Advice Needed On My Acne Scar Removal Treatment! England, UK

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Hiya Long story short I have suffered from acne...


Long story short I have suffered from acne since my late teens. It became progressively worse (severe acne) to the point that in September 2012 I started a ten month course of Roaccutane. Despite suffering from a number of gruelling side effects, and by no means has my acne completely disappeared, it is much better than hitherto. I have somewhat come to accept my acne scars and concede that no matter how much or what treatment I undergo, I will always have some scarring. And that is cool, because scars show you have a bit of history! Anyhow, I am now at the stage where I want to at least try and reduce their appearance. I have done some research but there are myriad techniques which does not really help much in finding the appropriate treatment. For instance, I have read that laser treatment is regarded as dangerous whilst the results from peels are negligible. I recently had a consultation with a clinic and was recommended six and possibly six more sessions of dermabrasion. Upon returning home I was shocked by the amount of negative feedback concerning this treatment. How safe would you regard dermabrasion? I was also told that I have ice pick scars but I thought I had rolling and boxcar scars which has confused me slightly. Is subcision and filler treatment best for rolling and boxcar scars? Could the TCA or Fraxel repair methods be any good for me? I must also add that my skin is sensitive.

I hereby include pictures of my acne scars in the hope that someone will be able to offer me guidance in terms of the type and severity of my scars and possible appropriate treatments.

Any help is much appreciated


The clinic recommended six and possibly six more sessions of microdermabrasion, not dermabrasion. Could a Derma Roller or Derma Stamp improve the appearance of my scars? In September I will be leaving the UK for three months and therefore cannot commence intensive treatment. However, I will be able to use the Derma Roller or Derma Stamp in the meantime and abroad.

I have added some new photos under the cruelest lighting! They are all of my left temple/cheek as this is the worst affected area.
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