18 Years Old and Due to Have Jaw Surgery for Underbite at the Beginning of Next Year! - England

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I have an underbite, surgeons say its not severe...

I have an underbite, surgeons say its not severe compared to some cases but the way to correct it is to go through with jaw surgery. I have had braces for about 18 months and my teeth are completely done with the braces and have been done for a few months now so they stopped tightening them a while ago. However they obviously cannot take them off until the surgery. I have been waiting for a set date for ages now and they still have no clue when it will be as they change their mind all the time. I used to be so insecure about my side profile but the older I get the less its affecting me. I am very unsure wether I should go through with this, I have read reviews about how it changed people's faces completely and they now hate it. I am happy with the front view of my face, its just the side of my face which I sometimes wish was more defined, but then again nobodys perfect so shall I go through with it!?


I was supposed to write overbite, oops! Thank you for all your comments, I went through with the op and I am very happy I did, as you can see it is only a subtle difference, my lips look fuller and my jaw more defined! I am a lot more confident now too! I recovered much faster than i thought, my swelling had gone down within 3 weeks. It was definitely worth it to me!
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