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I love it, it really works!!!... I've had 30...

I love it, it really works!!!... I've had 30 endermologie sessions, however, after the 6th one I started noticing the change in my skin. I'm not overweighted and more than a year ago I started a healthier nutrition, not strictly a diet but I try to watch what I eat. I've lost more than 20 pounds and my weight is pretty much stable ever since.

After my 15th endermologie session I really noticed the big change, my skin was incredibly smooth, even, and almost with zero cellulite.

Then, I understand it's all about maintenance. My last session was more than 3 months ago and I really miss it now!...

I'm considering purchasing a home version of the professional LPG's machine, the Wellbox.

If someone already tried the Wellbox, I would really appreciate some feedback!!!!
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