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Ever since i had my first child... my body hasn't...

Ever since i had my first child... my body hasn't ever been the same. I have a 4y/o, 19 month old and 7 month old... I've been thinking about implants for a while now, actually I wanted to get the whole mommy makeover procedure done... But after losing 25lbs+ and back to 105lbs [give or take a couple lbs] and standing @ 5'1''... i just was not a great candidate for a tummy tuck anymore. I decided just to go with the breast augmentation. Three children later and back at my pre-pregnancy weight... I am finally ready to do something for myself that will make ME feel good :)

I'm planning on getting 400-440cc in silicone :)...

I'm planning on getting 400-440cc in silicone :) im a very deflated b cup so this would probably put me at a small D. they recommended a little lift which would come out to $8k total.. which is not bad at all. I'm debating on getting the lift though because since its gonna be a areolar lift, I'm nervous about the scar and making my nipple look too fake. anyone else have the same scar all the way around their areola? feedback!!!

*an areolar lift (had to correct my grammar) haha.

*an areolar lift (had to correct my grammar) haha.

So i posted a picture of the girls! thinking...

so i posted a picture of the girls!
thinking about doing a periareolar lift with reduction of areolas...
i'm nervous about the scarring around the whole nipple, even though my husband & i will be the only ones seeing it... it's still a scar! thoughts ladies?

STATS: Age: 24 years old Weight:...

Age: 24 years old
Weight: 104lbs
Height: 5'1''
Marital Status: Married for 5 1/2 years
Mommy: 3 children, born in 2008, 2010 & 2011 (ALL breastfed)
Breast Size: Very deflated 32B.

Still deciding... 397cc-440cc Moderate or HP silicone implants
I read something on one of the ladies' posts that I really liked... it's not verbatim but something along the lines of: I want people to look at me after my surgery and think "Gosh those are really nice, they've GOT to be fake" rather than... "Dang her titties are definitely fake!"
My husband keeps telling me to go for more of the natural look but I don't want to regret not going bigger.
My goal is definitely staying proportionate to my height and weight.
I'm still debating on doing the periareolar lift, i'm afraid i'm not going to cope well with the scar bc of how pigmented my nipples are. Has anyone else done this type of lift and if so, are you happy with the outcome of your lift/breasts/scar? I also wanted to reduce the size of my areola too... i found that when I stretch out my areola it becomes a lot larger....and to imagine that size on bigger breasts... hmm I'm not too sure if i'd like that. so I MAY want to reduce the size of them if i get the lift. Anyone else opted for the same? THOUGHTS/FEEDBACK please :)

I had my pre-op appt last week (6/4)... it was...

i had my pre-op appt last week (6/4)...
it was pretty much the same thing as my first consultation except he prescribed my meds. he gave me some betadine to cleanse myself with before surgery... percocet for pain, xanax for anxiety and a couple scop patches for nausea/vomiting. i had my hubby try to get the precriptions filled at his work cuz he works on base in the hospital but i guess they carry everything except the scop patches. yikes! i hope they're not too expensive to get em elsewhere. i'm not used to paying for my prescriptions so i wonder how much those things are! anyone know?

i LOVE my PS, btw. he spends so much time with me and answers any and every question that i have. he keeps reassuring me that my breasts are going to come out BEAUTIFUL! he said i'm probably only going to need a lift on the left side since there's more skin on that breast but probably not on my right side. but if i'm going to have a scar all the way around my left breast, i may as well go thru with the areola reduction and make scars on both areolas so they look the same, right? i asked if they're only doing a lift on one side would they charge me the whole thousand or just half since it's only on one side...and they said they'd only charge for what they do...which is great!

