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8 yrs ago I had a breast say I was...

8 yrs ago I had a breast say I was elated with going from a 34g to a 34c was an understatement. I then went through a divorce and a very difficult low time in my life and 5 years ago I met a person who I thought was the man for me. He basically bullied me into having breast implants (I only see this now). How stupid I was. 4.5years after having them done and after spending all of that time being very depressed and low I am having them out next Tuesday. Never ever do anything for another person, always do what us right for yourself. I have never regretted something so much in my life, but I am now 6 days away from putting that right and moving on with my life.
I'm now back to a G cup. I know that my breasts won't look the same as they did but I know that I can stop beating myself up and be me again and learn from it.
If anyone us interested I'm having the procedure done under local anaesthetic and sedation and will post how it goes. Thank you for reading this as I have no one to get it off my chest to speak!

Thank you. How are you feeling?

Thank you. How are you feeling?
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