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Remove minimal scar. In July of 2010, my nose...

Remove minimal scar.

In July of 2010, my nose was fractured in two places due to an accident. After receiving sutures my primary physician suggested I see a specialist to insure that no permanent damage had been done. His personal opinion was that the minor fractures would heal, and that short of a scar, which would fade in time, I would be fine. Nevertheless I scheduled an appointment with a specialist he had recommended. At that point the nose was swollen, yet in no way noticeably crooked, and I had no problem breathing through it either. I met with Dr. S three days after breaking my nose.Dr. S took one look at my nose, ignored the x-rays, and exclaimed that my nose was “smashed” and that unless I wanted to be disfigured for life I was in need of immediate surgery. Speechless, I asked him to review the x-rays, and I lamely relayed to him that my primary physician had a different opinion. He countered that he was the specialist, and why else was I paying to see him, but to seek out his expert opinion.

His manner in no way improved, he stated that he needed to operate before my nose bone fused back in an unstable fashion. When I mentioned that I was breathing through my nose he made it clear that I would shortly be unable to do so, unless he operated.

That same day, after the unpleasant appointment with Dr. S, I had the good fortune of getting in touch with Dr. Persky’s office and hearing directly from him. I found it rather appealing and unique that he would contact me directly. I briefed him on the situation, and summarized the events of the last three days. Based on my summary and observations, Dr. Persky assured me that I was in no danger, and that I should see him early the following week to confirm. After that initial conversation with Dr. Persky which was as different as night and day with Dr. Stein, my weekend was far less stressful.

The following week I met with Dr. Persky and found him to be as pleasant and informative in person as over the phone. He was patient, and took the time to review my information, and x-ray. The staff as well as Dr. Persky had been fantastic and helpful in regards to my situation. He confirmed the original diagnosis of my primary physician and explained that no surgery would be necessary. My nose was not smashed, I would not be disfigured, and I would breathe literally and figuratively much better with him as my doctor. Dr. Persky suggested that if I wanted he could treat the scar with some laser treatment and alleviate the scar. We agreed that in the next four weeks I could begin laser treatment for scar removal.

Since August I have been in treatment for scar removal. My nose has healed, and after several treatments the scar is all but gone.

Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Stein's bedside manner to that point had been brisk, dismissive, and heavy on the fear factor. I glumly asked the cost, and for details as to why, and what he planned on doing. His price to bring in what he called, “a crack team of Beverly Hills specialists” steadily increased from $4500 in the beginning, to $6000 by the end of our conversation. When I pressed for further details he briskly told me that after he received full payment he would schedule a pre-op appointment where all my questions would be answered. He curtly ended the consultation and suggested that I have payment either in cash or check by Monday in order to insure the proper healing of my nose. He then requested $100 for that day’s consultation. Luckily his bedside manner had been so horrendous that I left unsatisfied and eager to acquire a second opinion. One of my friends suggested Dr. P. Words cannot really express sufficiently my gratitude and appreciation for all that Dr. P has done. I have been saved from unnecessary and expensive surgery, and treated not only competently but with patience and kindness. It is rare in this day and age to find competent care, let alone a doctor that takes that extra time to assure you and explain things to you. I wanted to share my story not only as a warning but to recommend with extreme gratitude and appreciation Dr. P

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