SIZE!!! so...we kept on going back and forth with the 397cc HP silicone and the 440cc HP silicone...which honestly isn't a big difference. my PS kept telling me that since i'm such a SMALL/TINY little thing.... he doesn't want me to be TOP heavy. which i totally agree. BUT i figure i'd rather have em slightly bigger than smaller bc i figure... i'm not getting my boobs done for nothing. if i wanted natural..i'd stick with my own since i can make them "look big" if i wanted to. but hey....go big or go home right? Doc said if i wasn't happy with anything he would gladly redo it free of charge :) he's so great. he showed me the newest "teardrop" implants that just came out...it's supposed to look natural but hm, i wasn't so sure if i liked them only cuz i want the fullness on the top too. he kept on asking me.... "you sure bout the size? you're not gonna look BAD, they're gonna come out GREAT... but i just want you to be completely sure that you want to be this size" the 397cc vs. 440cc isn't too much of a difference and i figure from what the doc and his staff were telling me... the 440cc will come out looking like the 397cc's cuz i'm going under the muscle anyway. so i'm pretty confident in the size that i chose. a couple of my friends went with HP 500-550cc's and they're ----> O_O! i'm not gonna lie, they look great. BUT i just don't want my boobs to be the focal point of my whole body for the rest of my life. i've been following a couple women and their journey to getting their new breast-a-sez' done and when their blogs reveal them being unhappy with their results, particularly in their size... some because they feel they're too big.... and quite a few feel they went too small. i totally understand that everyone has different preferences in what they want their breasts to look like in the end but that's what i'm stumped on. i guess trial and error... i feel like i guess i'd rather be a little bit bigger than i originally wanted to be than be too small. because i "already" feel too small... so if i come out STILL feeling small... i'd feel all sad about it. but if i feel too big... eh, i think eventually i'll get used to it. plus i expect a LOT of swelling during the first few months so i know they'll go down... aghhhh. LOL idk! anyone in the same boat?!

NERVES!! well.. my nerves are kind of.... at ease right now. i've got SO many things going on... i'm helping in planning my brother's wedding...which is in two days (6/9) then i'm getting ready for a dance competition (i tahitian dance...it's like hula...but fast) that i have on (6/16) which is two days before my surgery... so i've been super duper busy with everything it's kinda crazy but kinda good cuz it's taking my mind off being nervous about the surgery. haha. i've never had surgery before so i'm quite anxious and honestly a little scared! but i'm sure everything will go great.. :)

VICTORIAS SECRET!! i applied for a vicky's secret card! lol, didn't think i was gonna get approved since i just applied for care credit but i got approved! :D i bought my first two bras last night! I love em! i plan on taking pics in them before my surgery then after ;D aghhhh...super excited. my doc said i'll probably be a D or DD depending on the bra brand.... i just bought a 32 D for now.. i can always exchange it. i only bought it now cuz VS is having their SEMI-ANNUAL SALE goin on ;] haha. ahhhh.... i'll post pics soon :)

Okay, now i'm getting a little nervous about the...

Okay, now i'm getting a little nervous about the size i chose. i don't know if i want to go that big now. i dont want to be top heavy. not exactly sure what i'm going to do... maybe i'll try the sizers on again to see. maybe it's just my anxiety getting to me. i'm really anxious. any last minute advice/suggestions would be helpful!

SOOOO.... i was getting a little nervous about the...

SOOOO.... i was getting a little nervous about the size i chose. so i went in to my PS's office to try on the sizers again. I tried on 440cc HP silicone then 500cc HP silicone... the 440cc's were 12.7cm wide and 4mm more projection than the 500cc's whereas the 500cc's were 13.2cm wide and 4mm less projection...making them more broader than the 440's. i didn't want super wide breasts to where you can see the sides of them from behind if i had my hands up...you know what i mean? i'm looking for more projection than larger boobs. idk if that makes sense. i took pictures but honestly i'm liking how the 500cc's look more than the 440cc's in the pictures but liked how the 440cc's FELT on me... they didn't feel sooooo humongous. i'll post pictures right now. let me know what you girls think!

I'm kinda freaking out... all these questions are...

I'm kinda freaking out... all these questions are popping up in my head, will I be ok?! I've never had surgery.. I hope Ill wake up... I think that's the thing that scares me the most ;( I'm sure I'll be fine.. I'm just nervous. today's fathers day and my husband isn't having the greatest day :( he started having stomach pains n throwing up about two hours ago. I feel bad for him and I wanna be there comforting him (cuz he nevvvver gets sick) so the one time he's supposed to take care of ME.. he ends up sick. i don't know if I'm over thinking things or just stressing out but i dont know what to do.. speshly since he's the one who has to take care of our three babies while I'm recovering... I hope everything works out for the best.... I feel so much anxiety and anxiousness... it's driving me up the wall... any last min advice would be great.. I'll try to update before I get into surgery...gnite

Okay seriously... Its exactly 1:21am on the day of...

Okay seriously... Its exactly 1:21am on the day of my surgery and after my last post which was around 10pm I decided to take my husband into the ER cuz of his stomach pain and vomiting..& been here ever since. Not the ideal way to spend the night right before an elective surgery but hey... Gotta make sure my hubby's ok, his health comes before my rest any w
day. So I went to grab my rockstar and realized it was after midnight and I'm npo after 12am do whoopdeedoo.. I'm thirsty and hungry n now i can't eat. I hope we're outta here by 4am... I gotta be there by 6am and its an hour away plus I needa still shower and everything. Agh........ Trying to stay calm and collective.....

