Revision Rhinoplasty Done!

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It started in high school when insecurities about...

It started in high school when insecurities about my nose came about. I was told I was pretty but I knew that my nose didn't fit my face. I have a skinny bridge and bulbous tip. Had my first consultation at 18 years old but changed my mind and decided to wait. Now 21 years old and had my Pre-Op today and surgery is june 30 2014 =)

Pics of before

I'v put some pics up of how my nose looks now. Skinny bridge and bulbous tip. I wanted some cartilage to be removed and was told that bridge is fine and nostrils are normal. This all seems so surreal that I am finally going doing the surgery!

More pics

8 days left until surgery!

Can't believe it's 8 days until surgery. I've been waiting for this moment since I graduated high school! Tomorrow I gotta shop for the supplies I will be needing for after surgery such as a U-pillow, compression socks, Tylenol PM, soups, a juicer, and more =) I am not nervous at the moment, but I know I will be the night before surgery =o

A before and after simulation of what I hope for

Counting down the days. Got a memory foam U-Pillow today, chap stick, medical gauze, Vitamin C, and arnica gel. Still need the tablets but have yet to find them =/ anyone know where to get them I've checked Walgreens and CVS

Almost there!

So only 3 days to go =) got the last bit of essentials that I need and hope I am not forgetting anything on my Pre Op list I read it like 100 times lol found the Arnica Montana 9c tablets today at Vitamin Shoppe and grabbed two bags of flax seed. I hope flax seed doesn't interfere with my surgery in anyway. My surgeon Dr. Cohen seemed pretty confident in doing my nose as I will only being some getting cartilage removed to get a more defined tip. He seemed like he knew more of what he had planned for my nose than the first consultation I had when I was 18. When I was 18 the surgeon made it feel like it would be difficult working on my nose. I saw a real difference in my second consultation and knew this Dr. Cohen was the one and was more positive and straight forward. He asked me what I wanted changed about my nose and of course I was a little embarrassed to go into detail as I have never told anyone else. But I simply said I wanted my nose to fit my face more but look natural. So here I am waiting for Monday the 30th. Hoping I get a phone call no later than tomorrow with the time I have to come in for surgery.

3 days =]

Surgery center called and I have to be there at 6 AM. It's about 56 miles from my home so I will have to leave by 4:30 AM because I don't know how traffic will be going to Encino from Lancaster. My husband is already used to waking up at 4:00 AM everyday for work and he will be the one taking me and taking care of me =) wish my parents could be around but they live in Northern California so when I visit them in August they may or may not notice my new nose

Tomorrow's the big day!

Alright time to get to bed. Gotta be up at 3:30 then leave at 4 =) I keep making sure I have all my supplies packed in my travel bag such as: throat lozenges, chap stick, big hat, u pillow, crackers, water, and medical gauze. Good night everyone! And good luck to everyone else I have been so grateful for the tips and support =)

First few hours hurt!

Okay so got there an hour early whoo! And was out a little after 10am. Woke up and eyes felt like they were stung by bees and tip of nose burnt! =( my nose has packing and 2 tiny tubes to breathe easier. I think its the packing making me so uncomfortable...iced my eyes until i dozed off into a nap. Now gonna have a smoothie. Having the packing removed Wednesday =)!!!!

More pics

Tip looks more defined and I can tell the difference. Still uncomfortable, but "Beauty is pain"

Day 2 still no bruising =)

So I nearly slept today, so I'm gonna try and ween myself off of the prescription pain killers. Overall no pain or bruising. My head just feels stuffed up. Husband has been taking good care of me. Excited to have my packing removed tomorrow! =) thanks all for the support here on RS and happy healing! =)

Oops meant to say...

Meant to say I slept nearly all day today

Day 3 p.o.

Still bleeding a little after I walk around a little. Hopefully I wont need gauze tomorrow. Such a relief to get packing removed today =)! I no longer have a boxy tip, I can tell it is more of a refined triangle tip and thats what I wanted. Dr. C sure did know what Iv wanted all along =) head is still congested but having cast and stitches removed Wednesday the 9th so maybe that will alleviate the headaches?

