The Beginning- Its Booked!

Im 18 years old and from as young as i can...

Im 18 years old and from as young as i can remember ive always wanted breasts, I remember everyone telling me not to worry as puberty will sort it out unfortunately that wasn't the case, im still a 32A/ AA and very unhappy with my size, i have tried many things before surgery like going to a dietitian to try and gain weight hoping they would grow i have also spoken to my doctor to see if there were any alternatives but i soon found out to get my desired look surgery really is the only option. Im a slim build and 5'4 i also only way 7 stone 6, im hoping to bulk up abit before my surgery if anyone has any tips? Im hoping to go from a 32A to a full C or small D. I have my surgery booked for April the 13th 2017 and id like to document my journey on here.
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