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So I decided to get my tattoos removed once the...

So I decided to get my tattoos removed once the new Picoway laser came out. I had debated for some time whether to use the Picosure or Picoway, but chose the latter due to the wavelength (1064nm) which is said to penetrate into the skin the deepest.

The picosecond technology shows such promising results, so I hope my are equally amazing. I've attache picture of the tattoos before the procedure. I just had my first procedure on 6.17 and have attached a photo of the larger tattoo. I will attach more photos throughout the entire process.

As for the procedure------I had no experience with tattoo removal. The staff (Nurses Yelena and Nicole) were phenomenal and made me feel extremely comfortable. I was nervous about the paint so they performed a test spot on my ring finger tattoo first to get my acclimated to what was coming.

The pain was intense----but not unbearable. It definitely felt like what most describe as hot rubber bands snapping into your skin. I didn't look at my tattoos while the procedure was performed, but I noticed that the pain from the laser tends to radiate. In other words, it was hard for me to tell what part they were lasering, as the pain from the laser tended to not be isolated in one area but rather spread over my entire forearm.

After the procedure there was general burning and discomfort in the area akin to a severe sunburn. This dissipated after a few hours. As I write this today, the area is still red and inflamed-----but had no blisters and only very minor pinpoint bleeding. Will post more pics.

I am spacing my sessions out to get the maximum results. Cheers until then and will post updates!


Two days post Treatment 1

So here is what the area looks like two days after my first treatment. I'm not really expecting any fading after a day or even weeks. But if it happens great! I'm getting treated by the best laser on the market. This whole process is like watching paint dry on a wall lol.

Two weeks post Treatment 1

Hi everyone!

I am now two weeks post my first treatment. Right now the scab/skin is starting to peel off my tattoo on my forearm. After the treatment, I kept it covered and applied antiobiotic ointment for three days. I then started applying aquafor to hydrate the area for another week or so...and then I stopped in order to let the area scab/flake off.

Thus far, I see no scarring or pigmentation issues. As areas flake away the tattoo appears more faded but is not missing any areas or anything too drastic. It's a process so we will see how this plays out over the next year...no matter how many sessions it takes I'm going allllll the way.

The ring finger tattoo looks more faded than it was prior to treatment. It hasn't scabbed or flaked my forearm though...yet. I hope everyone is doing well!


1 1/2 month after first treatment

Just a quick update on my progress. I have my second session in the first week of August----which I am greatly looking forward to. ONE thing I have noticed is that my tattoo has faded a lot. It was a dense black and now it have a gray hue to it. I have not seen significant breaking of any lines except in a few areas. I'm assuming there is layers of ink and maybe the top layer was removed and more will get broken up as the sessions go on.

One plus is there is no scarring, no discoloration, and no textural changes of my skin. I will update after my second session in August!

3 weeks post tx2

Hi everyone! I had my second treatment with the Picoway laser three weeks ago. I had the ring finger tattoo done at a lower energy level (by accident) and asked for the forearm tattoo to be done at a stronger energy level. The first treatment I had was done at 2.6 joules for both tattoos. My second treatment was 2.4 joules for the ring tattoo and 2.8 joules for the forearm. I DID notice that there is a substantial difference between 2.6 and 2.8 in terms of pain. However, despite the increased pain I still have NO scarring and NO pigmentation issues. The tattoos have healed very well and I am starting to see the ink breaking up on my forearm. The ink has not broken up on the ring finger tattoo but it is lightening considerably.

All in all, things are good. Life is great. Tatt's are getting removed and I'm lucky to have it done at a place like the HairFree Laser Center. The staff is ALWAYS incredibly gracious and great to me. I have my third treatment in late September, so we will see how much more fading occurs between now and my third.

All my best.

Six weeks post tx2

Here is another update--------six weeks post tx2. I have tx3 in about 10 days. There was obviously a lot of ink and depth to my tattoo. I can finally see some areas of the forearm tattoo breaking up (a testament to the fact this is a process and tattoos can take a long time to remove). The ring finger tattoo is lightened but not showing any breaking up....yet. I was estimated at 5-6 treatments for removal. We will see how this plays out with 3-4 more treatments. Either way, fighting on and lucky to have great technology like this to remove a tattoo. All the best! I will update in October after my third treatment. ALSO, very happy it is the fall and time for sweater weather. The summer heat was horrendous!!!!

Two weeks post treatment 3

Hello all! I only posted a pic of the forearm for this update! But I will post an updated pic of the ring tattoo on my next update sometime late October. The third treatment hurt the most (2.8 joules at 3 hz) and I have DEFINITELY seen the most results after this treatment. I can only imagine there are layers of ink that have to be "burned" through in order to start seeing segments of a deep tattoo like this start to fade. But WOW am I seeing fading only after two weeks post tx3. Portions of the letters are fading considerably. I'm excited to see what more treatments bring.