Happy 4th!!

Happy 4th!!! Swelling is going down little by little. My husband wants to take me out tonight to see fireworks lets see how I feel tonight =) I told him there will be many more holidays to come plus I'll have a new nose =) I used to not like going in large crowds of people because I thought my nose was the center of attention haha I am beyond grateful I got to go through with this surgery. I tried to "love" my nose and was always told it was unique but all i wanted was a normal nose. I used to have a small cute nose but as i got older my tip got bigger. So here I am waiting to see the results on cast removal Wednesday!

More pics 4 days p.o.

4 days p.o.

4 days tip is forming

I see a cute tip forming but the profile needs to go down! Only time will tell and pineapple lol!

Waiting game

Less than 4 days til cast and stitches removal! So nervous for stitches being removed. Does it hurt? Iv never had stitches so i dont know what to expect. Been on a very strict clean diet and keeping it up so i can heal fast. Notice my cast is getting loose but tip is still a bit bubbly lol little hard to sleep with a stuffy nose. Well now its just a waiting game. Good luck all pre op and post op fellow rhino patients!

Boxy tip begone!

So here are more before pics of the boxy round tip. Day by day i see the new and improved forming. I wanted a feminine nose and the tip was the focal point. 2 days hurry up!

Cast off! =)

I am so happy with the results so far! Stitches were sensitive being taken out my eyes watered lol but the incision healed up so nicely. Just have to put a little neosporin on it. I have a cute tip now! Dr.Cohen knew exactly what i wanted.

More pics

9 days p.o.


10 days p.o. cant stop looking

I cant resist looking at my nose. Its natural and to think not all of the swelling has even gone down yet. Cant wait to see its final results when all the swelling has gone down. Lately i have avoided prolonged sunlight due to doctors orders since heat and the hot sun can make it swell more.

Different nose, new hair

So now I am just patiently waiting for this swelling to go down. Pineapple everyday. Dyed my hair burgundy. My brother is coming home tomorrow I haven't seen him in 2 years since he is in the Coast Guard (recently single by the way) lol anyways hopefully my new hair will distract him from my smaller nose. Luckily it looks natural



So iv been having pineapple smoothies everyday but I want to start taking bromelain. Is it too late to start? I really want this swelling down. I cleaned up my place yesterday so i think it swelled a little.

Patiently waiting on swelling

Cant help but doing house work and cleaning. I cant wait until i can hop back on my eliptical! My swelling is a little crooked my tip kind of leans to the right. Patiently waiting on swelling. I started Bromelain few days ago..i like the shape and can imagine when all swelling is down

Underneath nose

Before underneath nose was boxy now its a triangular shape. Swelling made it a little uneven hopeful it will straighten out

Love it!

Impressed even if swelling is going down little day by day. I see improvement everyday. Gotta keep my faith that there's more swelling to go down =)

More angles


I'v been busy with school so that's why I haven't been on rs. But I am almost 2 months post op and happier then ever. Swelling goes down gradually. It does get a little swollen In the morning after i have alcohol but that's about it.

5 Months Post Op

Well here I am almost 6 months after procedure. I am overfilled with joy that I no longer feel self conscience about my nose. I don't have to cover my face with pounds of make up every time I go in public. If I do it's just for fun =) I am still drinking tons of pineapple juice and arnica tablets.

Almost a year later

Happy but...

I have nothing bad to say about the results, despite I was hoping to see more of a difference, and definition in the tip. I was patient and waited almost a year-to-date from my surgery for swelling to subside. I now wish I would have gotten the septoplasty to have my bridge shaved down, because I feel it stands too tall on my face.

More of what I was hoping to get

Does this picture seem to much to expect? I wanted my tip to be more in sync with my bridge.


