My Lip Lift and Columella Augmentation - Encinitas, CA

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Today is the first day after my surgery and...

Today is the first day after my surgery and I'm very swollen but I'm not in any pain that can't be easily managed with a couple advil. I've read other reviews where people talk about numbness and an inability to move their mouths naturally weeks after surgery, and I can honestly say that that's not an issue for me at all, even one day out.

Dr. L did more than just a lift on me, he also used the extra tissue that he excised and filled my columella because it was flat. This will help to create more fullness in the space between my lip and nose, because it was flat before. He spent at least an hour going over my concerns. Not only that, but he also performed this procedure on his wife, who is very beautiful. He does a lot of these, and this is the type of procedure that you MUST get an experienced dr to do.

I will keep updating this as I heal, but even through the swelling I can see that I am going to have exactly what I wanted out of this procedure. The most incredible thing is that I was expecting to have a lot of pain and limited movement but he was very gentle during surgery and I know that I'm not going to be recovering from the swelling for several weeks like most patients do after this procedure. I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. L and his staff, and I have very high hopes for the success of this procedure.

I will continue updating this with pictures.

Hi there, It's been 6 days since my surgery,...

Hi there, It's been 6 days since my surgery, and I get my stitches out tomorrow. Btw, I had the option of dissolvable stitches but Dr. L felt that permanent sutures heal better and with less scars. Between the sutures it looks like my scar is healing very flat. I'd had a scar from a rhinoplasty before and it looks like he actually improved that scar. As soon as I get the stitches out tomorrow I think I'm going to feel comfortable going outside and in public without looking done. I have almost no swelling at this point. There is a little bit of swelling that slightly restricts my smile but it isn't too bad. Yesterday I have to admit that I was having a down day. I felt like I looked deformed and I was never going to look better. So, if you're going through this procedure don't worry, that is totally normal.

By the way, the first picture below, let me...

By the way, the first picture below, let me explain what it is you're looking at. The top left picture is me smiling. The top right picture is 3 days after the procedure. The bottom picture is today, at 6 days after the procedure. I still have stitches in so it looks gritty beneath my nose, but when I get them out tomorrow I will post again. :)

I HAVE DENTAL SHOW!!!!!! I didn't think I...

I HAVE DENTAL SHOW!!!!!! I didn't think I would have any, but I definitely do. I asked Dr. L if the top lip would drop as swelling subsided, but he said that it would actually probably lift up further and reveal more of my teeth. Yayyy!!! I got my stitches out today, and I'm a little bit red at the base of the nose, plus I slept lying down for the first time since surgery last night instead of halfway inclined, so I am looking a little puffy today. I slept on my side and it's funny, the side I slept on is much more puffy. I went in public today for my first time, and I was a bit uncomfortable, but it wasn't too bad. The pictures posted today are my before on the left, and 7 days after on the right, with my mouth slightly open. Prior to surgery I had NO dental show. As you can see the swelling on one side is more pronounced than the other side because I slept lying down, on one side. I feel that makes a huge difference, so keep that in mind for future facial surgeries.

One month after surgery and my scar is totally...

One month after surgery and my scar is totally flat, but a little bit red. I picked at one corner (bad girl!!) and that side is a little more red than the other side which is nearly invisible already. Plus I got a pimple right there, so it doesn't look too great today. I will post pics at 3 months. I have no doubt that the scar will be just about perfect by then. At this point it's not very noticeable without makeup and a touch of concealer covers it perfectly. I was concerned that I wouldn't have tooth show at first, but actually, as the swelling has continued to go down I can see quite a bit of my top teeth when my mouth is parted. A long time ago (19 years old) I (stupidly) had silicone injected into my upper and lower lip. I had kenalog to minimize this problem as well as surgery 2x to remove that nasty stuff. A lot of the silicone migrated to the white portion of my lip, which makes my bottom lip look unnaturally full at the white portion. Raising my top lip improved balance and the overall appearance of my mouth and face as a whole.

It has been 8 months since my last check in on my...

It has been 8 months since my last check in on my lip lift. I still am beyond thrilled with the results. It's funny how such a little thing can make such a big difference. I am completely healed now, and all of the swelling has gone down. The scar is invisible. It is the faintest tiny line that looks like a little light colored hair under my nose, but no one would notice it even if they were looking right at it. It covers very easily with makeup if I choose to wear makeup that day, but usually I just walk out of the house with sunscreen because no one would be able to see that scar. Dr Laverson is a great doctor. Not only is he talented, but he is ethical. He has been hesitant to perform other procedures on me, stating that I was beautiful as I was. This really struck me. He is not just about making money, he really cares and wants you to have a great outcome. I will come back to Dr. Laverson for any other work I need in the future.

Dr. personally called me the day of and the day after my surgery to make sure I was okay. I could tell he genuinely cared about the outcome and my comfort and happiness.

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