Gosh i wrote such a long post last night then it...

gosh i wrote such a long post last night then it got deleted :(
first off, i'd like to thank those who took the time in giving me positive feedback.. i'm truly blessed to have found this site bc it's nice to talk to others about cosmetic surgery. so thank you guys again!!! :D

thank you for expressing your concerns! he's fine now. well, he and i didn't get outta the ER til about 4am... they said it may be an ulcer or gastritis or possibly gallstones. but they had him on an iv for fluids and zofran. they also gave him maalox and swallowable lidocaine to numb up his stomach. we didn't leave the ER til about 4am... had to still go home to take a shower an change.. i left my phone at my parents so i had to go back. [probably about 10m min away]. left at 5:30am from my parents house... barely made i to the surgery center on time.

doc marked me everywhere... explained what he was going to do....and how long the actual surgery would take... ect. the nurses had me sign the waivers and all those pages of nonsense. haha. i went in to the pre-op room, hunny was right next to me the whole time until they took me back into OR. let me telllll you, i was so NERvous ..tears were about to start rolling down my eyes cuz i wanted to make sure that i woke uo... i couldn't leave my three babies behind for something so selfish. i know that's kinda corny but it's how i felt. =/

so after they strapped me down... to the table. the anesthesiologist was supppper duperrrr nice...very calm... and knew exactly what he was doing. which made me feel more at ease. he gave me a local anesthesia where he was gonna put the iv...it didnt really hurt too much and putting in the IV didn't hurt AT ALL. he then told me.. "ok, i'm gonna give u a little bit of sedation just to see how you tolerate it..." i said ok... he put it in... then literaly like 10 seconds later i said outloud.. "oooh, i feel dizzy" the next thing i knew i was waking up feeling hella dizzy and thought i was still at my tahitian competition this passed weekend. it was so weird. i felt to tired and nauseous. it was VERY VERY VERY hard to breathe... ESP if u have asthma. it feels as if there are 10 bricks laying on ur upper chest.' when i woke up i was like.. aw man, they're not as big as i expected them to be?! ;[ but everyone keeps telling that once the swelling goes down it'll be the perfect size. we'll see.... pain is about and 8/10.

i don't know whether it was because i didn't get any sleep the night before cuz we were in the er but i was suuuuper tired when i got outta recovery. i guess it took three hours for my BA... didn't get outta there til around 3:30pm... i was in the WORST pain ever. the nurse told me that i'm as drugged up as i can be.. but the pain was still here... its mostly my side of my armpits whenever i do my ROMs [range of motion] im trying to stretch as much as possible but also not trying to exert myself too much. i'm so sad that i can't hold my babies... this sucks, but i know it's only temporary. i tried sleeping in the guest room at my parents house but it was just wayy too hard to get up n down trying to go to the bathrrom. no BM yet =/ but yeah... sleeping on a recliner is the best i had t. i totally recommend it. pain is about a 7/10... i've been only taking the Percocet because i think the demerol makes me nauseous. ph and i'm taking valium too. which sorta kinda helps i guess. i thought the scop patch wouldv'e helped even more but ugh... now i've been home.. all that i've been doing is SLEEEEEPING. this is why im trying no to take anymore narcotics. maybe i'll just stick to tylenol or ibuprefen for pain.

pretty much slept til about 9:30 am... had to be at my post-op appt at 11:45. i was kinda sad that my boobs looked too small :( i've been resting all day and sleeping for the most part. it really hurts to breathe still. the nurse issued my an incentive spirometer. those things remind me of when i was little and had really bad asthma. ;[ feels like stomach is all bloated... it looks like it is too. -_-' my husband has been so good to me... keeping track of my meds... waking me up to take my meds... feeding me... washing my hair... sponge bathing me... now he's out going to get some dinner. i love him so much.

6/21 oh, ya and i forgot to mention my hubby is...

oh, ya and i forgot to mention my hubby is managing all three BABIES without me. he's so amazing.

