3 Wisdom Teeth, 2 Molars Pulled, 2 Implants and Veneers Couldn't Keep Me from my Perfect Smile! (Invisalign Journey)

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Invisalign Journey After years and years of...

Invisalign Journey

After years and years of wanting straight teeth I finally decided to go for it and stop operating in fear. I knew I had so much work that needed to be done so I was kind of afraid to get the ball rolling and really see what all needed to be done to get to my perfect smile. Living in LA is no easy task. Almost everyone is beautiful and thin with perfect Movie star teeth and my significant other is no exception to the rule. This guy has the most amazing smile! Everyone thinks he has veneers but no. He only had Invisalign, whitening and teeth contouring.

After Months of literally everyone asking about his teeth, I finally got the courage to ask him to set up the appointment for me. I had my original consultation with my guys’ dentist and he informed me that I needed to have 3 wisdom teeth and 2 molars had to be pulled and replaced with implants, a root canal with a crown and a few cavities and my silver fillings needed to be replaced with white composite fillings. He gave me the referral to Dr. Katz in Encino Ca. and I was on my way... I set up an appointment with Dr. Katz immediately set up an appointment. Within 2 weeks I was at home with a mouth full of gauze and an Icepack on my left side. Because I had a total of 6 teeth pulled we decided to do one side at a time. Although in hindsight I wish I would have just gone for it and got them all done at once. I don’t remember being in much pain however I do remember my 1st prescription of Vicodin being too much!!! I was like a zombie I was so drugged up. Heavy pains meds are not for me. The second time around I remember asking for Oxycodone. I decided to go under for both treatments and I didn’t feel a thing. I was super nervous to have anesthesia but now I feel like I wouldn’t change a thing other than doing it all at once. After all my teeth were pulled I’m now left with 2 holes where my 1st bottom left molar and my 1st top molar on my right. You have to wait a few months for the bone to heal before you can have the implants. The whole process with Dr. Kats cost about $4000 and I would recommend him to anyone.

Root Canal and Invisalign Impressions

After waiting about 3 months I decided to go to Western dental to get my Invisalign. My guy’s dentist was super expensive so I decided to go to him for the cosmetics side and to go the Western route because it was cheaper and they allowed payment plans. At my WD appointment I found out I had 9 cavities in total that needed to be filled or replaced with white composite fillings and a root canal. My dentist told me that I did have to get the root canal done before they would place the Invisalign but I could have my cavities filled through out my treatment I had to put a total of $500 down for the Invisalign and $300 down for the treatment of the root canal and the cavities. I did not have to pay interest and I planned on paying everything off within a few months so I was super excited to be getting about $6,000 worth of treatment for only $800 down. (Invisalign $4,500 fillings and root canal $1,500) I did my Invisalign impressions that day and boy were they extensive. It seems like I took a million pictures and x-rays. I made an appointment for the root canal for the following week. The root canal was fairly simple. They numbed my mouth but I was awake the whole time and did not feel a thing. Once the root canal was over I was told that I needed to get a crown but I didn’t have to rush because I had already done the impressions for my Invisalign and the crown my not fit my impressions. Next step is probably the most difficult… the long wait for the first set of trays is excruciating!

Finally! My first set of Trays are in!

I waited for about 2 months before I got my first set of trays and boy was I hot behind that wait. I was told my trays would be there within a month so I planned our vacation around the trays coming and getting the first 2 two week check ups out of the way. I called consistently every Thursday checking to see if they were in (Thursdays are the days my orthodontist was in the office) with no luck. Finally I decided to go in and speak with someone face to face. I read somewhere Invisalign was made in Puerto Rico and that’s where I was going for our vacation so maybe I could get in touch with someone while I was there. I get into the office and they go check around… what do ya know? My Invisalign package, two whole boxes were there the whole time. That series of events did kind of make me mad. Because I was already in the office, my Ortho made time to get me in so that he could fit me for my first set of trays. I was told the first set is kind of like my practice set so I should wear them so that I could get used to taking them on and off. I remember them being tight but not unbearable. I went home that day with my practice set and made an appointment for 2 weeks later so that I could get my attachments and my 2nd set of the first trays.

Pics of my 2 Peglaterals and first day of my Invisalign.

Pics of my 2 Peglaterals and first day of my invisalign


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