Fraxel Repair to Improve Texture, Red Blotches, and Scars

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I am a 24 y/o female and had fraxel re:pair done...

I am a 24 y/o female and had fraxel re:pair done on 2/23. I have previously had 4 fraxel restores done and was very unsatisfied with the results (a diff. physician performed the restores). I wanted to improve some texture irregularities, red blotches, and a few scars. I did a lot of research on it by reading all of the reviews on this site and a few others. Trying to be open minded because there has been a lot of negative reviews. I rated my overall satisfaction as "good", only because I am only on day 4 and it is way too early to tell.

I received the normal precare: valtrex, steriod cream, and keflex prior to procedure.

The actual procedure was pretty painless, I really only felt the nerve blockers and that was mildly uncomfortable. I received valium and demerol, along with numbing cream. I barely remember anything, except being wheel-chaired to my SUV. The physician and staff was extremely helpful and caring.

My healing has gone so far as:

Day 1: pinpoint bleeding, weeping, swelling
Day 2: weeping, swelling, red
Day 3: swelling and red
Day 4: red, swelling, mild flaking

I have been doing the normal aftercare with vinegar/water soaks and aquaphor with cutagenix. I will shortly be switching over to cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer in about a day.

Hopefully all goes well with the end result!

Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon

Very caring and courteous staff

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