Chin and neck lipo; love the way my face looks thinner but neck still need small surgery or platyplasmy..

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Pros: Dr. Gupta is great, young and knows what...

Pros: Dr. Gupta is great, young and knows what he's doing. I already feel it's totally worth it and see a difference already. He is a skilled, friendly doctor with great prices and I would recommend him to anyone. He did a fabulous job.

Cons: The only thing I would've changed is to make sure I got sedated before the surgery with a lot a valium at his office and they were out of chin/strap compression garments because they were moving into a new office space; so they wrapped me with ace bandages and said they'd send me one, but it's been 5 days already and it still hasn't arrived. I bought one online on Wednesday and had it fedex'ed to my house overnight so I had one.
So, that's why I've included the $150.00 for the compression garment and overnight shipping I paid for myself, along with extra bandages, arnica gel and pills, and dressing for changing the and keeping the wound sites clean. I got the Marena half neck extra large one and it is working wonders. The compression garments actually help lessen the pain of swelling and also make the loose skin stick back to your face so you look awesome.

Here's the story...

I've had a double chin since I was 12, no matter what I weighed, I've always had a round cheeks and good skin, but definitely always a rounder face (which is good now, fat cheeks keep you young looking) but gravity has started to pull my neck down and aging me faster. All I could see was my flabbiness under my chin and I hated it. So far, it has been worth it and hope I heal up fast.

I have been taking Arnica Montana daily for about a month before the surgery so I have had very little bruising but definitely puffiness. Make sure you start taking Arnica Montana at least two weeks before surgery and it will work wonders and you'll see from the pictures, plus Dr.Gupta is a great surgeon and knows what he's doing. I bought mine on Amazon and then extra at Whole Foods when I ran out.

Day of surgery..

Drove down to Encinitas (North San Diego county) Sunday night so I was ready for my Monday morning 9am surgery appointment.

They are all really nice and I love Felicia at the front desk.

Had the lipo in Dr. Gupta's office on Monday morning, definitely should've demanded the valium before the surgery, I asked for it at the consultation and thought I asked when I arrived the morning of the surgery; but they didn't give me any. I thought they were going to give me some because I was super nervous before the surgery and wasn't sure what to expect because I've never had lipo or been awake during a procedure like this. But, I think there was a miscommunication.

Dr. Gupta is a great doctor and super friendly and professional. They were in the process of moving offices so I know they had a lot going on, but they did not give me the valium I asked for before the procedure started and I needed it.


He did a great job of numbing me up, but I was a nervous wreck and should've been sedated.
However, I am a big baby when it comes to surgery, scraping against my jawline and scalpels, etc.

It was a gnarly procedure but I didn't actually feel pain, because he did a great job of numbing me up, but the actual feeling of the cannula against my jawline was cringeworthy and you can feel it scraping against your jaw, but it doesn't actually hurt.

Had I known how rough the liposuction scraping (before the machine turns on is the worst part) was going to be, I would've made sure I got valium before we started.

Dr. Gupta and his nurse do a great job of talking you through everything while performing the surgery on you and will stop if you feel weird and inject you with more lidocaine if you feel any sharpness and is really good at what he does.

They do everything they can to make sure you're okay and I wanted them to sculpt my jawline, and that's what they did.

I got a hotel in Encinitas (Best Western at Moonlight Beach, awesome hotel with ocean view and great prices!) and stayed overnight Monday and it was totally necessary to rest and have a quiet place to heal.

I have been super tired and healing all week, you really need at least 5 days to rest and heal after the surgery. I was a waitress for 20 years and am used to hard work and taking a beating, trust me, you need at least 4-5 days of real rest and have all of your affairs taken care of and groceries in the fridge so you can heal and lay down and nap. Trust me on this. Take the time off to heal because even a small surgery like this will knock you out because they are carving fat off of your face.

I am posting pictures, it's only been 5 days, so I'm still super puffy but really happy, I can already see a huge difference and feel I look younger and like myself. I got my face back!

If there is any loose skin, I will go try thermage and also you can buy a dermaroller on amazon (not right now with sore and loose skin, but in a few months) and that's really helped my scars in other areas and a good beauty tool as well.

Overall, had a good experience and really liked Dr. Gupta and his staff.

****Make sure you get a painkiller prescription filled already so you don't have to wait at the drugstore and make sure you get sedated with valium before your surgery*** Get sedated before the lipo**Trust me** You're welcome, Xoxo**

Do not kid yourself and try to get back to work right away. I tried to walk around the day after the surgery and after an hour, I was super dizzy and needed to rest and slept for two days. You will need time to heal.

Buy your own compression head gear thing. I got mine from Marena, extra large so I can adjust it and it is good quality.

Here are some pictures from day 6 after chin/neck lipo** droopy skin but it gets better & tightens, if you're 40* Posted these

Here are some pictures from day 6 after chin/neck lipo ** There is a patch of droopy skin under where he busted up all the fat under there** but it gets better & tightens, if you're 40 or younger, if you're older, it's up to genetics and sun damaged skin creates more droop*
Posting these today; but am already on day 14 after surgery today and it looks so much better...Will post more tomorrow. It took me way longer to heal than I thought, but I was run down from working so much that it was a much needed break and glad I can have an excuse to rest and putter around the house.

