Ended Up in the Emergency Room!

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I had botox between my brows two years ago. The...

I had botox between my brows two years ago. The aesthetic results were wonderful -my forehead was smooth, but it still moved. I looked years younger. However, I got EXTREMELY sick and weak. My symptoms started a few days after the injection and lasted for about 8 weeks! I could barely get out of bed to take care of my precious family. I was extremely sick -nauseated, dizzy, weak, headaches-for the ENTIRE time. The sickness never stopped. It was 24/7. I contacted allergan in hopes that they could find a solution. I had hoped that they could possibly get the botox out of my body via an anti-body or something -do you think they helped or cared? nope. I contacted the doc that did the botox, and he didnt care either. He even sent me a postcard 4 months later that informed me that "it was time for another botox treatment." I was terribly sick and there was nothing I could do about it! I believe others have had similer reactions as me, but you dont hear about it. What bothers me is that I NEVER see any negative press or websites about botox. It is all wonderful positive stuff. Botox made me extremely sick, so it must do something to our bodies. Although I dont know why I got so sick and many others dont?

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