone, the bruise has gone yay and incisionss are doing great. my nipples are still a little bit sensitive. they are very soft here are some pics im so pleased


looking good

nearly 7 weeks

hi all hope you had a lovely Christmas.
well not much to update everything going great boobs are very soft, nipples still a little sensitive but that is all so pleased.
I think ill update monthly now unless something drastic happens or exciting

8 weeks!

wow cant believe its been 8 weeks
not really much to update very soft and squishy. can do everything now.
no pain and incisions healing fine.
still get my down days thinking I could have gone bigger.
ill attach photos im no good at takin pics my boobs look better in real life haha.
do you think ill drop more? it doesnt feel like they've changed much at all.

more pics

it looks like my boobs are diff sizes and one is a lot smaller but their not its me being rubbish at taking pics
do you think they will change anymore

love them in this bikini

I like them in bikini

asked hubbies opinion

well I asked hubbies opinion about my boobs about if they look different etc he said my left is higher than my right as I thought im hoping left will catch up but my right was more droopy before hand and he said my right is a lil bigger than left which I knew he said you can't really tell so im relieved my ps said it wasnt a big difference so wasnt worth putting a bigger implant in one. I am happy just hope left catches up.

me in a dress

l love how they look in a dress
the bra is non padded yay

11 weeks today

wow cant believe its been 11 weeks its been an emotional rollercoaster!
well not much to report except my nipples have gone very sensitive again! get to see ps in about 5/6 weeks looking forward to that just keep worrying about little things especially my left side which is the smallest. ive put some pics of them which ive just taken im still no good at pics lol hope everyone else is ok. just hope they go a little softer not sure if ive dropped, fluffed n settled coz I dont really know what it means

12 weeks!

well ive just gone past my 12 weeks post op day
im not sure if there's any changes I haven't noticed any maybe you lot will and you can tell me lol!
4 weeks til I see surgeon again so can't wait for that. still soft but hoping they soften more, nipples still sore :-/ and sometimes I can feel implant moving on left side if I sleep on that side and when I
move. do you think im done or is there more settling to be done.
some photos I took today.

any advice please

hi hope your all ok just needed some advice or anyone has experience this my left breast which was the smallest hurts a little like ive pulled a muscle do you think anything is wrong im 14 weeks today it still hurts to sleep on that side too they are still soft not as soft as I wanted still a little firm on side and underneath are they still settling? dont get to see ps for another few weeks thanks

15 weeks

well im nearly 4 months post op I see my surgeon on mon for check up.
im starting to like them more now.
feels like im talking to myself on here now so maybe ill do one more review after seeing surgeon and then sign off.
boobs are doing great had a few niggly pains the other day and after my boobs have become alot softer very jiggly and no more pain so many they were settling more. they were still quite firm on the sides. nipples are still very sensitive not liking that and when I bend over I can feel a couple of ripples but I very slim.
I think I need to be measured again some of my bras I feel are a bit tight but may wait til I reach 6 months post the pics have been taking today.

follow up with ps

well just had my 4 month post op check with ps and it went really well said they have settled lovely, got slight difference in height of nipples but had that before. scars healed great. I asked about sensitivity of nipples and he said to use pile cream on them if they that doesn't help he will use botox that helps it and also corrects inverted nipples which I have on left side comes out as and when. overall hes very happy and I get to see him a yr post op or sooner if I need to. hes going to email all my pics in next couple of days from start til now so I will post them when I get them.
I can wear any bra and do what I want to now. Hopefully I can enjoy them now :-)

wow 5 months

well I can't believe its been just over 5 months I am very happy they are very soft and feel so natural. I think I need to get sized again because im popping out my bras lol. I have no pain now and my nipples are settling. I feel so confident now and hubby loves them im still waiting for ps to send me pics ill post them when I get them. I hope all ok xx

one pic at 4 months

my ps emailed me a pic he took at 4 months he wants to use it for his website feeling honoured lol so thought id post it
for you ladies

hi all

hi everyone hope your well.
all good here except my nipples still im goin to contact my ps again see if he can sort it. apart from that all is good. beem trying to upload photos of new bikini but
its not letting me so ill try again. still waiting on pics from ps. when I get them I will post them.
need to get sized again I keep popping out my bras so hopefully ill go this week not many places around here.

couple of pic's

a couple of pics in a top with a non padded underwire bra.
still waiting on pics but surgeon is very busy and I will get round to putting bikini pics up soon.


well I never thought I would get compliments I went out sat wearing a maxi dress and a woman I know who doesn't know I had them done said I had gorgeous perky knockers lol I was a bit tipsy and laughed she still doesn't no my husband laughed out loud! im so happy I can wear and fit into a dress and people dont no their fake happy me

bikini pics

Thought I'd share some bikini pics
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fantastic surgeon, fantastic staff. would recommend to all

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