Here are what I believe are some realistic wish pics of what I was expecting of surgery. More definition in tip of both frontal view and side view

Follow up appointment today

I went for my 11 month post op appointment today, and I think it went well. My doctor said he is more than happy to do a revision, if I really want too. It would be just a small revision. If I do I am hoping to do so this summer, since I will be out of school.

Photos of differences in progress.

Here are some photos that show the progress of between 7 months and now at 11 months almost a year post operation. So it looks like a decision for revision will be at a year and half after my surgery so at the end of this year. I was hoping to have it doe over the summer since that's when i'll have the most time to heal. We shall see.

Revision scheduled!

Alright it is now less than a week until I go in for my revision! I am beyond ecstatic for this, and feel so much better after going over the surgery with my surgeon. He said he will do whatever it takes to me me happy, so I really appreciate that. He also said it was initially better to take out a little bit from my tip the first time, because if he would have taken too much it would've looked too pinched. He had me wait almost two years for this to give me time to heal, and for the swelling to go down. Moreover, I never felt rushed to go back in for surgery, and I always encouraged to express any of my questions. He's gonna remove a little more cartilage from my tip, reduce my hanging columnella, bring in my nostrils and make them symmetrical, and shave down my bridge a little as well. We both agreed that this change will be a bit more than my primary surgery, but it will make my nose more sync with my face. I am very relieved he has listened to my concerns and also made a simulation of what to look forward to. A big shout out to my consultant Nikki and my nurse Cindy for being so helpful and for treating me like family!

Revision is done!

Had surgery done and now officially 1 day post op. Everyone was so caring and big shout out to Michelle, Ester, Mindy? And the anesthesiologist Mary and Dr. Cohen for taking care of my well being. They once again surpassed my expectations at the Beverley Hills Physicians in Encino. They have offices throughout L.A. county so if anyone is researching a surgeon given them a call :)

6 Days Post Revision

So far had very minimal bruising on my face once again. Had my tip refined more, nostrils reduced, hanging columnella trimmed, and septum straightened. My surgeon didnt want to break my bridge and I am so thankful! My bridge is already straight and with that my profile looks great. Had all tip work done just a little more than the primary. Dr. Cohen had a gentle hand and took his time to ensure I was happy with results. So I already see a difference and can imagine how it will look.

6 Weeks Post Revision

So far so good. Still gets swollen in the mornings, but I see a huge improvement and difference in size. So i've started taping it at night to aid in the swelling. Stitches were taken out few weeks ago luckily the lovely Cindy held my hand as they were removed, and since it was a little more painful this time. I have continued a healthy diet with some light exersize, which I am happy to do again.

Deleting Real self account

Decided to delete my realself account so I can combine my primary and revision rhinoplasty into one account. I feel my whole review is all over the place so this will make it easier to follow.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Andrew T Cohen is a true artist. He was the second doctor I had a consultation and was a breath of fresh of compared to the first. I called up Beverly Hills Physicians and they recommended Dr. Cohen because he is a master at rhinoplasty. I also checked out his pictures and was impressed. My first doctor I consulted with made me feel my nose would be difficult to work on. Dr. Cohen made it seem more simple because my bridge is even and all I obsessed over was my bulbous tip. I was a bit shy to tell him what I didn't like so all I said was I wanted a nose that fit my face naturally. I knew he was the one the moment I spoke to him and he told me exactly what was needed to be done about my nose. I didn't want or feel I needed any bridge work done and he agreed and said he would make sure when he opened my nose. After surgery he confirmed that I didn't need bridge work done and that it was all tip work to thin out my tip so it would go symmetrical with my bridge. He has a gentle hand because I had zero bruising and minimal swelling on my face (besides my nose of course lol). At my follow up appointments I never feel rushed and he always makes sure I have my questions answered. He is very easy to talk to and very honest. His staff is friendly. I am lucky I could pay this surgery in full and not have to make payments. Because I know I had to lock in my surgery this summer and they were able to schedule me easily. Thank you Dr. Andrew Cohen for making my surgery and recovery a breeze =)

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