Checkerboard Lines & Keloid-like Scar After Fractionated Co2 Laser Treatment - Encinitas, CA

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I had a fractionated co2 laser treatment in...

I had a fractionated co2 laser treatment in mid-November 2011 on my cheeks, eye area & chin/jaw (everywhere on my face but my nose & forehead). I am 44 years old. I was hoping to get rid of some fine lines & sun damage and basically help my skin look younger. I bought this treatment as a Groupon & upgraded to extra "areas". I researched the facility & the procedure extensively before having it done. The office is owned by a doctor with a good reputation, but my procedure was done by an esthetician. I was assured she was well-trained and had done many of these procedures before.

Post-procedure, I left the doctor's office extremely swollen, with lots of blood oozing. I was very careful to wash with vinegar & water only for a week, covered my face several times a day with Dermaquest Post Skin Resurfacing Balm (which I bought at the MD office). I avoided the sun for several weeks and I always wear a quality sunscreen. Within a week or so the swelling had gone away and I had no more bloody/open spots, but I did have a checkerboard patterns on both sides of my face, redness and a line across the right side of my jaw. It was also very obvious where the treatment began & ended on my face.

I realize it takes time to completely heal so I tried to be patient. I kept using my sunscreen, and three weeks post-procedure went back to my normal evening routine of alternating Retin-A and MD Forte cream III (glycolic acid). However, 3 months later I still have the checkerboard pattern on both sides of my face & a line that looks almost keloid-like on my right jawline, along with redness & an obvious line of treatment area.

I went back to the MD's office this week & was told that the esthetician who performed my procedure is no longer with them, and that according to my records, she used the highest setting on me even though I told her I was prone to keloid scars. They have offered to "fix" me by doing Vbeam for for free. Is this my best option or does anyone have another suggestion? I am so frustrated....I gave this so much thought and consideration and now I look worse than before. The treatment didn't seem to do anything to help my fine lines either.

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