Rhino and Septo 23 years old - Encino, CA

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Ahh! so after more than 6 months of saving and...

Ahh! so after more than 6 months of saving and contemplating from my initial consult, I picked up the phone a month ago and made the appoint. I went with Dr. Dishell in Encino, CA because a friend of mine from college went to him and was very happy. I maybe should have looked around more but after my consultation, I felt comfortable with him.

Dr. Dishell specializes in cosmetic surgery specifically for the nose and eye lids. This was a selling point for me because he basically only does noses and has done hundreds maybe thousands over the years. I was a little thrown off by his older age at first but I'm going to trust that all that extra time just gave him more experience haha.

My initial consult was so exciting. I had my dad go with me for support. Dr. D looked up my nose and told me I had a severe deviated septum and that the surgery would really help with the breathing. But my main concern was the bump on my nose. I broke my nose in one my my many sports injuries and because of that, I have always felt very insecure about my profile.

I remember my siblings always teasing me about it and calling me big nose, or my older brother telling me to go get it fixed. As a 13/14 year old girl that stuff really gets in your head. I remember in 8th grade going on Paint on my computer and just taking the eraser and erasing the bump. I hate profile pics and I hate when people look at me when I drive, for the sole fact that its my side profile. I have tried to accept and embrace it but I always reverted to wishing it was not like that.So as you can see, its been an issue for about 10 years now and after finally graduating college and having been able to save up some money I went for it.

Dr. D said that my nose is a perfect candidate for a surgery like this because my tip is "nice" he just needs to fix the bump. He said it will be a pretty easy surgery. I'm technically getting "Septoplasty with intranasal reconstruction, and bilateral submucous resection of turbinates" just lets just call it a nose job haha.

I am going for a very natural look, the last thing I would ever want is to have "nose joby nosejob" you know the ones that was super curvy and pinched and the nostrals are all turned and stuff. I don't even want people to really notice, so instead of getting a slight curve, I requested just pretty straight.

I have done almost all my shopping and tried to refrain from watching hulu so my shows would rack up and I would have something to do for the week that I am locked inside. Tomorrow is the day at 8:15 am. My boyfriend and my parents will be there. I'm super nervous and I just hope i made the right decision going with my first guy. My stomach is in knots. I started the arnica montana and the bromelain and everything is set... just waiting on the day. ahhh god, send good vibes.

Day of Surgery

Had the surgery yesterday morning! My stomach was in knots all morning. I put on my fuzzy socks, comfy sweats, a comfy button up shirt, my warm slippers and brought a fuzzy blanket and giant floppy hat for after.

I met the nurse, who introduced herself and was super sweet. I got shown to the room and changed into the gown and little hat and they let me keep my fuzzy socks on. My eyes were tearing up because I was so nervous and scared. The nurses and the anesthesiologist were super comforting and kept reassuring me that everything was going to be alright. Dr. Dishell came in summarized what we had talked about in the consults and what we were going to do: Straighten it out, remove the bump, open up the airwaves, and just barely touch the tip. He knew I wanted a straight profile and asked if I was sure about that vs a curved. I told him I would be okay with a very very slight curve if we did one but my main concern was that it looked natural.

They IV was inserted in my arm (not painful, just felt like a bee sting) and they put some anti-anxiety and anti motion sickness meds in there. Within minutes I felt better. I hugged my dad goodbye as he wished me luck and I walked over to the OR bed with two nurses on each side of me. I remember being cold and them putting an extra blanket on me. I remember them putting these bootie massage things on my feet and I remember closing my eyes. The next thing I knew I was waking up in the room I started in (where I got my IV) and the surgery was over! I couldn't believe it was done.

No pain, no conception of time. I was a loopy and unintentionally slurring my words. Both the nurse and the anesthesiologist told me that I did great and everything went perfectly. They told me it looked great and how pretty it was. An oxygen mask was placed on my faced as I fluttered my eyelashes in an attempt to stay woken up. The Dr. came in and told me that after making it straight, he decided to leave it and not curve it anymore since it worked best with my features that way. I was really impressed that he looked at the entire picture and was conservative in his choice. It reassured me that this dude really knew what he was doing. I was given a cracker and a little water and eventually was on my way home.

I already had bruising on my eyes immediately. My left eye bruised much worse and everything was super swollen. I just kept icing as much as I could and taking the meds. Looking in the mirror is the worst. I just looked like a fat purple avatar but I understand its the healing process. My nose was bleeding a lot yesterday (day of surgery) and the dressing kept having to be replaced. I really had no appetite but managed to eat a banana when I got home and soup a Thai ice tea later in the night.
I kept icing so it was hard to watch TV. I listened to music instead which works nicely as you have to be laying on your back with your head raised. I got a horrible sleep with all that packing inside my nose and my mouth was super dry from having to breathe through it! it was hard to drink with everything being so swollen. I would only take horrible little naps throughout the night until the morning finally came.