Hit up the vintage stores for scarfs, you're going to need some. 1 pic from 9/20 and info on how to make a Chin Strap Hack with

Here's a picture of my makeshift chin strap I am using because the other one is so hot and I'd rather have some compression instead of ripping the other one off and not wearing anything to keep it tight. So, this will have to do until it cools off. It's very comfortable and much lighter but still the same compression, just wear a clip in a knot on top of your head with clipped to your hair to keep it in place. If you don't have hair up there then maybe bandage tape to keep in in place?

I have better pictures to post tomorrow; this is just to give you an idea to buy some nylon or light scarfs to keep on handy in case you can't stand the chin strap either. I start getting claustrophobic when I wear the other one because it's so hot.

The 3 week mark is when the bands/tightness come after neck-chin lipo....Use Sonic Toothbrush and Arnica Montana Gel to massage

I don't have any pics right now, but it looks good and is healing nicely. There is still a big, tight band from my jowls down my neck that I've read happens at this time and now it's time to massage and start stretching your neck to get the bands/swollen jowls down. I think the doc took out some of the jowly fat that gives you a chipmunk look so my face is a lot more contoured and thinner, but the jowls and bands are swollen. My neck is tight so I've read to lay across your bed on your back and hang your head over the bed to stretch it, but the best thing I've found so far is to use my sonic toothbrush for a massage for the neckline/jowl area to release the tension/swelling and promote blood circulation and healing. I am still using Boiron Arnica Gel and taking Arnica pills that help with swelling and healing. I also started biotin and multivitamins to help with general levels of healing and health.

Okay, Here are some pics, Week 3 is the worst, it's healing but still sore..

Considering how loose the skin was the first few weeks and how much it's healing, I'm impressed. It's still loose but I am confident it will tighten up & I'm not going to freak out because it's not perfect yet. I have seen a bunch of photos all over the Internet and I think by week 6-8 is when it starts looking really good. Everywhere I've read said week 2-4 sucks and it's all uneven and lumpy, so I'm going to relax and wait. It still looks better than before. My skin under my chin is still loose but way better than it was right after the surgery and healing nicely. You'll see in the pics where the swelling is on the jowls and they're connected to the bands that tighten up in your neck.

*****So massage has been really helpful and helps them smooth down, tighten up the skin and heal the whole area faster.***

For massage oils and to build up therapeutic skin elasticity, My favorite thing ever is Topanga Botanicals Rosewood Body Butter (It's hard to find, but so good) and lots of natural emollients like jojoba oil to keep it relaxed and help the skin stick back to under my chin. Any kind of shea butter, lotion or oils will work, just to keep the massage strokes fluid under your neck.

Make a loose fist and use the back of your knuckles to massage up and down your neck with some kind of oil or lotion, it brings circulation, blood, warmth and healing to the area and helps your body absorb the fat that was left behind and smooth out your neck so it's beautiful and feels good!

My neck and face look better than before, but still need a lift...

I guess i thought the neck lipo would do it, but I definitely need a neck lift now. The lipo was great and Dr. Gupta was wonderful, am going back to him to for consultation for neck lift and to see what more I can do to tighten my neckline and need the neck skin gone. More pics to come...

Dr. Gupta reimbursed me for the neck band thing I overall am happy with the lipo, but it's definitely not finished, my neck needs skin tightening or removal..

Here are the neck photo pics, good but still need a neck lift...

Neck photos, June 2015. Surgery was Sept. 2014 so this is it; but there is still too much skin and sagging under my neck so definitely and going back to Dr. Gupta to see what options are and most likely need some kind of mini-lower lift or something. Will keep posting..

It's been a year since surgery; Part 1 was the neck lipo; love the way my face looks slimmer; but now I need to fix the excess s

I love the way my face looks slimmer and jawline defined is rad, but the turkey gobbler under my chin is loose and not cool.

I hate my neck and disliked it before; so now I need neck surgery; I guess it was inevitable.

The fat kept it propped up, but now the skin is loose so plan on neck surgery later if the skin doesn't go back to being tight.

I thought I'd be okay with just the lipo of the neck but no. I need surgery or a plataplasmy to tighten up the skin that is loose under the chin. It made the turkey gobbler thing happen so it's definitely a next step to have some kind of surgery to get rid of the excess skin. It was inevitable with age and just genetics.

I definitely need some kind of mini-neck lift or hopefully minimally invasive surgery to get rid of the excess skin or tighten up under the chin.

I had a double chin since I was 12 no matter what I weighed (size 6 to size 14) so it's genetics and aging.
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

He was super friendly, professional and very kind. He made sure to stop when I said stop and made sure I was numbed up so felt no pain. He called me the morning after the surgery to make sure I was okay and I would recommend him to friends and family members.

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