Gosh... so i've been out of it for the past three...

gosh... so i've been out of it for the past three days. i kinda want to make this short. so i'mma make this bullet form.
-slept on my side for the first time yesterday.
-went to the county fair and walked around for a few hours on ibuprofen with minimal pain.
-still getting up FREAKIN sucks.
-it feels like i'm extremely engorged....
-i only take narcotics before bed because it makes me drowsy.
-i've been squatting in the tub to wash down there then bending over in the sink for my hubs to wash my hair.
-today was the FIRST day i took a full shower. my nipples are SUPER sensitive! in a good way.
-my stomach feels soooooo bloated. i'm kinda getting mad because it feels like i'm getting hella fat.
-i feel pregnant again, nausea....my hubs hasa a really sentsitive smell too. lol. lets just hope i'm not.
-still hard for be to bresthe... ESPECIALLY during the cold. aghhh...
-the cold really bugs me. it feels like it makes my implants so tense and in turn makes my back hurt.
-i'm constantly massaging my boobs...to make them drop faster... my nipples are pointing downwards... is that normal?!?!?!
-i'm getting freaked out cuz i "supposedly" had a lift done so now i'm like ummm...gosh i hope they come out ok.
-more pictures :D:D:D:D:D

So it's been ten days since my surgery. i'm still...

so it's been ten days since my surgery. i'm still in discomfort. i keep having sharp pains throughout my breasts. i keep massaging them, it alleviates the discomfort only temporarily.... kinda sucks. i went to my second post op appt. the first post op appt i only remember one thing: I WAS TOO OUT OF IT TO REMEMBER ANYTHING. lol. this passed monday i went in... doc said i'm healing great... he tried taking the strips off my areolas but they didn't wanna budge so he decided that he was just going to leave them there and they'll eventually come off on their own..

sometimes i'll move the wrong way or get up a certain way and it feels like its ripping my stitches out or tearing the implant out of my chest. its so wierd. i'm only taking ibuprofen but i take one or two percocets before bed because it makes me feel sick.

does anyone know if surgery can alter your menstrual cycle? i have not had my period for about 3 months. i'm normally regular. i started taking the pill but the first two months i purposely continuously took the pill [without taking the sugar pills] to avoid my period and the third month i just ended up not even getting one. i'm wondering if its cuz of all the stress, surgery, incorrectly taking the pills... that my body is all out of wack or if i could possibly be pregnant. ugh, lets just HOPE AND pray that isn't the case.

the sharp pains keep coming from the incision sites.. i wonder if it's just healing? anyone else have the same problem? i still haven't seen my areolas.... i hope they're fine. haha. bought a new bikini from VS!!!! i'll upload the pic.

So I finally took the bandages off my areolas...

so I finally took the bandages off my areolas yesterday.. I couldn't take it anymore and I was so anxious to see how they looked. I saw my right first... looked pretty good. healed nicely. I remember tellin my hubby last night that the doc did a great job at making it look as natural as possible. then I ripped my left one off (the side that needed a bit of a lift..it was getting itchy) and it didn't look like how I expected it to. it doesn't look bad, maybe I just need to wait it out. I'm only 2.5weeks post op. I can't expect everything to look perfect! it's just making me worry a little bit. a suture is popping out..and that's kinda freakng me out. lol. I'm getting sharp pains on my areolas. & I know that's pretty normal too. my nips still look low but then again my implants are still resting high. maybe those teardrop implants would have looked good on me. eh, oh well. I just texted my doc, hasn't got back to me yet..maybe I'll try the office when they open up to see if they can squeeze me in today. okay updates later! I'll upload pix later too.

So my PS texted me back with positive news! lol,...

so my PS texted me back with positive news! lol, was kinda worried there for a second. im feeling good.. I'm just worried bout capsular contracture bc he told me that going thru the nipple will make me more susceptible to cc. I'm loving my results do far. sleeping on my side is getting a little better.. still have discomfort but it's expected. I went into the jacuzzi a few days ago. I was nervous that it would hurt my areolas..one bc they're so sensitive and two..the water was super hot. but it was fine.. I was alil hesitant but it was nice to relax. definitely thinking about doing my tummy just to rid me of these stretch marks. when I get enough money for it I'm definitely going for it!

Exactly one month post op. i'm doing better. i...

exactly one month post op.
i'm doing better. i can sleep on my side now. i still get sore in the middle of the night but overall, i can finally lift things... my left breast is sort of still a bit low, actually both nipples are riding low on the breasts... but i'm gonna give it a few more months to see if it changes/drops so hopefully it does. but honestly i'm anticipating on another lift...which can be done in the office so i'm not sweating it too much. i just dont want to have to go back into surgery. that would really suck ;[ i'm only a month post op so i can't expect things to look perfect. i trust my doctor that he knows what he's doing... i mean this is what he does for a living, what do i know? gotta trust his judgement! overall, i'm pretty happy with my results as of now. only thing is the nipple placement/size...which obviously can change. so i just have to give it tiiiiime! my nipples are super duper itchy...anyone with the same issues???

One year and one week post op pic

San Diego Plastic Surgeon

I still haven't seen my boobs [fully] without bandages so i'll answer this question when everything heals! :)

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