1 day post op- Packing removal

I went in today to get the packing removed after having the surgery yesterday. Let me tell you, it hurts like a bitch. There was packing stuffed so far up my nostrils it felt like he was pulling stuff out of my brain. The pressure it super intense. But after it was out, I could breathe out of my nostrils again which was such a nice feeling.

Since I was coherent today we talked about the surgery and any questions I may have had. He confirmed after being inside the nose that it was definitely broken and that I would finally be able to breathe out of my left side after his work. What a relief! My advice is make sure to take your pain meds before you get your packing removed.

Came home and slept and ate today. I still look super silly and not at all like myself, but I just have to be patient. My nostrils will depuff and my nose will slim down. The color will fade and I will once again look human. Gonna ice some more now!

4 days post op

These last few days have kind of been a blur. I have been icing, resting and sleeping a lot. I really haven't had much of an appetite so I have been drinking a lot of fresh pressed juices and naked juices. Yesterday was the first activity I engaged in since the surgery. I felt well and alert enough to paint a pumpkin for Halloween haha. I have been sleeping better and have learned to sleep on my back with no problem but i do miss my old side sleeping position.

The iced peas have been great for my headaches which I have found I get pretty often. The doctor said that after 48 hours the ice won't really help with the bruising and sweeping anymore but I find it still relieves my headaches.

The bruising has gone from a dark purple to a lighter purple/pink and now it is a pinkish and yellow. That's good it means it is healing! The swelling has gone down a little too but I'm still very swollen.

I still can't smile right and when I do I look rediculous since everything is still swollen and it effects my smile. My energy levels are improving but I'm overall still really sleepy often.

I went in this morning for a checkup with my doctor and he said everything was healing nicely. He cleaned my nose out which was pretty painful and told me that on Thursday I would get the splint off. That's exciting!

I can see that the bump is gone and when I woke up today my boyfriend said "it's lookin pretty cute!" That made me feel great. I know I have a long way to go but I'm on my way!

Are you a fighter?

Yesterday was the first day I went out in public, I had planned not to until the cast came off but I had to make copies at fedex so I had to. I decided to try to not care. I did get some curious looks but it didn't really bother me. One guy came up to me and smiled while he asked, "Are you a fighter?" I laughed and told him no. I guess I really did look like one. With two black eyes and a broken nose, I am looking pretty bad ass these days.

The big reveal. Too many emotions

I got the cast off yesterday and when I looked in the mirror, it wasn't the same girl I had known all these years. Looking at myself from the side was crazy. I saw a tiny little nose with no bump. Everything I had ever wanted, but then I was flooded with emotions. I started crying in the chair. It was too many emotions at once. Loss of my old nose, joy of the new one, regret, love, I couldn't sort them out. My mom was with me and was so happy at the result, saying how I looked like myself as a little girl again before it was broken. She kept saying how beautiful it was and thanking the doctor. The doctors aid kept saying it as perfect and how beautiful it was but somehow I guess I just didn't see it the way they did but there were too many emotions to sort out so I was happy last night. I even sent pics to my friends and fam.

But this morning when I woke up, I couldn't even look at myself in the mirror. The girl staring back at me was an unfamiliar one and one that I feel was much less pretty than me. I started crying and haven't been able to stop really. I just had all this regret come over me. And thoughts that wouldn't leave occupied my mind: "I was pretty before but I just hated the bump- maybe if I had just learn to love and accept it." "O god, what have I done," "all this for nothing." "what have I done!" I just cried and cried.
I know that these feelings are normal, right? And I know that there is still swelling so it will look different soon. But right now, this day is too much. When I look at my nose I have this tiny little nose from the side and a wide nose through the bridge in the front. (He didn't really touch the tip). I think I like the side view, it's just definitely hard to get used to. But the front is a different story. Will the wide bridge go down? Will I be happy? Are these feelings of regret normal? I'm just so sad right now. I really need support.

I got some helpful information-feeling so much better.

