26 Years Old, 5'11, 122lbs, 32A - 400cc Unders

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I decided to write a review as I have found it...

I decided to write a review as I have found it quite hard to find reviews of similar stats!

I'm 26 years old with 3 children. I breastfed my youngest 2 for a year each which has left me with smaller, deflated 32A boobs.

122lbs, 5'11 (I'm usually around 126lbs but have lost weight recently)

My PS has recommended 400cc unders after showing him some pictures of the types of boobs I want. Hoping they'll suit me and achieve the look I want!

5 days to go!

Here's a picture of the size I am now in a bralette. Less than a week to go now!

On the other side

My surgery is done!

Pain afterwards was quite painful but subsided the last few hours with some pain killers. Will post a post op picture when I can get a picture of them.

4 days post op

My sternum is really swollen and bruised, but overall I'm feeling fine apart from being bloated and swelled round most of my torso!

Post op appointment on Wednesday. So far I'm happy with how they are looking, can't wait to see the final results after some dropping and fluffing!

15 days post op

15 days post op .. only pain I feel is my incisions every so often and sometimes when I'm in the shower my muscles feel more tight than when I'm wearing my sports bra.

Bought a 34D bra in the sales for progress pictures. My boobs completely fill the cups but the band is definitely too big but when I get measured properly I'll find out what size band is best as I measured I have a 28 inch ribcage.

Left boob is healing the quickest, it's dropped a bit already and looks larger even though it still feel a bit tight and high so that muscle must be relaxing.

Right boob is noticeably smaller, tighter and higher but I'm right handed and excessive googling has shown it's probably because I'm right handed and I'll just have to wait it out!

I'm gradually seeing a difference and everyday I like how they are looking more. I definitely did not prepare myself for how impatient I would be waiting for the results!

Haven't posted for a while

Not really much happens whilst you wait for them to 'drop'. A very boring wait stressing over how they are going to look!

Currently wearing 32E Bras. Happy with the results!

Everything is back to normal and I can now sleep on my front again ????
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