The Invisalign Journey!

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Hi all, I've been reading many reviews which has...

Hi all, I've been reading many reviews which has helped me massively, so I thought I'd also share my Invisalign journey. I'm roughly 10 days from starting my 23-stage Invisalign plan and my approx. completion time is 10-11 months, excluding any refinements if needed.

Until recent, I've never thought my teeth were anything to be concerned about. Growing up I was lucky as they were relatively straight with a good bite. However, the past 12-18 months I've noticed more and more that my top and bottom left lateral incisors were crooked.

I began to search around for different braces and I came across Invisalign. Like a lot of people, my main persuader was the fact these were clear and wearing them out wouldn't draw too much attention. A major bonus was being able to remove them to eat and drink!

The first step for me was booking multiple consultations, I recommend seeing at least 2/3 different orthodontists so you can get a firm idea of potential time frame, who you'll trust more and equally as important.. cost! In my first consultation I was quoted £4,000 with an ETA of 12-14 months, and my second one (which I chose) was £3,000 with an ETA of 10-11. It wasn't just the cost that persuaded me, the second orthodontist generally seemed more enthusiastic about my treatment plan and the potential outcome.

The second was booking an appointment to have moulds of my teeth taken and sent to Invisalign. After this it's just been a waiting game! I got my ClinCheck impressions through about a week after (see attached) and was immediately exited for the coming months and beginning my plan. Even though I didn't know too much about the attachments/buttons before seeing my impressions (15 total?!), I'm not too phased about them making the braces more visible, as they're still more discreet than anything else I've personally seen.

Anyways, that's enough from me for today - I look forward to posting more pictures in the coming weeks!

So It Begins!

So I'm finally on to tray 1!! I got my attachments put on last week (all 15 of them!) and to be honest, after reading other reviews it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Knowing that cold air would be used, I tried being proactive and used sensitive toothpaste for the few days leading up to it - so I guess that helped quite a bit!

After practicing putting tray 1 on a few times with my orthodontist, I was sent on my way with all 23 aligners (which I was surprised at as I read most people get around 3 a time? But this benefits me as I'm not extremely local to the dental practice!).

I've always suffered with mouth sores, not all the time, but when I get them - I reaaally get them! And after a couple of days my mouth was cut up quite a lot and my tongue was sore from constantly rubbing the back of the tray.. I've now taken advice of others and began filing down the tray edges and it made an immediate difference. I'll definitely be taking the time to file down all future trays before popping them in!!

I've attached a few pics showing before / during tray 1 - ignore the weird smiling, I tried to get both upper/lower in the same pic :D

Half way through!!

So I've not posted nearly as much as I planned to!!

I'm currently on tray 11 and changing to 12 tonight, which means I'm officially over half way through - excluding refinements!!

I've attached a few more images which compare where I was to where I am now. It's the first time I've taken pictures and compared myself and I'm surprised how much they've changed in the past few months, especially the top set!

I saw my orthodontist a few days back and he said from tray 14 onward is when the bottom set begin to catch up, so I'm looking forward to that.

Not much else really to say. I only really feel the ache on certain teeth for a day, maybe 2 maximum and then for the next 12 days everything is comfortable. Also worth mentioning that they've not caused me any social issues, I still go about my life the same as when I didn't have them. So if that is a worry for you, don't let it put you off!

I will try and post again in a few weeks when my bottom set begin to move.

Until then, happy Easter everyone!
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