After such a horrible morning and feeling so scared and full of regrets, I turned to the realself community, my mom and boyfriend and the doctors office. I feel so much better and I wanted to thank you guys here for being encouraging and supportive.
When I called the office, Terry, who has been with me on this journey every step of the way was amazing and told me that after the cast comes off it's really normal for the nose to swell up as a ballon which is why when I looked in the mirror this morning I freaked out. She promised me that it wasn't gonna look like it does right now and to not worry. She was so comforting. The pictures I posted were from yesterday when the swelling was much less, so you can't see the giant mess of a ballon on my face right now. There is not much definition on the bridge from the swelling which I have been reassured will go down. I liked my nose yesterday pre swelling so I just have to be patient and trust that it's gonna be fabulous. I feel so much better now. Gotta keep my head up and be patient! Keep taking my arnica and resting. I'll keep u guys posted. :) thanks everyone

Life beyond the walls

Today was the first day I went out in 9 days! (Minus the 2 doctor visits and one fedex trip). I can't tell you how nice it was to be out of the house and back in the real world. I woke up feeling good as the the swelling went down some. I was staying positive with all the encouragement I got from the community. I still have a bruise under my right eye but attempted to do my best covering and makeup. I put on an outfit I liked, did my makeup and those two things alone made me feel like a new women. I mean being in the house this last week since the surgery, consisted of me really just staying in my PJS, napping and watching a lot of Netflix. (Side note: anyone who has time to recover after surgery needs to watch orange is the New Black, it's great.) I think that living like that didn't really help my mood. Today I went to a farmers market on the beach and then to Venice beach in the evening. Iy was great to feel pretty and enjoy the beautiful day, I felt alive.
I will say though, that I think I did a little too much walking at the beach in the evening because my nose started to kinda throb and I didn't feel very good. It was like a pressure in my cheeks near my nose. I felt this this morning too when I was cleaning and had to lie down for a little and put pees on my head. It was my body telling me to slow down both times I should take it more easy and I plan to now.
Thank u to everyone for your kind words, it has really helped me so much. Looking forward to seeing the end result.

2 weeks post!

Feeling good guys! As you guys said, the swelling really does go down everyday. A picture of my the first day Post op and now look so different! I can't wait til the tip goes down, it's still swollen and because of that makes my smile a little off.

Family reaction: I showed my grandparents a few days ago and they freaked out in excitement. I walked in to their room and said, "I have a surprise... Notice anything new about me?!" I then turned to the side. My grandma noticed my clean straight profile right away and was so excited. He said my doctor did a magnificent job! My grandma is extremely blunt and she said it looks terrific. I've gotten all positive feedback from my family so far which is great. My other grandma made a funny comment that was totally uncalled for but she's so old that it just made me laugh. She said, it looks beautiful! So much better than that thing you had before!!" Hahha old people.

I showed my aunt, uncle cousin. I said, "notice anything new?" And my cousin said, "Woh! Your nose isn't broken anymore!" I couldn't have asked for a better more genuine answer. My uncle said it looks beautiful. My aunt was kinda pissed about it. She didn't think I needed one and that I didn't have a bad nose before. She likes it but just doesn't really agree with it.

I haven't told my younger teen sister yet and don't want to really because she is already very insecure and obsessed with image so I fear that if she knows it will make her obsess about her own nose. I also fear she might be jealous or something. She hasn't seem me yet since the surgery, and I told my parents that I am just gonna tell her the doctor kinda just snapped it back into place and made it straight without surgery the way they do with dislocated shoulders. Hahah I don't know if my crazy plan will work! I think she is gullible enough to believe it...

3 weeks post

So it's been 3 weeks and I like it more everyday. It looks so natural. I went to lunch with two different guy friends and both didn't even notice until I told them. That's exactly what I wanted! :) I still can't wear sunglasses but I really don't have any complaints.
Since I got the surgery, everyone keeps saying how now my sister and I look more alike.
Feeling good about it. I don't regret anything at all at this point.

Swelling pic progress!

I was looking at the front from day one post op til now which is 3.5 weeks post op and can't believe how different it looks! No wonder I was freaking out! I wanted to share a side by side for people to see so that they won't freak out in their own surgury and know that it really is just swelling that will go down!

6 weeks and counting

Hi everyone so it's been a little over 6 weeks and I am happy! I think it's really taken it's shape and I couldn't be more thrilled. It's still sensitive like if my dog knocks it but everything is healing great and I have gotten all positive feedback. I am just so happy I went to dr. Dishelle and got exactly what I wanted. I feel very lucky. I love that my nose isn't attracting attention. I feared it would be the talk of the town but people don't even notice! They just think I look better and can't really put their finger on why! It's pretty funny! Anyway, I hope that everyone finds what they are looking for because it really is a journey and there are definitely some bumps! Thank you to everyone who was here along with me through it on realself. And I hope my review provides helpful insight to others going on similar paths!

Couldn't be happier

I'm so happy! I absolutely love my nose now and have seen such an increase of confidence in myself. I love my profile the most! No more big bump! I have gotten nothing but positive feedback from everyone and everyone keeps telling me how natural it looks. It's all I ever wanted! It is the best decision I have ever made with myself and I am so happy I did it now instead of waiting years down the road. Dr. Dishell is such an artist. He did a fantastic job and I overwhelmed with how happy I am with my nose! I highly recommend!

More pics

So happy!

Front pic as requested

Old front view (before)

Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

Absolutely amazing. Couldn't ask for better.

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