Feel free to ask any questions. I'll update later this month/early November. Enjoy the sweater weather and the magical fall holiday season :)))

Four weeks post tx3

Hello all!

I thought I'd update with a photo four weeks post treatment 3. I've also included two close up photos so you can see how the fading looks. Definitely making progress, burning those layers of ink away and getting down to some skin in certain areas. I'd imagine with 4-6 more treatments I will be looking good. We shall see!

I have treatment four scheduled mid November and will do my next update probably right before treatment 4, followed by another updated 2-3 weeks after treatment 4.

Have a wonderful Halloween! Enjoy the fall weather :)

7 Weeks post treatment 3

Hi everyone! Quick update! I am now 7 weeks post treatment 3. My fourth treatment is tomorrow! I noticed the healing time was longer after my third treatment. My skin is also generally more sensitive and can break out in a tiny rash if I rub it too much. I assume most of this is due to the ink being broken down and/or the healing process.

Excited for treatment 4 tomorrow and I will update about 2-3 weeks after my fourth treatment!

1 week post 4th Treatment

Hi All,

Quick update. I just had my fourth treatment last week. I'm almost a week out. We changed some things up, decreased the spot size from 4mm to 3mm, and increased the joules to 4.9. From what I read on the Picoway chart attached the machine at the office, it doesn't look like the smaller spot size is safe for all skin types (very dark skin). I'd imagine this is because of the increased concentration of the beam/increased energy and its effect on skin pigment. Anyways, it APPEARS that the results are better already but I will have to wait and see.

3.5 weeks post tx4

Hi everyone,

It is about 3.5 weeks after my fourth treatment. Still seeing fading (albeit slowly). I noticed that the 3mm spot size had much less negative side effects than the 4mm spot size (although healing took a bit longer). The red streak is just because I got itchy and itched it too much lol. So ignore that.

Overall I'm seeing increased fading with each session. A lot of areas are starting to break up and I'm excited for my fifth treatment at the end of this month! I will update one more time prior to my 5th treatment.

Happy Holidays!!!

7 weeks post tx4

HI everyone-

I will be having my 5th treatment today, and very happy with the progress I am seeing so far. I wanted to give you some updated pics before my treatment today. I've posted a pic of the whole tattoo, and also a close up of various portions to show you what the fading looks like!

All the best, and happy new year's! I will post updated pics after treatment 5 in about 2-3 weeks :)

3 Weeks post Treatment 5

Hey everyone,

I wanted to post a comparison photo I made. Excuse the poor editing, it is NOT my forte. The results that I am seeing are nothing less than this------DRAMATIC. I am still going strong, but as you can see, came from such a deep, dark, and dense tattoo, now to this point with such dramatic fading.

The ring tattoo I have is progressing as well, but not as much (probably because it is so deep and distal [far away from my blood supply]). I'm not as concerned about the ring tattoo because it will eventually get there and is easily covered.


One more pic

Oh and just incase you wanted a close up of this time, since that comparison photo is so small

11 weeks post treatment 5

Hi everyone! I had waited significant longer this time between treatments just to give my skin some time to heal as well as get the maximum benefits from the Treatments. I am going in for treatment 6 in about two weeks here so it will have been about 13 weeks total between treatments.

BUT, it has continued to fade. Here is an updated photograph 11 weeks after treatment 5. I will update in a few weeks after Treatment 6!


Comparison Photo

Here is a side by side photo

six weeks after Treatment 6

Hi everyone. I am about 6 weeks after treatment six with treatment seven in about three weeks. Still seeing progress and plugging along. Hope you are all doing well!

9 weeks post treatment 7

Hi everyone,

I'm still plugging along. My one year removal anniversary blew by. I'm about nine weeks post treatment 7. Treatment 8 is this weekend. Hope all is well!

About 11 weeks post treatment 8

Hi everyone. 11 weeks post treatment 8. I have treatment 9 today. Wish me luck :)

8 wks post treatment 9

And another update! It's coming along. Hoping only 3-4 more treatments to go!!

8 weeks post treatment 10

Still plugging along! I have treatment 11 today and excited to have this continued to be blasted away ????

10 Weeks post Treatment 11

I decided to give you guys a bigger update. I'm now ten weeks post treatment 11. I'm sitting in the lobby waiting for treatment 12. Still making progress. Ive posted and updated photo of ny forearm tattoo as well as an updated photo of my finger tattoo! Cheers to everyone on their journeys. Let me know if you have any questions and I appreciate you all stopping by
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