29 Years Old 5,4, 140lbs, One Child, 360cc over Moderate Profile. - Great Britain

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Day 4 post op, feeling a little tired but the...

Day 4 post op, feeling a little tired but the experience so far hasn't been as painful as expected, at the moment i am trying to stay positive as the whole way through my consultations and sizing appointments i had made the decision to go for 460cc but if they didn’t fit then I would have 420cc implants.
I had two consultations with both my PS and nurse regarding sizing and at no point did they say they didn’t think they would be able to fit my chosen size in, I was previously a 36B and didn’t want to go too big but also wanted to look in proportion so I’m hoping ill be at least a 36D.

A little low down from the day of surgery to today
Day of surgery- I was fairly calm considering I had been freaking out for the last few weeks, I had my best friend with me which really helped, I was told at my pre op I was due to go down to surgery at around 8.30am but I ended up being a few down on the list and was taken down at 11.30, this is when the nerves kicked in but before I knew it I was out and then in recovery by 12.45, I instantly knew they hadn’t put the 460cc in but wasn’t expecting when the surgeon came to my room soon after surgery for him to say they could only fit 360cc in as they couldn’t close the incision, my initial reaction was disappointment obviously but my friend try to reassure me that they were a good size for me.
I had some pain and tightness but it wasn't unbearable, morphine didn’t touch me so they topped me up on paracetamol and codeine, I couldn't sleep that night not due to the pain, i was just wide awake so had to ask for a sleeping pill.
Day one post op
I was up early, not in too much pain and luckily able to lift my arms as usual which I was so happy about, I was discharged at 10.30 and went home to rest and sleep.
I have a v pillow which really helps keep you upright and comfy, They put me in a Macom bra size M but its very snug so im glad i purchased a L, im switching between the two as the M is fairly uncomfortable at times.
Days 2 to 4
Not too much to say, pain has been bearable, today day 4 iv been getting sharp pain on the outside of my left breast to my nipple, it hurts to even touch but I'm guessing its just the nerves rebuilding? Im headachy and have heartburn which I never suffer with so just trying to rest today.
I will update in a few days :)
Anyone nervous about their surgery please don't be as it really isn't as bad as you would imagine.
I will upload some pics shortly.



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