18 Small frame- 275cc high profile unders

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Im 18 years old and from as young as i can...

Im 18 years old and from as young as i can remember ive always wanted breasts, I remember everyone telling me not to worry as puberty will sort it out unfortunately that wasn't the case, im still a 32A/ AA and very unhappy with my size, i have tried many things before surgery like going to a dietitian to try and gain weight hoping they would grow i have also spoken to my doctor to see if there were any alternatives but i soon found out to get my desired look surgery really is the only option. Im a slim build and 5'4 i also only way 7 stone 6, im hoping to bulk up abit before my surgery if anyone has any tips? Im hoping to go from a 32A to a full C or small D. I have my surgery booked for April the 13th 2017 and id like to document my journey on here.

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I know that I'm definitely getting over the muscle implants but still very unsure what size CC to get, I currently wear a 32a though I barely fill it Id love to be a big C cup/ small D but don't want them to look too big as I have a small frame, would love to know what size people with a similar body type to me have had


Im really worried that I'm not going to be able to have the size i want as my bmi is still quite low i also haven't got alot of fat on me, im going to really try and gain weight but i find it so difficult to as a have a very fast metabolism, im currently 104 lbs hopefully I can gain by April when my op is, if anyone has been in this situation or has any tips id love to hear from you, ill leave some wish pics attached

18 Yrs Old Too Young?

So i met with my surgeon last night and he made me feel so uncomfortable as soon as i sat down he was asking me questions like i was at an interview and as soon as i said my age it was like he shut me down straight away he said 18 is very young for a breast augmentation which i do know but ive been waiting so long to be 18 so I could legally get it done, he then looked at my chest and said he doesn't know why i think I haven't got any breast and im a B cup I found this strange as all the bras i wear are an A cup and I barley fill them?? He then suggested that I should get counselling and he refused to operate on me until i did, at this point i was extremely shocked as I dont have a problem with my body I just want a larger chest, i then said to him i dont think i need counselling and he then said to me no one thinks they need it, at this point i started to get upset as ive been waiting so long for this to become a reality and he just took it away from me just like that, im not so stuck on what to do , has anyone else had this problem?

18 Years Old, 5'4 Petite Frame 32A

Ever since I can remember I have always been self conscious about my
bust, I have always had a slim figure but recently put on some weight
and look a lot healthier, although unfortunately the size of my bust has
stayed a 32 A. I know implants will give me the womanly figure I want
as at the moment i feel I look quite boyish. my ideal size would be a
large C but I know you cant choose cup size you choose CC's so will see
what my surgeon suggests in my consultation . I have my operation booked
for the 18th of April so haven't got long now I hope to document my
journey on here and also read other peoples.

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Ok so quick update ive met my new surgeon and he was really friendly, he suggested i get 275cc high profile which at first I wasn't sure about as on here I hadn't really read about people getting lower than 300cc but i have found some photos and he said this will take me to a full C and will look natural which is what i want as i have a small frame so i trust him, so its all booked for the 18th of April, oh and sorry my posts are all in a random order I didn't realise you couldn't delete posts aha

1 Week Today

my op is 1 week today! got a few essentials ready, a triangle pillow because i think i'll find it really hard sleeping on my back, A bra that zips up at the front and some gel to help reduce my scars. If anyone has any tips or anything that helped them recover please let me know

Its done

Its the day after my op i feel ok my chest aches and feels really tight and its hard to push myself up with my arms but apart from that im fine, i had 275 cc under the muscle HP cant really judge the size as they are so swollen but im sure once they drop and fluff they will be perfect

1 week post op

Ive reached 1 week! I visited the clinic today and the nurse took off my dressing and cleaned my incisions she said they are healing well and i can get them wet in the shower now so thats good news. Im finally starting to feel myself again, I've finished all my antibiotics and muscle relaxers and I've stopped taking all pain release. I will admit the first few days weren't fun I was very sick for two days and couldn't keep anything down but that's normal from the anaesthetic. As the week has gone on I've felt better and better so don't let that put you off. The implants have dropped a bit but are still very hard and my chest feels tight but I wouldn't say i was in any pain anymore. Overall I'm really happy with them so far and I can't wait to see the final results.
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