Endermologie Does Work! But It is Not Permanent and You Need to Maintain

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I initially started researching endermologie years...

I initially started researching endermologie years ago while I was trying to find out a way to help the awful cellulite i had gained from a battle with deep depression and food. As a 25 year old women who was too embarrassed to go to the beach something had to be done!

I am a believer in endermologie, but it is no miracle worker. Just like ANYTHING out there that aids in your wellbeing, you have to make a COMPLETE lifestyle change. I spoke to many practitioners before I chose my salon.

I initially booked 12 sessions. Over 10 weeks I went 2 - 3 times a week. After every session I would have an infra red sauna which the salon offered where I would sweat out all of the toxins that had been sucked to the surface of the skin. I exercised for 1 hour 3-4 times a week. I completely changed my diet to include only the healthiest of foods and got used to drinking at least 2 litres of water a day.

By incorpating all of these things, and being dedicated in my complete lifestyle change I did start to see a miracle! My legs became more shapely and I suddenly had a butt that had never existed before!! (Much to my boyfriends delight) As I was toning my body through exercise it helped the endermology machine focus on the softer outer skin on top of my muscle.

During this period I started taking evening primrose oil tablets which also helped the regeneration of my skin. My skin started to glow and became baby soft.

After my first session I was 70% happy, but only because it hadnt gotten rid of all my cellulite and I was hoping for a complete miracle!! BUT, it really had made a HUGE change and I was very happy.

The second time I booked in for 12 sessions, I incorporated all of the healthy things I was doing before, but this time I started to do pilates and vibro gym, including drybrushing my skin every day to help increase circualation. I was about to go on a 6 month trip around the world chaisng summer and wanted to look my best.

Through extreme dedictation and the endermologie sessions (or as I have now come to affectionatly call it 'endo') I have to admit I had a killer body that I could have only ever dreamed of!

This took me through towards the end of my travels where I unfortunatley slipped into my old ways and no exercise AT ALL... which meant that the dreaded orange peel skin started to come back. (A diet of partying and cocktails in my travels didnt exactly help).

I am now currently doing my third round of 'endo' and so far I am doing OK but havent been as dedicated as previously. I am starting to up my exercise and healthy eating and this is helping to see a more drastic change....

One other point I will make is that to achieve the best results you have to keep the pressure going higher as your sessions increase... this is not exactly a pleasurale experience but I have acheived incredible results this way.... as they say, no pain no gain!!

Which I guess my conclusion is... Endermologie is great, it helps change your body shape, is great for all over body circulation, makes your skin baby soft and smooth and generally makes you feel better.

BUT, if you are a lazy person with a bad diet then 'yes' you are wasting your money.

Ladies, there will never be a 'miracle' treatment that requires no hard work or effort on your behalf, and nothing is permament, but if you are serious about wanting to change your body image than it is achievable and if you can afford it I highly reccomend to give it a go.

Good luck to all in you battle of the bulge!


Shelton works at Bodymechnaique in the suburb of Edgecliff in Sydney Australia, prior to visiting him I did my first to rounds with Jacqui at Hypo2 who was the main trainer of endermologie users in Sydney. SHelton is considered the best in the business, in the past two months he has received write ups in the beauty sections of Australian Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire magazines.... need I say more??? He is bloody brilliant!

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